Friday, April 27, 2012

Legion of Super-heroes secret origins 6 of 6

cast of characters
Chameleon Boy aka Reep Daggle
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Phantom Gril aka Tinya Wazzo
Colossal Boy aka Gim Allon
Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Lighting Lad aka Garth Ranzz
Triplicate Girl aka Luornu Durgo

     The comic starts at R.J Brande's home. Mycroft controlled is thinking. I have debated causing R.J. Brande's ACCIDENTAL death many times. For the sake of our United Planets. But now I find myself curiously determined. There will be no repercussions from the council- or Brande's peculiar LEGION of children. When the assassins who have been repeatedly attacking him at his own home.. And injuring me as well.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes #7

Case of characters
Chamerleon Boy aka Reep Daggle
DragonWing aka Marya Pai
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Mon-El aka Lar Gand
Element Lad aka Jan Arram
Chemical Kid aka Hardu Jamik
Sun Boy aka Dirk Morgna
Comet Queen aka Grava
Dream Girl aka Nura Nal

         The comic starts with Chameleon Boy held by his tail in one of his forms and that a man covered in flames saying. Feel the power heaven's mandate grants me. Durlan! We have the strength to restore China's destiny-- And your changeling ways will have no part in it!
        DragonWing's sister holding her back from helping says to her. Your alien is not all-powerfull little sister. Perhaps now you will see I have chosen the future! Dragonwing at first can only says. HSSS. But then adds. You think a plu-chip or two added to a man's body makes him a Legionnaires equal? She then uses her acid breath on several enemies. As several of them melt one says. You are barely a Legionnare child- And each of us is MORE thean you equal.. They grab ahold of her and other says. Together, we shall destory you. She then uses her breath again.
      As she is fighting she adds. I EARNED my place in the Legion- From the day I stole my fire from the Imperial Dragon Horde-- to every sweaty workout at the academy. As she defeats more enemies she says. Your terracotta soldiers shatter easily, Big Sister. She then comes up close to her sister and says. Do you still say YOU"RE the future?
      The man surrounded by fire then throws Chameleon Boy to the ground saying. Does this not PROVE it easily? Dragonwing yells. CHAM!
      On a Legion Ship that holds Brainiac 5 and Mon-EL they are talking. Mon-El says. Easier for you to FLY back from Panoptes to Earth? There's no RUSH, is there, Brainy? Besides, It's fun to watch you do all the work. Brainiac 5 at this says. As if I would let you waste fuel, steering with inexact maneuver's. You're quite collect to relinquish the controls to me.. just as you should resign the leadership in my favor. At this Mon-EL says. You what it THAT bad.. I give. But you'll have to WIN it-- I'll call a fresh election election. As the two shake on it Brainiac says Done!.
      The scene shifts to the Dominators homeworld. A voice of a dominator says. Done as you ORDERED, Primus Dom. e have accelerated the clone-growth as much as we dare. These bloods have never been combined before. The primus says. If your disc is to grow, you must succeed. The dominator then says. I shall, I am honored to have the responsibility. The primus then says. You have hybridized many castes before, And they have served us well...
      But never was our need been so great.. We must repay our humiliation by the Legion. So do not make me tear you dignify from your skull.  As the primus uses his nail to draw blood the dominator says. y.. yess. but then adds. We have stabilized the cellular vulnerability to lead and other heavy metals in the daxamite DNA by blending it with our superior line. You shall have you star-spanning army...
      The scene shifts to the sea of fire from last issue. Element Lad is talking with Chemical Kid. he says. Earthgov will need to send in an army of purifiers to control that leak. It's way beyond our powers...Chemical Kid then says. B-but I already fixed it.. I got the sea of fire pollution converter going again, didn't I? As a gaint fireball comes up and they narrowly miss it Element Lad adds. You did-- But this doesn't behave like an industrial accident. Someone's causing this.
