Friday, December 23, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes 4

        The Comic starts on Panoptes. Res-Vir is trying to break out of something holding his arms. Behind DragonWing says. Are you SURE that will hold him? Element Lad at this says. INERTRON has held VALIDUS captive-- But we can't be certain if the serum that's protecting RES-VIR hasn't amplified his powers. Chemical Kid to the side can only say. ULP.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Legion Lost #4

          The Comic starts above Earth. Tellus is talking to Dawnstar and says. Open... your mind... DAWNSTAR. The truth... we seek is.. there. Dawnstar thinking to herself says. I let TELLUS do what I never let anyone do: touch me from the INSIDE. His TELEPATHY sifts though the never-ending cacophony of data in my mind. I have to resist against resisting. The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES came back in time to stop a terrorist named ALASTOR from releasing a deadly disease. We FAILED. The HYPERTAXIS spreads. Changing random humans into a kind of HYPERSAPIEN-- An enhanced HYBRID Alien Lifeform. The Scene shifts to the Great Mall of FARGO. She adds. TIMBER WOLF pursued one of these hybrids-- who appears to be merged with CHAMELEON GIRL, a legionnaire we thought dead. At the Mall the body of Chameleon Girl says. Wolf-- please--help me-- Timber Wolf to this says. YERA-- try to calm down-- The Scene shifts elsewhere. Dawnstar adds. And while THAT transpires, Tellus reaches out to monitor yet ANOTHER potential THREAT. Elsewhere is a military base. watching the scene. A solider says. Trajectory confoirmed, MAJOR NICHOLSON. The two bogeys are on a direct path to FARGO. Nicholson says. Send a CASE STUDY TEAM now I want them all over those SUPERSONIC TARGETS the second they land.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 3 of 6

       The Comic starts with the Legion looking at the Cew of the Enterprise. Cosmic Boy says to Brainiac 5. So this is the source of the "temporal disturbance" Brainy? Brainiac 5 in response says. That, and the source of the energy beam that was just fired at me. Kirk and crew are looking at the Legion when Spock says something. Fascinating. I'm detecting residual energy traces, Captain, similar to those left behind by space-time displacement. Kirk at this says. Time-travel, in other words, Mr. Spock? Then I was RIGHT, and these ARE the ones responsible for being us here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 302

     The action picks up with Cosmic boy, Saturn Girl and Sun Boy flying with the aid of Anti-Gravity belts to Metropolis Stadium. As they get their they see something hidden under a blanket. The Statue is of Sun Boy and he is both thrilled and shocked by it. Suddenly the Statue starts to fall and Sun Boy is forced to melt it.

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 301

     The Comic starts up with people asking for the Legion of Super-heroes autographs. Chameleon Boy is the last to arrive and Saturn Girl turns on a force-shield to make the admires to leave.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Legion Secret Origins #2 of 6

       The Comic starts with R.J Brande talking to Lighting Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Triplicate Girl at Building site. He says Magnificent! Cosmic Boy then adds are you sure this is necessary? Triplicate Girl just says wow looking at the Constitution site.

From the Vault: Adventure Comics 300

      The story opens at a meeting of the Legion of super-heroes with few members around to do missions. Cosmic Boy mentions that the meeting is being filmed and soon to be broadcast on many worlds as a warning to crooks when the camera. Sun Boy accuses him of attacking it when his own powers start acting up. Lighting Boy power also starts acting up as well. Saturn Girl goes to use her powers and causes pain to the other three as she too loses control. She runs and pulls a lever to summer Superboy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From the Vault- Superboy 98

       The comic starts with two people getting of a train in Smallvillie, One old and one young. At a house they have rented they show themselves to be known as Ultra-Boy and Marla. Later they are seen talking into a device. They say they will poise as farther and sun. At this time we learn they will poise as Ben And Gary Crane. Ultra-Boy then states his mission is to tack down the secret identity of Superboy.  We learn that Ultra-Boy has Penetra-Vision that allows him to generate heat, see long distances, look threw anything including that of lead. which superboy can not see threw. They plan to enroll Ultra-Boy in smallville school.

