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Teen Titans Annual #1

The comic starts with a person saying...

   move-- BLINK, even-- And I'll slice your jugular to Red Robin. At this Red Robin says. Actually, my carotid artery is about two inches higher. But you've made your point.


     The person doing this to Red Robin is a Women and she then says. You've got a sense of humour. That'll do you here in the COLONY. My name is ARTEMIS. To this Red Robin says. Red Robin and the narrator informs us that. TIM DRAKE saw much in his time as ROBIN, partner to BATMAN.. Even before he took the identity of RED ROBIN and brought together the TEEN TITANS.  Artemis then points to people to her right and says. The iceberg there is called LIGHTING- And her brother is named THUNDER. Lighting at this says. Stop TELLING him everything. He wears the colours of HARVEST-- We would be foolish to trust him. Thunder at this says. You don't trust anyone, Sister.  Artemis talks again and says. I'm not worried. If he tries anything, I'll kill him. Whether he dies now or during THE CULLING makes little difference. Suddenly Red Robin grabs the spear saying. About that. You get points for not ACTUALLY cutting my throat-- and hits her with a BONK. As he holds Artemis around the throat he adds. But you get major demerits for hospitality. If I wanted you DEAD it would have happened already clear? As he lets go of her she koff's koff's and says. Clear. Thunder after seeing this says. Now that was impressive! I've never seen anyone hand Artemis her head like that. Lighting behind adds. Shut up. Nothing about this hellhole is funny.
      Soon they are climbing somewhere and Artemis says. We could use someone with your skills when the culling begins. Keep ip. If you can, boy. Red Robin at this asks. What is this CULLING you keep talking about? As he get's to the top of his climb her reply is. When HARVEST feels the time is right, He pits us all against each other in a battle royal. The Winner becomes his faithful RAVAGERS. The loser becomes DEAD. Red Robin then asks. How many Metahumans are we talking about? Artemis as they move though a place adds. Maybe a hundred in this crop. From every corner of the globe. Only SOME of them are metahumans like the walking storm over their-- Some of them are human like ME and-- presumably you. And still others seem to be INFECTED with some sort of transubstantiation virus. Starting out human until their genomes become EXNO-MUTATIS. Red Robin at this says. You sound like you know what you're talking about. At this she says. Pre-med before I was plucked by N,o.w.h.e.r.e.- But let's not talk about the past... We have to concentrate on the HERE and the now. One misstep and we're dead. Red Robin who is now gliding says. So many lives ruined by Harvest. If only I had gotten here sooner. Maybe I could have helped you.
      Suddenly they stop and Artemis says. oh, great. THIS guy. Red Robin asks. Friend of yours? To this she says. No such thing around here. In front a voice of the guy says. 'ship has nothing to do with it. the TOLL is all about business. You step on FIST POINTS turf-- you pay fist point's toll or you die. A member of his group then says. You tell him fist! Lighting then says. You people are idiots for raising you head against us. Thunder adds. That said-- Have a FACE full of THUNDER! Red Robin fighting then says. We don't need to fight each other- We can UNITE and figure out a way to strike AGAINST Harvest. Fist at this and attacking says. Why would I want to do that, Noob? I'm in my element here.

    Artemis then says. Enough, Kevin! Every time you start one of these skirmishes you are only playing into Harvest's hands. You're making it harder on everyone. As she hits him with a sklash which puts him to the ground she adds. Nexttime-- This ends with one of us dead. Fist then says. That much is certain. As he runs off Red Robin says. Does this sort of thing happen all the time here? Artemis to this says. Just 24/7 including weekends and holidays. The trick is not to take it PERSONALLY. To this Red Robin says. How can you LIVE like this? Artemis at this says. one day at a time. You sound like the other newbies. He says. others/ The others are the rest of the teen titans. Red Robin at this says. You've here! one says. Red Robin! other. RREDROB and other. Great, that's every one. can we go? Red Robin then asks. Everyone? The one called Kid Flash then says. SOLSTICE is trying to convince SUPERBOY to join the reindeer games. turns out he's still smarting from the welcoming committee. Red Robin at this says. Kiran has a way of stating her case. I hope it works. We can use superboy's help. Behind and to Solstice Superboy says. The others don't trust me. Solstice talking then says. Nor should they-- until you've PROVEN yourself. open your heart, Superboy. Even for all your power- Tamped down as it is by the technology that runs through this place-- You will NOT SURVIVE this night if you try to fight ALONE. Come, Stand with the Teen Titans. As they rejoin the Teen Titans we see they are talking. Wonder Girl says. Great. Now it's a party. Red Robin adds. I have a plan. Kid Flash then adds. If it is longer than "Run!" I don't want to hear it. Solstice annoyed says. Bart. While Superboy adds. The little guy might have a point. Kid Flash can only say. HMP! Wonder Girl then adds. Let me speak on behave of everyone when I say, Superboy- No one cares what you think. If we didn't come to rescue you, none of us would ever be trapped here. After she says this Red Robin then says. It's all a matter of perspectove cassie. We may be exactly where we're SUPPOSED to be to do the most good at this moment. Chapter one ends.