       Sun Boy comes up and asks. Then with those structures all abandoned. You won't mind if I sterilize the area, would you? Element Lad says. Go to it, Dirk. He then let's off a large explosion. Chemical Kid says. Wow at this and Element Lad adds. Don't EVER get him mad.
       The scene shifts to near the Legion HQ. Where Harmonia says. It's a MAD errand.. Urumqi's been burning since the pollution wars. Hundreds of years ago... And a handful of Legionnaires is supposed to stop it? At this Comet Queen says. Aw. sounds like FUN. You haven't left that grubby lab for cycles. Harmona-sparkle up. Lady. You've got all that krinkly new cute suit to show off! Comet Queen grabs her and Harmonia then says  uchh. Don't-- Suddenly Fream Girl appears and finsh what Harmonia was saying with a. Don't go there. Comet Queen then says. Aww- Not a burnout! Dream Girl then adds. Let the team at Urumqi hanle it-- we have a more personal problem. Reep went to help DragonWing and now his flight ring's in failure mode. As they fly off her picture fades but she adds. Get to them- Nooow
      The scene shidts back to DragonWing. She is peaking. H-how did you DO that to CHAME-- The man in flames says. I am stronger. Faster-- So much more than you dream. Little dragonette with your WEAK fire. Earthgove has left the middle kingdom in disrepair, But we must again seize the center of all- All RESOURCES, all POWER- and make the future of Earth ours. Your only quesiton should be: Do I joihn the future.. or DIE. Dragonwing says. Guess as she kicks him.
     The man in flames says. You have made your choice, little Legionnaire. Dragonwing at this says. Long ago. I took No Tong protection-- And I will have none of yours. I stand alone-- However the man in flames soon defeats her and says. You will die with the past, then. Then dragonwing sister comes up and says. No. MY sister. As she puts a blade close to her throat.. My BLOOD.
      Back with Element Lad and Chemical Kid. Chemical kid is talking to Dream Girl though a system. He says. No, No injuries, Boss Lady. Dream Girl then says. It's Nura, Hadru-- or Dream Girl, If you prefer. I'm simply covering the board while Mon-EL and Brainy are away. Chemical Kid to this says. Yeah, And next you're gonna tell me these two guys are Legionnaires just like me. They didn't get THEIR powers out of a Genemod vial. Element Lad and Sun Boy show up with goons. Dream Girl adds. No, not exactly.. Element Lad then adds. Definitely industrial saboteurs, Dreamy-- Some kind of political implication. they were muttering about DRAGON tonges and a PHOENIX.. I'll need a Neuro-teach download on China to BEGIN to understand what it means. Sun Boy then adds. it means Earth's always been really good at "us verus them".. Even when we were "Them" and "US" at the same time. Element adds. Ridiculous. Sun Boy then adds. Nearly always, Jan.
     Sun boy adds. But I think I stopped the immediate problem, Earthgov can send in a slow clean up squar, And the science police can haul off these troublemakers. As he flies off he adds. If the S.P's track their organization down, let me know-- otherwise I've got a date with a gal I met at Stonehenge's sun return ceremony... Dream Girl says. I'll mark you off duty, Dirk- But don't go off world, Okay? A pace police shp shows up and an officer asks. Can we take your prisoners, Legionaire? Chemical Kid says, Sure, Officer.. Sure.
     The scene shifts back to DragonWing who has received a cut on her cheek from her sister. Her sister says. Surely, little sister you should have learned to listen to your elders.. perhaps next lifetime.. Suddenly Comet Queen shows up and grabs DragonWing saying. Get that rusted claw off my pal. E-clipse-face... And outta our way! Her sister can only say. Wha--?? and when covered by dusk says. Ack-hhnchh-- However Comet Queen crashes into the man covered in flames and he says. What sort of creature...?
     He then grabs her by the throat and says. Not even VAGUELY human.. And certainly not of our people. Harmonia comes down and says. I.. However must ADMIT to distant kinship with you. Pheonix.. with sadness and disgust. Low indeed have you fallen. As the man covered in fire flies up towards her and says. Do not speak to the future of our world so! Harmonia can only say. You? The future?
      As she pushes him back she adds. Then I am PROUD to be the past. ENOUGH. He crashes into the ground with a WHAMM. He then says. China shall rise again, Women and you-- Haromina says I?