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 293

     The Comic starts on a afternoon where Superboy/Clark Kent is working at his fathers store. He asks if it is clear to use his superpowers. He then tosses corn onto the shelf at superspeed and his pa then says nice job. Not long after Lana Lang comes into the store and is about to pay for her items. However Clark uses his x-ray vision to see she has forget peaches and helps her to get some. Lana leaves the store she wonders if he is Superboy and Clark knows she is thinking it. Later at home his light sends off a signal saying Superboy is needed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

       The Comic starts on Panoptes. The Legion is looking up at a fleet. Chameleon Boy says Renegade doesn't appear to be bluffing-- I've neber head of the Dominators sending a fleet so close to United Planets' territory... Chemical Kid says And we're supposed to stop it...? ULP!. Phantom Girl passing him a Legion Rings says welcome to the Legion Kid.

Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 2

      The Comics starts at the Empeor's Place, Earth. The beating hear of the Imperial Planets. A speech is going on... To announce that our forces have achieved victory over the Durian insurrectionists. The changelings of Durla offer no further threat. But we mustn't let out vigilance flag, as other threats still lurk out amongst the stars.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Legion Lost #3

        The comic starts 94 hours after release and in Red Lake Falls Minnesota. It shows humans getting infected. The bubbles say the Pathogen... Alien DNA.. slowly infecting people. changing them. one picture shows a male parent seeing his daughter changed. Another that of a man feeling his face.. melting.. changing. What good would it do.. to tell him.. that he is becoming a hybrid protean. Next it shows a Women. The bubble says this female.. hundreds of miles away.. has become suspicious. of what is happening. and may soon... pose a threat to Us. The women says If that sector sends one more red flag, sent in a case study team.  Timber Wolf says one mess at a time, Tellus Okay? Tellus then says and what of this one(scene shows a monster) Timber wolf? she hunts.. for Aliens? No... hunts for.. something.. else... Timber Wolf says all of Us-- me-- Wildfire-- Tyroc-- and DawnStar-- are being telepathically linked by Tellus--

Monday, November 14, 2011

Legion Secret Origins #1 of 6

         The Comic starts in space above a planet. The bubbles state beyond the borders of the United Planets in the 31st century. For 327 yeas the U.P. has been peacefully reconnecting Earth with it's former colonies, with planets seeded by Humanity, And even truly Alien worlds like Colu and Durla. Then our star cruiser arrived on Anotrom. A world thought to be self-sufficient, Even Bucolic existence. On Anotrom U.P marines see died  bodies of the population. The bubbles add and we realized that Pax Galactica was't complete. Whoever-or whatever- Had visited Anotrom Ahead of us hadn't signed the treaty.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 1

         The comic starts in Space. A bubble says Space. Followed by Explore Strange New Worlds. Seek out new life, and new civilizations. Boldly go where no man has gone before... and Conquer. We then see a fleet attacking a planet.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #2

      The Comic starts with the blond haired man from the first comic saying. Ahh Legionaries; that explains it! Below Phantom Girl yells Jo! to a unconscious Ultra Boy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Legion Lost #2

       The comic starts again in Red Lake Falls Minnesota. Someone says twenty-four lost to US. They were our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and husbands and wives. The comic then moves back 72 hours and shows a Doctor and Nurse. It then shows a man with glowing red eyes. The Voice further adds he was a poor soul who could not help himself. Another voice unheard by anyone else says even thought I don't have Skin and I'm half a mile in the Air. I can still feel the tension. The old voice adds though they have lost their lives we can not lose hope. The new voice adds I can see from up here that Timberwolf just got twitchy. He's seen something or is he just as uncomfortable with this memorial as the rest of us are.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Adventure Comics 290

       The comic starts on a freight train near Smallvillie. Their is a young man who looks like Clark Kent on it. He is a young boy who has escaped from a reform school. He is spotted by the brakeman and makes a break for the town of Smallville.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

correct Action Comics 276

         The comic opens with the t.v on at midvale orphanage and with Linda Lee and two others watching t.v. Later Linda goes for a walk talking about how she has to keep her supergirl identity a secret. During the walk she thinks to herself of wanting a Super-powered female friend.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventure Comics 282

