Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marvel in the 1960's: Journey Into Mystery #83

        The story starts on the coast of Norway where Dr. Don Blake is vacationing. As he leaves a place he does not see a Alien Spaceship land behind him.

Monday, January 27, 2014

MentalCast #305

In another appearance on the mentalcast we look at several things including Academy Awards nominees, troubling Nintendo news and much more. Stay for the end where I win another game


direct link


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nova #11

       The comic starts in Carefree, Arizona. At the office of Dr. Kettlewell. Sam yells. AN OPTICAL MIGRAINE?! Oh my god, I'm dying! The doctor at this says. You're NOT dying, Sam. Sam at this says. What about the LIGHTS I've been seeing? Dying people see lights. How can you be sure they've not "DYING LIGHTS"? The doctor at this says. An "OPTICAL MIGRAINE" May or may not be accompanied by the traditional pain associated with a migraine headache... But it will go away. Your temporary blindness is just that. TEMPORARY. His mom at this says. OH, THANK GOD! The doctor adds. What's CHANGED for you? Have you had any more stress in your life? Sam at this says. Well, my Dad was the school janitor, and the bullies liked to REMIND me of that. But now he's not the janitor anyomore... The doctor at this says. I see. Than adds. Well, that ought to be a help. Sam at this says. HE RAN OUT ON US. The doctor to this says. OKEYDOKEY, Let's say stress is a CONTRIBUTING FACTOR. I see you had a serious CONCUSSION recently. Have you taken any other shots to the head AFTER you were hospitalized? Sam at this says. HMMM.... His mom adds. Well...

Monday, January 13, 2014

MentalCast # 303

Hello everyone here is my appearance on the MentalCast episode 303. In this episode several pop culture events are looked at. Including several space themed game which most of the cast had not heard of but I had. I placed closed to the top of guesses and had played the winning game. Also I won the game that appears at the end episode with a surprise big win.  


here is the audio link


Sunday, January 12, 2014

From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 331

      The comic starts with Vorm in charge and a man called Golden Boy asking to join. His power has the power to turn anything to gold. He is rejected as it would make gold a worthless metal. Next is a person calling himself Polocat who horns produces a terrible smell. Next is Animal Lad. He can turn humans into beasts or tame wild creatures. Vorm wonders if he will work

Sunday, January 5, 2014

From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 330

        The comic starts on a pirate planetoid. They are watching a ship being attacked by some of their men. It is a pleasure cruiser and they want the rich people items. Suddenly, Superboy attacks and melts the cannons of the pirate ship. Ultra Boy than spins the ship and Mon-EL carries the pleasure ship to safety. The leader of the pirates hates this and says he has a evil plan. He wants two younger volunteers. Two volunteers Pargg and Vorm agree and he gives them belts which have different buttons to do various powers. They test it out and Pargg turns fourth dimensional and Vorm a pair of extra arms.