      Chapter two starts one mile below in the arena known as the crucible. The narrator starts. His name is TYROC. He may be the most POWERFUL member of the time-misplaced team known as the LEGION LOST. But it's all for naught, All the good his power does against a force field. His team was defeated by a group of ravagers and they work up here-- trapped within an ever-changing environment where even HIS powerful blasts have no effect at breaking them free. After he uses his power and nothing happens. Timber Wolf says something. If I could clap any softer, I would. To this Tyroc says. Shelve the sarcasm, TIMBER WOLF. As she transforms into something Chameleon Girl adds. Before you two start comparing the size of your flight rings-- I'm going to swim this hot channel of lava to see if there isn't a way out. After this Timber Wolf to Tyroc adds. This mission has been a bust since we came to this time period! First the HYPERTAXIS virus infecting random humans. Now we're trapped who knows where-- wearing who know WHAT. To this Tyroc says. Keep complaining, Timber Wolf, And I'm going to toss you in the there with CHAMELEON GIRL.
       Dawnstar, Tellus and Wildfire appear and Dawnstar starts by saying. I've flown as high as I can, no way out. Tellus adds. Even my own force field.. won't counter it. Finally Wildfire adds. WE have to face it- There is no way out. Timber Wolf pointing to them then adds. real inspirational, there. Tyroc annoyed with his hand over his face then says. Stop goading everyone, There's still a chance GATES can find a way out. Gates comes through one of his gates and says. In the words of my great ancestor-- Abandon hope. I can't seem to 'port outside of this room, no matter what I do. Someone is using 31st century tech to keep us trapped here. Tellus happily says. 31st century?! could it be.. we've home? Tyroc adds in our own time? Dawnstar then asks. But why would they keep us here? At this Gates suggests. quarantine, maybe? to make sure we're not infected! However wildfire suggests something else. The "Ravagers" that attacked us had that tech, too. Chameleon Girl appears out of the lava and says. WILDFIRE is right. We have to assume we#re still trapped in our past...

     On a viewscreen she finishes with. And be prepared for anything. Harvest is watching and says. Unlikely. The narrator then talks. No one know the name he used before he came to call himself HARVEST. He alone knows where he came from... A women with bleeding eyes then says. I'm disappointed, HARVEST, that you dropped them directly into the crucible-- without letting me ply my trade as I did on the other children. Harvest at this says. The titans are new, OMEN. But the entire reason I brought the Legion to our time.. was that I might have an already trained paramilitary organization at my disposal. Now let us put both teams to the test. Another person in purple says. you're going to have them cut their teeth on the new kids? One who does not look human then adds. Sounds like your cue Leash-
      Chapter three stars back at the colony... Thunder sees Leash appearing and says. It is HIM-- the culling has begun! Kid Flash asks. Him who? Leash reply's by saying. I am called LEASH, Kid Flash. You can all relax, however-- you still have some time to live. Well, maybe not ALL of you.. After this and as Leash attacks Thunder yells. Don't let his leash touch you! He can bring you right to the dark heart of the crucible! Bunker as he is hit yells, on, no! SOLSTICE says he is handpicking  those of us whom Harvest wants to test- to cull the weak from the strong as one surrounds him Superboy says. It makes sense. I am the one N.O.W.H.E.R.E. created to be a living weapon-- for harvest!
      Solstice then says. Take ME, Leash! I stand with the Teen Titans! Kid flash running towards her says. SOLSTICE, NO! I'm not going to let him take you! she says. Bart, No! It would kill me if anything-- from the pain Kid Flash yells. LEEEE! Behind him Thunder let's off a attack with a ARRRGH! Leash to this then says. Sorry kids-- No one get's a free ride. My TRANSPORT COILS are as painful as they are effective! In the plus column, all that agony helps you focus on the battle ahead. Now, If that is everyone? As he disappears he adds. Your final fate awaits! In the aftermath a voice says to a women in green. Don't be afraid, sister. Give me your hand. We go to a better place.
      The Scene shifts back to the crucible and Timber Wolf says. Doesn't anyone else feel their hackles rising? As if-- Leash comes in with the Titans and finishes it with. As id you have COMPANY? You're every bit as deadly as Harvest said, Timber Wolf. Let us hope you and your comrades can survive these warriors. After this Red Robin says. There are more of them-- And they look organized. Wonder Girl adds. I don't care if they're the JUSTICE LEAGUE-- we're going to take them down, HARD! At this and a bit surprised Timber Wolf says. They're KIDS-- younger than WE are. To this Wonder Girl says. What? suddenly you people grow a CONSCIENCE? Lighting attacking with a kkrackt says. I WILL NOT DIE THIS DAY!
        Tellus starts to say. Timber Wolf behind me-- But is hit and tells. WOLFIN! Timber Wolf at this and running towards the titans says. Tellus, No! I don't care HOW young you kids are-- You strike one member of the Legion and you strike us all. Wonder Girl at this says. Ravagers? Legion? Why is it that Metahumans insist on naming themselves? Timber Wolf says. In the 31ST CENTURY, we're the preeminent force for-- He is stopped with a krak from Wonder Girl and she adds. Save it for your therapist, FURBALL! With any luck, when you wake up- you won't REMEMBER you thought you were some sort of time-traveling mountain lion. As she hits him again with a Pok adds. Be thankful I'm pulling my punches. Timber Wolf at this says. You should thank ALL your gods-- that the Legion doesn't kill. We've been at this a long time, We know- sniff sniff- huh. He smells Kid Flash

