Tuesday, October 4, 2011

correct Action Comics 276

         The comic opens with the t.v on at midvale orphanage and with Linda Lee and two others watching t.v. Later Linda goes for a walk talking about how she has to keep her supergirl identity a secret. During the walk she thinks to herself of wanting a Super-powered female friend.

        However a voice appears in her head and says you do have one and to met her at Chanston Creek. She gets to the creek and a women in a Lead mask is their and asks her to guess who it is(Hunt Hint) She is wearing red and is blond haired. Supergirl does not know who it can be.
        She asks to be told. However the women asks her to turn around. Suddenly when she does another Super-powered girl appears. Turning again Supergirl sees a third girl. This one splits into three and calls herself Linda Lee. Supergirl is not happy about this. The blond takes off her mask and reveals herself to be Saturn Girl.
         The other girls tell her they are Phantom Girl and Triplicate Girl. Supergirl who knows of Superman being a legion member as Superboy thinks he will not mind her being friends with Legion Members. Saturn girl then reveals why they are here to have Supergirl try out for Legion membership again. (see what I wrongly put down as this comic.)
        Supergirl and the three then head to a time bubble and go foreword in time. Soon they are at the club house again and we learn that supergirl was face off again some people. The Legion has changed its rules. We learn that one boy and one girl each year can be picked. At the table also is shrinking violet, Bouncing Boy and Sun Boy. At this time a blond green skin lad sits down when he puts up he's name plate. It says Brainiac 5 a descent of Brainiac a villain of Superman.
        We learn that Brainiac 5 dislikes his ancestor and explains how he died to Supergirl. H was shrunk by his own shrinking ray and it could not be turned off before it disapearred. The protecting forcefield had been turned off by Brainiac's Pet.
       After this the applicants show off their powers. Bouncing Boy can bounce, Sun Boy has powers from the sun, Supergirls turn arrives and she digs into the ground and gets a sword. Soon she returns to the club house with King Arthur's Sword, Achilles Helmet and Richard the Lion heart's shield.
       However Brainiac 5 rushs out and says put on this belt. Suddenly a Kryptonite meteor comes down. However thanks to the belt she is able to destroy the meteor. With this knowledge she knows Brainiac 5 is no Villain.
      Brainiac 5 lets jer keep thebelt. After this both supergirl and Brainiac 5 become members of the Legion. Afterwords Brainiac 5 asks Supergirl to stay and be his girlfriend. However she says no but they will meet again. She then returns to her time.
     Supergirl tests out the belt in the past be aksing her friend Lori down in Atlantis. Their is a Kryptonite rock down their that Superman put down their. We also learn somene called Jerro also likes her. Soon after the belts get her and the rock into Space. However the belt fails her and she drops it. The force field stopped working as it got damaged from going threw time.
   The comic ends with Supergirl thinking she now has two boyfriends. one in the future and one under the sea.

My comments

Not a bad comic. Set up more members of the Legion and Also introduced one of the most important Legion Members that of Brainiac 5. Fun read if you can find it.     

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