Saturday, June 16, 2012

Superboy 9

     The comic stars with Superboy thinking.


     My name is SUPERBOY. I'm a CLONE, created by an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and designed to be a WEAPON. I'm here in a placed called THE CRUCIBLE, several miles under Antarctica-- Fighting side by side with the TEEN TITANS and a handful of people known as THE LEGION. You would THINK there is enough raw power to stand against any possible threat.
      But you'd be wrong. They are called the RAVAGERS. They are the survivors of N.O.W.H.E.R.E's previous cullings-- one night a year when a man named HARVEST pits metahumans against each other, with only the strongest left alive to serve him. A man with a green metal head called Warblade says. You kids are too clever by half. Instead of killing each other, you teamed up and took down every OTHER kid here to keep them from hurting each other. pretty much the polar opposite of what Harvest intended. Behind Ridge says. Right rude of the lot of you!  Warblade at this says. Shut up, Ridge. Tyroc at this says. If he hated the first act- He's going to be in tears when he sees what we do with his handpicked lapdogs. Red Robin adds. Wait, Tyroc. These Kids are just of much victims of Harvest's Machinations as we were. We owe it to them to at least give these "Ravagers" the option of surrendering! Ridge talking to Warblade says. Warblade, do you believe-- Warblade at this says. I'm not going to warn you AGAIN, Ridge! Talking to the group he says. No, Red Robin. The only way this ends is in a pool of blood. yours. Ravagers, on my word...