       As a blast hits near to Gates Kid Flash says. Whoa! thanks, Solstice! Didn't see the BEAK sneaking up on me! Gates at this says. I'll give you a "BEAK" Dawnstar missing the shot as well from behind says. You are FAST, child-- but not to one who can- soar along between SOLAR FLARES! Gates as he appears near Kid Flash says. Don't read them your resume, Dawnstar! As he sees both closing near to him Kid Flash says. hmm. got it! and Dawnstar says uh-oh. Having moved out of the way. Kid Flash says. Pfft amateurs. As Gates appears near him again he says. Did ya really think it was THAT easy, kid? Kid Flash says. Eh?! Nearby Dawnstar says. We are after all.. The Legion? Kid Flash to this says. You Keep tossing that word around like it means something. In front Bunker is fighting a transformed Chameleon Girl and says. Bart! A HAND here? Chameleon Girl at this says. how about if I lend you, my Jaw, instead? The narrator then starts again. What Chameleon Girl could not have known-- is that Miguel Jose Barragan has not been Bunker for very long. He is new to this. So he panics--
     With surprising results. He creates six arms and forces Chameleon Girl away saying. Away from me, Monster! Chameleon Girl then says. ILLEEEK! and then Gak! Bunker then says. God, it's me Miguel. Gracias for these amazing powers. Red Robin then asks a question. Which one of you is the leader of this group? Tyroc answers with. That would be me my name is Tyroc. Red Robin then says. Then you're the one I need to talk to about surrendering before your people get hurt! As he tosses a weapon and it misses Tyroc says. With a aim like yours-- I'm not worried. Red Robin then states. What makes you think you were my target? Tyroc says. Eh? As behind him the thown item a bomb goes off with a Fboom.
       The scene shifts to people watching in the chamber of Harvest. Omen says. I cannot be the only person who sees that NEITHER group is trying to kill the other. A strange man next to her says. NOR WILL they until the culling has begin. Let us be fair, Omen-- The rest of the children in the colony have been here for MONTHS. Even so, they do not possess the skills of the Teen Titans or the Legion, let only the two groups COMBINED. Harvest then says. You are correct, WARBLADE. This was only about wearing the two teams down. Leash? Let the culling begin. don't be gentle. To this Leash says. Never.
      The scene shifts back to the colony and those left talking. One says to Thunder. Too bad about your sister. Artemis at this says. Gar, not helpful. Thunder at this says. She'll be back.  Another says. Um, yeah, ho'kay. Maybe just be grateful you're still alive-- Suddenly Leash appear's and says. For maybe another minute, tops! As his leashes go out and get them. Gim yells. NOOOO! you'll never take us! Thunder then says. But he HAS already, Beast Boy! A girl then asks. The big question is-- why hasn't he taken us to the crucible yet?! Leash reply's with. That's simple, Terra. He uses his other power on them and says. I have to use my power to send you into a blind fury FIRST. NOW you can LEAVE! Let the games begin!