        Harmonia encasing him in stone says. I played for Emperors who had the true mandate of heaven, Pretender. And China shall be great long after your time.. and mine as well. Comet Queen then says. Wow- some starburn, Legionnaire! Harmonia at this says. Thank you, my dear-- I think. And for the rest of you-- I.. DragonWing then butts in and says. Hod it. This one's mine! As her sister is the only one left and adds. Big sister-BAH! And she knocks her out.

      As the enemies are being load on a SP ship comet Queen is talking. Scopes out to the max, Hadru-- who knew she could do Nova-tricks if she left her crazy little Lab? Chemical Kid then says. Nova's You should have seen Sun Boy. Grava. I am never getting in his way. I think they didn't tell us the whole story at the academy. Chameleon Boy walking up says. Would you have BELIEVED it, Hadru? Chemical Kid says/ Maybe, Maybe not.. Chemical Kid then asks. But I thought you were such a COMBAT hot-shot? how'd phoenix beat you? Chameleon boy at this says. All it takes is ONE careless Nano, Kid.. Sometimes, that's enugh to cost us a Legionnaire. I was LUCKY today as he walks off. Thus ends the comic.

This comic was neutral to me. It was not bad but did not stand out as a really really good issue. However I did enjoy it

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Star Trek legion of Super-heroes #6 of 6

cast of characters
James K Kirk
Cosmic Boy
Saturn Girl
Leonard McCoy aka Bones
Lighting Lad
Hikaru Sulu
Brainiac 5
Nyota Uhura
Chameleon Boy
Pavel Chekov
Shadow Lass