      Superboy thinks. Clearly their leader. So I take him out first. he attacks him with a shoom. A member of the ravagers says. WHAT THE--?!? Tyroc at this says. your "SUPERBOY" rather impulsive. Red Robin at this says. He isn't exactly ours. Solstice, go find him. Tyroc at this says. No! Red Robin says, No-?!? Tyroc as the ravagers attack says. DAWNSTAR is an experienced tracker. We need SOLSTICE and her firepower here. Red Robin at this says. Can't argue with your STRATEGY, Tyroc-- But don't give my team ORDERS. As Tyroc goes to attack he says. As you wish. He then thinks to Tellus. TELLUS, can you hear me? How can my SONIC BLAST inflict max damage to PSYKILL? Tellus at this says. Should we.. link.. in. these TITANS? Tyroc at this says. Not until they EARN our trust.
     Superboy elsewhere from his attack thinks. I slam into WARBLADE with so much CONCUSSIVE FORCE-- our momentum carries us more than an MILE. Warblade as they go says. To bad you won't survive kid. Trying to take out the opposition's LEADER shows real BATTLE SMARTS. I'm almost impressed. Superboy at this says. I almost care. They crash with a Ploosh. In a lave field Warblade says. Trying to use the lava to dmage me in a way that your telekinesis cannot, Superboy? You're already figured that the leader of the ravagers would be as immune to your T.K as the rest of the THIRTEEN. I am starting to see why Harvest invested so many hours and resources in your creation! Superboy at this says. Less talking Warblade. More melting. However he thinks. It's not working. He may look like metal but he's something much more durable!
      Rose is getting ready to attack Red Robin when Tyroc yells. ROBIN- ABOVE YOU! Red Robin talking before he hears this says. Tyroc, We need to gather all the kids and-- Rose after hearing Tyroc says. Awwww, you spoiled my surprise. No problem- I can still CLIP this birde's wings. Red Robin seeing this says. You're ROSE WILSON! Solstice warned me about you. As she attacks with a swok Red Robin says. These wings are pure INERTON. You'll find them rather RESISTANT to harm. Rose goes flying with a ufft. Red Robin then says. In fact, they're almost as TOUGH and RESILIENT as I am!     
     Red Robin flying towards Rose then says. Solstice tried to HELP you, Rose-- To give you a chance to REDEEM yourself and move FOREWORD. Superboy has taken a stand against N.O.W.H.E.R.E-- you can too! As Wildfire throws his enemy nearby Red Robin annoyed says. WHOA--! Careful where you dump the TRASH, Wildfire. Wildfire to this says. Ah, whatever, you're fine. RIDGE and I were debating the relative merits of an ARMOURED HIDE against ANTI-ENERGY. I think he's finally coming around to my way of thinking. Seeing Wonder Girl fighting he says. How you doing, Wonder Girl? Wonder Girl at this says. A lot better than MISBELIEF! Rose covering her eyes and speaking to Red Robin says. FOCUS, Red Robin! I want your full ATTENTION as I exploit this DISTRACTION--
      As she comes up to Red Robin now fallen she says-- To make you the same offer Templar did when you first met. Join us, or die. Red Robin says. MMMM neither. As she goes to him she adds. Bad choice. Later Red-- However he dispears with a Fwostt and her sword hits the rock with SHUNK. Rose then asks. Where'd he go?!? Timber Wolf comes up to Rose saying. Have you been fighting another MAN behind my back? I thought we had an UNDERSTANDING, Rose. Rose yells. TIMBER WOLF! normally she says. I've been hoping we'd get another chance to DANCE. I would love to introduce your SPLEEN to my SWORD. Kid Flash has recovered Red Robin and he says. You okay? I grabbed you in the proverbial NICK. Red Robin to this says. I need you to scour every inch of the CRUCIBLE, Kid Flash. Collect all the KIDS and try to find SKITTER. Kid flash at this says. uhhh.. Sure. you're welcome, by the way.
       The scene shifts back to Superboy. He is talking to Warblade. I can't boil you down to your chemical components, no... But let's see how you do with lungs filled with molten lava. please understand, I take no joy in this. Warblade at this says. You SURE about that, "Superboy"? don't worry, though. I'm having enough fun for both of us! Superboy at this says. You-you just don't stop, do you? What did Harvest do to you to turn you into this? Warblade at this says. You're not as SPECIAL as your're a LIVING WEAPON. Big deal! SO IS EVERY OTHER RAVAGER! It's time to embrace your DESTINY-- and prove you're WORTHY to join us!
       Suddenly Dawnstar appears and carries off Warblade saying. As someone who has seen how the FUTURE actually plays out, I can safely say-- DESTINY is highly OVERRATED! Superboy at says. Thanks, um- feather girl? So many code names to remember. Watching this is a blond haired man thinking. If that bird bade hadn't INTERFERED-- SUPERBOY-- would be shredded meat by now. Guess I'm gonna have to get my hands dirty.... Superboy then thinks. WARBLADE may have a point. If I was that SPECIAL, I wouldn't have to rely on some many last-minute rescues. Seems like someone is always-- SNOW?!? did it suddenly begin to SNOW? I really hate this place.
     Elsewhere Kid Flash is carrying someone and is thinking. Collect the KIDS. Watch for SKITTER. Rescue the other TITANS. Maybe I should carry a broom and sweep up the place while I'm at it. Soon Tellus comes up and says. Most VALVED... Are your efforts.. Speedester. No greater PRIORITY.. have we.. than the lives... of innocents. He comes up on Chameleon Girl and she says. And you're also a real cutie. Kid Flash then says. Y-You think so?! Chameleon Girl now turned into a jellyfish says. I do. At this Kid Flash says. uhhh. And thinks. I guess a compliment's still a compliment-- even if it does come from a floating jelly fish thingy! A figure behind and in shadows thinks. It is HIM! I'm certain of it.


      The scene shifts back to Warblade and Dawnstar and Warblade says. You either deserve major props for BRAVERY-- or knocks for EXTREME STUPIDITY. Dawnstar at this says. I'm smart enough to stay out of reach of those claws-- So feel free to waste your energy on those rocks. Warblade at this says. Oh, it's not a waste. I'm looking for just-- the right-- ANGLE! Unfortunately for you I've raised KILLING-- TO AN ART FORM! He then throws a rock at her with a thwok and she says. ARRK. As he starts to come near he he adds. Once I slash your JUGULAR-- I can get back to the main event. Behind a voice says. Why, WAIT, Warblade.
      it is Superboy and as he attacks Warblade, warblade says. How thoughtful! you save me the trouble of tracking you down. The look in your eyes says you're HUNGRY for blood. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist your true NATURE. You're a BORN KILLER like me. Superboy at this says. You're WRONG, Warblade. I don't care what HARVEST intended me to be. I can CHOOSE my own life- As he sends both of them flying away with a ktwammm he adds. AND I WILL! As they crash into a place with a shrump. Thunder goes ?!? after punching a person.