      As Chapter Four starts, Kid Flash says. NOW What?! MORE kids?! Dawnstar adds. It is as if it is raining children-- and their eyes?! Red Robin to this says. Leash must have done something to their minds- they look outraged, like he's primed them for battle! Timber Wolf at this says. So THAT should make what we have to do a bit EASIER! Wonder Girl at this says. You so much as hurt those kids-- Tellus at this says. Don't be absurd. Wonder person.. Solstice then says. I actually think we are all on the same page here. Wildfire then adds. yes, we must work TOGETHER to keep Harvest's pawns from taking each other's lives in this macabre ceremony called the Culling. Bunker aloud wonders. Can we take them ALL on? Gates at this then says. Some of us, sure. Purple fist boy? not so sure.
     As Beast Boy lands the narrator starts up again. Garfield Logan is not the most centred person on his   BEST days. But he's also not a snarling beast. As he transforms into one.. until TODAY. As he comes to attack Lighting she says. Gar, please-- DON'T MAKE ME KILL YOU! As Beast Boy says. FSSST! she adds. unless you HAVE to.
     Suddenly Wildfire attacks him saying. Sorry, pal. This is gonna HURT. Behind Lighting says. I-I can't do it. I thought I was prepared to KILL OR BE KILLED-- but I CAN'T! Thunder with a RAARAR attacks Superboy who says. Against anyone else, That Thunder power would be pretty impressive. Me? I find it annoying. As Kid Flash comes behind Thunder he says. Seriously dude. I'D GIVE UP IF I WERE YOU! He then hits him causing him to say ULP! Tyroc attacks someone else with a Sonic Blast shouting Away. As he looks at the thing he knocked out he says. TELLUS. This child- is not a metahuman! He's a SALORIAN/HUMAN HYBRID! Tellus at this says. So clearly he is.. a victim of the HYPERTAXIS VIRUS from our time.. which raises the question...(know thinking to himself) Was Harvest simply intrigued by a new found phenomenon... or could he have something to do with it's RELEASE?
        The narrator starts up again as we see Red Robin watching Artemis. So many children here-- Red Robin scarcely knows where to start. He is grateful that despite the NUDGE from leash.. Artemis seems determined not to harm anyone. Frighten them? sure. Get their attention? Yes. But won't take the life of another. Unfortunately.. Not everyone is generous and with a slash she is horribly hurt. Red Robin yells out. ARTEMIS!

       The narrator goes on. First blood has been spilled. Red Robin is determined to make it the last. He wants to rage against the teenager beneath his boot-- But Tim Drake know, ultimately, that FIST POINT is not responsible. Harvest made a killer out of this young man.. And this young women paid the price. Holding her Red Robin yells. HARVEST! I KNOW you can hear me, you SICK, SADISTIC SLIME! I'm coming for you. WE ALL ARE! To Artemis he says. I'm sorry.
        Chapter Five begins with Wonder Girl saying. She.. wasn't any older then I am. That's why she needs to be avenged. Red Robin at this says. No! If we make this about revenge, We lose focus! Bunker then asks. Has anyone else noticed Swifter is not among us? Kid Flash then reply's with.. That only means LEASH wasn't fast enough-- And she's skittering around the colony saving the others. Red Robin then says. With all nominal respect, Legion-- you're with us or you're out. Tyroc at this says. You know the answer to that, Red Robin. Timber Wolf... Timber Wolf yells. JUST DON'T START TELLING ME TO CALM DOWN! Tyroc a bit annoyed says. No, I was going to say take yourself off your leash!

          In a shot of both groups together the narrator says. And so it comes to pass. That a Legion of young Titans work together- At least for now-- Against a common enemy. It doesn't matter if they are lost in time-- or collected here on purpose. Whether they can use their powers innately, with ease-- or suffer the AGONY OF THE DAMMED with each attempt. The most gifted telepathic mind of the future- teamed with the most powerful body of the present. All working with one goal in mind.
         Not far away.. The man-turned-- monster named HARVEST has a very unexpected reaction.. He roars with laughter at this sudden turn of events. Harvest then says. DON'T THEY REALIZE THERE IS NOTHING THAT I HAVE NOT FORESEEN-- NOTHING I HAVE NOT LIVED THOUGH? THAT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, THE FUTURE I HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO CREATE... BEGINS AT LONG LAST... NOW, AND HERE?! He then says. Omen, My problem child. Warblade, my only begotten. Go forth and reap the dark winds. Omen says. yes, sir. While Warblade says. No one get's out alive.
        As Red Robin and Tyroc shake hand's they are talking. Red Robin says. Except for the kids still in the colony-- It seems that's it. Tyroc adds. My psi-guy says there are a few stragglers. But we did GOOD today. Red Robin then says. So will you tell us where you are REALLY from? 'cause NONE of us BELIEVES you're from the future. Tyroc at this says. It's okay. According to our history books- The TEEN TITANS don't exist for another forty years. Kid Flash starts talking and says. Now, Let;s see about getting everyone out of here before-- A voice says. before harvest ends in the rest of his troops? Kid flash says. um, yeah, Basically.


        It it the enemy and Rose part of the attack force and lest seen in Legion Lost 8 says. too late as they attack. so ends part one.

For the first issue it is not bad start on a mini event. They capture the Legion members quite well but I find it out that they rushed everyone into a mini event so fast after only 8 issues. Will this event get worse maybe.. find out soon

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