      The Comic starts with Kirk yelling AARHG! The emperor in the same room then says. There, Let us see if a few minutes in the agony booth has loosened their tongues. Behind him the castellan says reduce power to zero. Kirk after it is turned off then says. W-why... did you... stop? I... was just starting.. to get USED to it. The emperor then says. Fool! We shall BURN that smug smile from your face. Again, Castellan! The Castellan then says. Initiate.
      Chameleon Boy and Lighting Lad are other either side of kirk. A caption says. Deep within the bowels of the imperial palace, The dark heart of the Imperial Planets of Earth.. The emperor turns to Shadow, Lass, Uhura and Sulu and says. You were wrong to mistake my HOSPITALITY for WEAKNESS. Did you not imagine that the throne room would be BATHED in inhibitor beams? You were powerless the moment you reached my inner sanctum. I would not have shown you my TROPHIES if there were ANY chance you might OVERPOWER me and ESCAPE. Now, we SHALL learn where in time the rest of your party has journeyed, If we have to flay the knowledge from your flesh. The Castellean then says. reduce power to zero.
     Chameleon Boy can only say ungh... However Lighting Lad says. ENOUHH, Already! The castellan then says. They may not be able to survive too much more, your majesty. The emperor can only say. What of it? We have three more prisoners to question, If these do not satisfy our cursorily. Shadow Lass at this shouts, you MONSTER! Uhura then says. If we could CONVINCE you that we really DON"T know where in the time the others are, would you release us? The emperor at this then says. oh no, my dear. None of you SHALL ever taste freedom again. Once I have someone in my power, I am not in a habit of letting them GO.
     The scene shifts to a few thousand years in the past. Bones speaking says. Now hold on just a dammed minute! you expect me to believe this is some kind of blasted GENIE? I've seen some incredible things before, but MAGIC?! Cosmic Boy at this says. You'd be surprised, Doctor, Stranger things have-- Suddenly Q interrupts and says. Oh, stop BABBLING. I didn't say I was MAHIC. Just ALL-POWERFUL. But Vandar the stone TRAPPED me, The tricky little monkey, And now I'm stuck here, unless you can work out how to RELEASE me. Unfortunately, The terms of my , shall we say, IMPRISONMENT are that I can't simply TELL you how he trapped me, or how to FREE me. Spock can only say... FASCINATING.
       Brainiac 5 at this says. Fascinating is all you can say? This "Q" can't TELL us anything. What are we supposed to do, ASK them? Spock building off what has been said says. Perhaps that is PRECISELY what we should do. He never said he was under any compunction not to ANSWER. Take the matter of the inhibitor collars. Q must have constructed them for Vander. So why was he able to REMOVE them from us? Brainiac his brain now clicking says. That's it! Maybe he only has to do what Vandar TOLD him to do. So we just have to look for the LOOPHOLES in his instructions. Spock then adds. Yes, say, for example, that Vandar simply requested a way to control his tribesmen and members of neighboring tribes. We  would not fall within that purview. Q who has been listening then says. That's it exactly. There's hope for you monkey's yet. So, What is your NEXT question?
       Cosmic Boy then asks. Even if you ARE able to free him, Will that be enough to repair the timelines? Bones then asks. And how in blazes are we supposed to get back where we're SUPPOSED to be? Chekov then says. look and Saturn Girl adds. We mat have to WAIT for these answers. Vander the stone has come in with others and says. I do not know HOW you overcame the collars and escaped your PRISON, But for the moment I do not CARE. All enemies of Vandar the stone shall DIE!
      In the future the emperor is talking. I learned early on never to leave my enemies alive. But there are MANY uses to which a body and mind can be put before the life is wrung from it. Troops are trying to move Kirk. One says. MOVE you. However kirk starts talking. You know I'm starting to think you people don't LIKE us... The emperor holding Shadow Lass chin says. pity. I had hoped to make use of you. FEMALES in my personal harem. I prefer women who have a little fight in them. once you're finished in the agony booth, though, I doubt there will be enough left of you to please me. The women who controls the green orb of a few issue ago says. Not so tough without your SHADOW powers, Are you, Talokian? As she works to pick her up. Shadow Lass says at this. Take off these manacles, And I'll SHOW you how tough I am, Shadow Powers or No Shadow powers.
      The castellean as they are be lead away says. Quickly, put them in the booths. Let's not waste any more of the emperor's time than necessary. Kirk being lead away then says something. w-why not? Seems to me like wasting time is all this empire can do. But I guess that's probably because your emperor just isn't that BRIGHT. The emperor yell's WHAT?! WHAT did you say to me?! Kirk at this then says. You HEARD me. I called you STUPID, Vandar. Weak-mindeed. ignorant. SIMPLE. You started out a CAVEMAN, And that's all you'll ever BE.
      Kirk then breaking free then says. We've encountered beings like this "Genie" of yours before, Beings capable of ding amazing, even IMPOSSIBLE things. So I KNOW what can be accomplished with that kind of power. But what have YOU done with it? You capture a being more powerful then worlds, And the best you can think to do with it is CONQUER? to create WEAPONS and AGONY BOOTHS? The emperor as guards go to restrain Kirk says. It's all right, Let him speak. Then I shall deal with him. Kirk goes on, You could have made this world a PARADISE. Instead you've created a HELL. The emperor really angry at this then says. You insignificant little WORM. You DARE to criticize ME?
       In the past Vandar is speaking. You DARE to oppose the will of Vandar the Stone/ The manner of your DEATH will be a lesson to all who would stand against me! Cosmic Boy at this and as weapon's point at him says. I think i'd prefer to teach them a DIFFERENT lession, If it's all the smae to you. Like the lesson that TYRANTS always LOSE! Bwhind Q says. No, you fools! Don't waste your time squabbling with him! Hurry up and FRE me, before it's too late!  Brainiac then does something and says. My force field has recharged more than enough to protect the two of us while the others get their exercise. Spock touching it can only say. Impressive.
       The men attacking suddenly go flying. Cosmic Boy then says. There wasn't enough ferrous material your WEAPONS for me to do much damage to the. But those INHIBITOR COLLARS, on the other hand? THOSE I can deal with! If I'd know they weren't just FASHION accessories to begin with, We might not be in this fix. two of the tribal men see that a tiger is free and one says. HUH?!
       One of the free caveman then says. What magic is THIS? surrounded by the blood tribe! Another says. KILL the deer people Saturn Girl then says. Good call, Cosmic Boy! Suddenly they're no fighting us, They're fighting each OTHER! Vandar's COLLARS made slaves of his ENEMIES, But now that their inhibitions are OFF, Their old feuds are back on. Saturn Girl seeing the fighting get worse gets a idea and says. I think EVERYONE needs to clam DOWN. Maybe if I trigger the SLEEP centers of their brains, The humans and animals alike...
       Vandar see this and says. What treachery is THIS? up, Damn you! FIGHT! turning he says. No matter, I'll just kill you MYSELF! Chekov yells LOOK out! He hit's Cosmic Boy with a blast of his staff saying you wish me to kill you FIRST? He then knocks chekov out and then leans over Saturn Girl saying. So be it! I send you-- Suddenly Bones comes up and hits him with a hypo saying. I think it's time you took a little NAP, Big Fella.