      The Comic starts with Superboy cutting the glass of the Smallvillie hospital to help them save money. After the grass is cut he uses his powers to blow the glass into a pile. However Lana Lang is also their taking his picture and sieing(Sic) over him(in typical 1950's and 60's comics) Superboy goes past her and says hello but that he has no time to chat. Lana  is sadly thinking to her self he did not notice my dress or how mad she is about him. This is further stated back at her house with many pictures on the wall of Superboy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Action Comics 276

    The Comic begins as a ship is forcing the stoppage of buses that want to use a drawbridge. The bus driver says it will cause them to miss the Superman fair. However one passenger is Linda Lee aka Supergirl and she causes the ship to go lower into the water and for the drawbridge to not be lowed and this lets the bus move on.
   The Scene shifts to the Superman fair. Superman does a act with electric power. After he leaves the machine starts to act up. Linda is about to Jump into action when a young men says let me handle this Supergirl. She is shocked about him knowing the truth and asks how do you know about me. He says wait.
   Next Lions run lose. Linda is about to act when a Blonde women stops the Lions and says the same things as the boy with lighting. Next Linda is on the Kryptionion rocketship ride when it begins to fall apart and fall down. However she is saved by a boy with Magnet powers and then he tells her the same thing as the other two.
   Back at the orphanage Linda uses her telescophic powers to see that a bulldozer is about to level a tree which holds her robot. However the three goes down and it is not hallow and she is shocked. However in a different lot  the robot comes out. At the three three youths are waiting for her. They ask her if she has heard of the Legion of Super-heroes.  She say yes and they reveal they are the children of cosmic boy, saturn girl and lighting lad.
     The would like her her to join their club. Supergirl then goes to the future with them. She sees the future Meroplois 1000 years from her time. In the future robots now do all the heavy work. In a scene mirrored in Action Comics 247 they have ice cream and then go to the club house.
  At the Club house she meets more members. That of chameleon boy, colossal Boy and invisible kid. They perform a series of tricks and she is informed that only one person is let in each year. Supergirl then begins to dig a tunnel under the earth. The Tunnel she builds will allow heavy traffic to take shortcuts. She aks if she has been accepted into the Legion. Cosmic boy turns to er and says no as she is over the 18 year old age limit. She is shocked as she is only 15 and learns that she some how turned into Superwomen.
   She uses her power to see that she had passed threw red kryptionite and it aged her for a 48 hour period. She returns to the past and waits for the effects to wear off. At the end she think to herself I wanted to be a Legion member. she wonders if she ever will.

My comments

For a 1960's era comic this was not bad. I enjoyed and so far it is one of the better comics for this blog      

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

   The Comic starts in the 31st century about the planet Pandptes. A Ship launches pods that land on the planet. First out is Chameleon Boy who says they made it down quietly and that Brainy's stealth coating worked. Dragonwing Aka Marva Pai(powers of firebreath and venom) is second out and replys you sure this isn't a training mission? it looks too peaceful.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventure Comics 267

     Adventure Comics 267 cover shows Superboy stuck in a cage of Kryptionite and with Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad having trapped him their.
    The Comic it self opens with Superboy at his family home and seeing that at the Smallvillie airport a plane is failing from the sky. He is about to use his super-Breath when in comes Cosmic Boy and pushes him off to the side. Superboy then talks about their adventures 1 year ago. (See Adventure comics 247)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Legion Lost

list of cover People.  In Red its WildFire, The girl with the Wings is Dawnstar, Below them is Tellus. then Below him from left to right is Chameleon Girl, Tyroc, Gates and Timberwolf

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adventure Comics 247: First appearance of the Legion of Superheroes from April 1958

    The Cover of adventure comics 247 has Superboy in shock over Cosmic Boy, Lighting Boy and Saturn Girl not allowing him into the Legion of Superheroes. It also foreshadows events later in the Comics and shows what may happen.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Journey With the Legion: A fans Adventure with the Legion of Superheroes

           This will be my first ever blog so please bear with me. I'm afraid that my writing skills and spelling is quite bad however I hope to improve and get better as time goes on.