Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adventure Comics 304

        The comic starts with Saturn Girl coming for the Legion meeting. Before she enters a capsule drops from the sky. It contains a message about Zaryan the Conqueror. She then zaps the capsule. At the meeting the Legion votes on new leader.

         The Legion chooses Saturn Girl as their new leader. Saturn Girl used her mental powers to make them all vote for her. She asks Colossal Boy if the club has received any rewards lately. He reply's that they have the spectrum Rainbow bar worth 200,000. Matter-Eater Lad asks who Zaryan the Conqueror who the Legion had defeated hirelings from and got the bar for doing so.
         Saturn Girl then tosses the bar and creates medals with her face on them  and the Legion protests this and she says the Legion constitution allows it. She then begins to get them to test their powers out. The Legion following her high standard  fail their tasks. After the trials are done we find out she did it to gain their powers. The World Wide Police then call and ask the Legion to stop Zaryan who is attacking Earth. Saturn Girl who grounded all of the Legion but sets off herself to go off and stop him out in space. She reveals to herself that her plan has worked out well.     
          Back at the clubhouse Lighting Lad decides to go after her. He says that he was also discovered something important about the situation. Out in space Zaryan's ship is coming together. Outside the shop Saturn Girl spots Lighting Lad and tells him to leave but he says he will not. He then reveals that he knows Saturn Girls plans and that he will help her. Lighting Lad kills the ship but Lighting Lad is hit by a freeze ray.
        She begins to fly him back to Earth for medical treatment but Lighting Lad says stop kidding me and that he knows that he is drying. Back at the clubhouse Lighting Lad reveals that he found out from Mon-EL. It reveals the message from the capsule revealed that it says a Legion Member would die. Mon-EL told Lighting Lad so that she would not die.

      Soon Superboy and Supergirl come for the funereal. Lighting Lad is put in a Crypt where Electric bolts crash above. The Story ends with a statue of Lighting Lad in the Legion Clubhouse.


This comic marks a important mile stone for the Legion of Super-heroes. It marks the first death of a Legion member from their activities and kills a founding member of the group. It also helps to set up a chain of events that would be important to the Legion for years to come and is still in effect in today.

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  1. Great review, this was one of the first comics I read as a kid - mad as a box of frogs, obviously, but I still love it.