       In the future the emperor is talking. Can you not SEE the splendor of the empire I have created with my own two hands?! Kirk then says. Oh, we can SEE it already and we've seen BETTER. Lighting Lad then adds. Where we come from-- Where we all come from-- Humanity doesn't ENSLAVE other races. Chameleon Boy adds. Humans COOPERATE with other species they turn ALIENS into FRIENDS, not ENEMIES. The emperor at this then says. Simpering FOOLS! That is PRECISELY why your futures must be AVIODED. Do you think all of THIS could be build thorough COOPERATION? Kirk point to the rest of his group then says. I.. understand. THAT"S your problem! The FUTURE! you don't even know what the words MEANS, do you?
       In the past Vandar is trying to get up saying. UNGH. Bones using his tricorder says. I have him enough sedative to drop a rhino, But he's already shaking it off. How close are we to getting OUT of here, Spock> Spock and Brainiac are working on it. Spock says.. No, that is NOT it, Either. Brainiac adds. Just a moment, Doctor, We are still attempting to resolve the problem. Wait, I've GOT it! The population of people who Vandar ordered Q to let him control didn't INCLUDE us. Maybe the prescribed conditions of Q's imprisonment has the same LOOPHOLE! Spock then starts to try. I see, So perhaps a course of action to US that is NOT open to any of Vandar;s contemporaries. Q? I order you to FREE yourself immediately.
      In the future the Emperor is talking angrily. You waste your final breaths with these pathetic jests, because you MUST not be SERIOUS. No one LIVING understands the FUTURE better than I do. Kirk at this then says. NOm you DON"T. That's just the problem. I think you're STILL the violent caveman you were at the beginning. A PRIMITIVE with no CONCEPTION of how TOMORROW might be better than TODAY. that things don't have to BE the way that they ARE> You don't BELIEVE in the future, because you can't UNDERSTAND it. The Legionnaires.. My crewmates and I.. We come from worlds where humanity has moved PAST the need t conquer and Pillage. Worlds where humanity decided that needless BLOODSHED and mindless AGGRESSION belong to the PAST. Where humanity looked with HOPE towards the FUTURE. We UNDERSTAND the future and what it means. And THAT"S why people like us will always DEFEAT people like you.