      Elsewhere Kid Flash is travelling and talking to himself. I've crisscrossed the entire CRUCIBLE a dozen times. No stray kids. No sign of skitter. Might as well head back and- Suddenly Timber Wolf attacks him saying. MONSTER! I don't know how you escape to this time period-- But I reconsigned your SCENT when you first passed me. Kid Flash at this says. Huh--?!? Timber Wolf goes on saying. Many people suffered and DIED because of your actions! With his hand on his throat Kid Flash says. y-you got the right guy? Timber Wolf at this says. Don't play the innocent dupe with me! The TITANS may have bought your sorry act, But I--
     Am going to make sure you-- URK?! At this Kid Flash says. Urk?! Why would I Urk?! Tellus appears and has done something and says. Please forgive.. my imprudent... associate. Kid Flash at this says. What the--?!? B-but he acts like he know ME-- And WHERE I came from. Tellus carrying off Timber Wolf says. Forget that... which is already WRITTEN... And concentrate on the FUTURE.. that is still yours... to CREATE. Kid Flash surprised says. say WHA-?!?
     The action shifts back to Superboy going Kwam three times at Warblade. He also says. This may seem like OVERKILL, Warblade-- But I suspect you'll HEAL all too soon! A blond man grabs him and says. You won't-- When I'm done with you. Superboy says to this. You?!? HUNTER BRYCE. I recognize you. Bryce at this says. You should. you're the reason I'm in this hellhole. I had a GOOD LIFE until you came along. My sweetums and I were in LOVE. We were so HAPPY. Superboy at this says. You and your girlfriend were MASS MURDERERS. Bryce at this says. All right, we might have has issues, But you turned us over to N.O.W.H.E.R.E and-- SUddenly he says urggg!
       Warblade comes up and stuck his claws though his chest saying. So you'd met this little snot before? And you didn't kill him THEN? Big mistake, Superboy. After all.. look how EASY it is. And I KNOW you're got it in you. you've done it before. At this Superboy says. I.. No! Not in cold blood! At this Warblade says. You're wasting our time here, trying to be something you're not. You're not a good person, Superboy. You're not even a PERSON. I saw the look in your eyes as you beat me senseless- SUddenly with a twonk a rock hits Warblade in the head. It was from Dawnstar and she say's. That's quite enough out of him. You don't believe that nonsense, do you, Superboy? Superboy now carrying Bryce says. I.. I... no, no of course not. Why would I?
        The comic than switches to Superboy thinking and the two groups winning. By the time Dawnstar and I make it back to the others-- The tide was already TURNED-- Aside from the grim faces of the TEEN TITANS and the LEGION-- I see for too many teenage bodies lying STILL and BROKEN. Out Loud as he comes on them he says. We were too late for this one. I'd tangled with him before. Can't say I'm surprised he ended up this way. Red Robin quite sad says. These KIDS-- We let them down. If only we could have saved more.. To this Superboy says. Too many of them DIED because they choose to play by HARVEST'S RULES. I made that mistake myself when I came after the Titans. We've shown him now-- We'll NEVER be his pawns. Behind him a voice says. A noble SENTIMENT, Superboy...


      It is Harvest and he goes on. FUTILE and IMPOTENT... But noble, nonetheless. I do hope you enjoyed your momentary TRIUMPH. I wanted you all to experience a brief flare of HOPE-- So that your eventual DEFEAT would be all the more CRUSHING. AT LONG LAST! The time has come for you to experience-- THE TRUE POWER OF HARVEST. Thus end part two


This issue is not too bad. However I find the villains to be a bit flat and not that good. However this crossover so far has not been as good as the Legion and Teen Titans from around 2004. So Far in two issues almost nothing has happened. While this issue is not better or worse then the first it is just blah. However from what has happened I don't feel it well get any better

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