         In the past with a KKRACKK Q is free. He says in a blinding light. FINAlly! That feels so much BETTER. I was worried I'd be in these for AGES.  Brainiac can only say. Yow! to the light. Q goes on. Any day now Vandar was going to figure out that he should order me to take order's only from HIM, And not just from no one LIVING on the face of Earth. But anyone who wasn't ALIVE when he gave me those orders...? So all I had to do was wait until I found time-travels clever enough to free me, And send them back HERE. And it looks like I eventually FOUND some. or WILL find some. Temporal mechanics can be SO grammatically COMPLICATED. But since I won't be imprisoned for AGES, Then I won't be able to snag any TIME-TRAVELERS in the future and send them BACK, Which will lead to PARADOX, And then... Oh, look. Here comes the paradox now--
        The scene shifts to LIMBO. In a time without time, A place that is no place. A TIME BUBBLE carrying a group of young adventures home. Saturn Girl asks. Is something wrong, Brainy? At first he says mmn. Then adds. No, I THOUGHT there was something for a moment, But now--? Never mind, Let's just go HOME, shall we.
        In San Francisco the enterprise crew breams down. Kirk waves bye to some of his crew and is talking. That;s right. The best bottle of scotch you can can find! And if you were to bring back a bottle of Saurian Brandy, too, I MIGHT consider EXTENDING your shore leave.  Sulu and the other wave bye. Bones next to Kirk adds. The sooner we make PEACE with the ROMULANS the BETTER, If you ask me, So I can finally get my hands on a case of Romulan Ale WITHOUT breaking the law. Spock then says. It seems unlikely in the short term, Docor. Kirk then says something wisely.  Don't be such a pessimist, Spock. ANYTHING is possible. And who KNOW what will happen in the future?
       The scene shifts to meanwhile, Far across space in the omega system.. The planet Holberg 917G.The planet has but one inhabitant, But he has accumulated as much wealth and life experience as entire WORLDS. He has gone by many names but is now known simply as "Flint" and he is painting. Suddenly Q comes in and says. Such expressive work. I'll be honest, I didn't know you had it in you. Flint says. Who?! Q answers. Come now. DOn't tell me you've forgotten me ALREADY? It's only been.. what? few dozen MILLENNIA?

     Flint then says. Oh, I's you. Come to seek your revenge upon me at last? Aren't you afraid I might TRAP you again? Q then says. No, you won'y trick me THAT way again, Fool me once, SHAME on me? Fool me twice? Well, Let's just say that no ONE has ever fooled me TWICE. But I'm not so petty i'd come here just for REVENGE. I simply wanted to see how you were getting on. You were bent on world CONQUEST, Once upon a long time ago. I'm surprised that the only world you've conquered is an UNINHIBITED one. Flint at this says. I.. I'mnot that man anymore. My life CHANGED on that batterfield in Mesopotamia, Back in 3834 BC. Before then I'd been a solder, A bully, A Fool. Drenched in other men's blood. I finally realized that humanity could be so much BETTER then it was. That TOMORROW could be better then TODAY. That it was better to CREATE than to CONQUER. W at this says. I didn't know you had it in you. I thought you would remain a violent SAVAGE for the rest of your inhumerable days. Who knows, perhaps somewhere out in the infinite universes there's another VERSION of you that DID. Flint can only say. Other UNIVERSES? Q goes on and says. Certainly. There may have been only one yesterday, But there are COUNTLESS tomorrows... And the possibilities are ENDLESS. Thus the comic ends.

I will be doing a full review of what I thought of this series at a little date

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Legion Lost #7 March 2012

        The Comic starts with a Women saying. Help me-PLEASE. She is on a bed in a hospital. She adds further. I head their footsteps drawing closer. T-they-re coming for me, again. As a figure in black comes she adds. What do they WANT? Why do they keep TORTURING me? Why can't they leave me alone???? The person has a needle with green liquid in it. The person can only yell AAAAARGH!