Thursday, May 17, 2012

Legion Lost 8

         The comic starts in the Antarctic at a sprawling scientific complex for an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.R. A voice says. Do you have a moment, Agent Psykill? Psykill responses with a. Barely. The man who said the question then says. I just came from a meeting with TEMPLAR. At this Psykill says. How nice for you, Director Centerhall. Meetings are so productive- And Zaniel can be rather ENTERTAINING in his way. Centerhall then says. yes.. WELLL... We intercepted a police report about a "Wolf Boy" that allegedly attacked a gang of drug dealers in NEW YORK CITY. The suspect matches the description of a Metahuman who recently invaded a top secret medical facility in MADISON, WISCONSIN. Templar and I believe he is a member of a TEAM that is of particular interest to our principal. Psykill then says. And you want me to APPREHEND them? Centerhall surprised says. H-how did you--? Psykill at this says. Our so called PRINCIPAL alerted me an hour ago. A retrieval team is already assembled and you've holding up our departure.

      The Scene shifts to Manhattan: A luxury hotel suite serving as a temporary base for a team of heroes from the future. Tyroc is yelling. You did WHAT?!? Timber Wolf is flying though the air from a sonic blast. Tellus sticks his head around the door to see Tyroc saying. I don't know what's WORSE, Timber Wolf. The fact is that you STOLE from primitives- or that your actions may have JEOPARDIZED our mission by alerting the AUTHORITIES to our presence. Timber Wolf at this and annoyed says. You said we needed hard currency. I obtained some from Drug dealers. Criminals. Scum. Tyroc still not happy says. We're LEGIONNARIES-- not THIEVES! Timber Wolf jumping at him to attack says. We'll have that debate- After we discuss the DOWNSIDE of attacking me. Tellus chimes in saying. Violence... Serves no purpose.. among friends. he rises a psi shield around Tyroc and Timber Wolf hits it with a Twakkk
        Dawnstar holding back Tyroc says. TELLUS is right! You're BOTH behaving like CHILDREN. You're supposed to be our leader, TYROC-- the mature and responsible ADULT in the room! Timber Wolf may have acted impulsively, but we do need MONEY to surive in this era. Behind TImber Wolf says. Outta my way, DawnstarL I'm gonna- Chameleon Girl near to him changes in part to a octopus and says. RELAX and take a SOOTHING BREATH! We can't gall apart now. We still have a MISSION to complete. Timber Wolf annoyed says. Release me, Chameleon Girl- Now! Gates now pipes in. Idiots! Fools! They ain't fighting' about drug dealers or money. We're all on edge 'cause the LEGION sent us into the past on a fools errand- And we may be STUCK here for the rest'a OUR lives. Timber Wolf opens a door and leaves saying. Do us all a favor, GATES- and keep the PSYCHOBABBLE to yourself! I need some fresh air. Dawnstar then says at this. Timber Wolf-- WAIT! Wildfire silent up to this point then says. Let him calm down, Dawny. At this Dawnstar says. A lot of help you were, Wildfire. Wildfire can only say. Like wold really needs defending.

       The scene shifts to outside. Oz from last issue spots Timber Wolf and says. Yo! been waiting on ya, M'man. Timber Wolf asks. And why is that, oz?. Oz reply is. Aside from bathing in the glow of your sparkling wit-- i'm still hoping you'll reconsider a FINDER's FEE for leading you to all that cash. Timber Wold at this says. Already had this conversation/ Oz then says/ S-cool/ Son't hurt t-ask. In a sniper scope Timber Wolf and OZ are still talking and do not realize it. Oz says. 'least we've moved past the HOSTILITY phase of our relationship. A women with silver hair and Psykill are the ones who have them in sight. The Silver haired women says. Target acquired. Your Biometric scanners led us right to him Psykill. Pskkill at this says. All of the subjects possess a very specific energy signature. A helpful tip you might have GLEANED from the mission profile, Rose. Rose at this says. Save the sarcasm for someone you can intimidate.
      Psykill at this says. We want these metahumans alive. Rose jumps and starts going down saying. Disappointing.. but doable. As she flys down she adds. And I ALWAYS study my target's dosser. Helps me determine weak points. Below OZ and Timber Wolf are talking. Oz says. Like my new smart phone? I.. uhhhh.. caged it off... a friend. Timber Wolf says at this. Oz. suddeny he spots Rose and get's him out of the way yelling. Get DOWN! Rose lands saying. Nice reaction. Your ENHANCED SENSES live p to their rep. Did you notice a CHANGE in wind pressure or merely HEAR me coming.
     Back at the Legion hotel room the others are talking. Tyroc talking asks. Tellus, Can you locate Timber Wolf? I want to apologize fir losing my temper, But we still need to talk out our differences. Tellus at this says. I. I am unable.. to detect.. his thoughts. gates at hearing what Tellus said then says. No big surprise. He ain't a big thinker. Dawnstar annoyed now at gates from his comment says. That isn't funny. Gates. he could be unconscious or-- Wildfire then adds his two cents. Stop playing MOTHER HENACULAS! If anyone can take care of himself, It
s TIMBER WOLF. Tyroc after this then says. I'll hunt him down and make sure he's all right. Chameleon Girl(Yera from now on) touching his arm says. Would you like a little support, Tyroc? I can join you. Tyroc to this and walking away says. Thanks anyway, Yera. I need to do this on my own. Yera going into a room after this thinks. Talk about an understatement! You need to reestablish your authority and keep this team together until I can complete our REAL mission. Contrary to what you were told, ALASTOR and his ridiculous VIRUS were nether our primary-- Behind her someone says. YERA--? Yera turns and says/ Y-you--??? It is her husband Colossal Boy and he says. Did you miss me, Yera? I can't tell you how much I've longed for you. Yera. Surprised says. COLOSSAL Boy! W-what are you doing here? you're supposed to be in the 31ST CENTURY with the rest of the LEGION of SUPER-HEROES.

        He then adds. I.. I hated the way we parted and hope we can get back together. Yera at this says. Our relationship was OVER long ago, Gim. That's one of the reasons I volunteered for the mission. He punches her saying. You AND YOUR SECRET MISSION! I finally know the TRUTH about you, Yera. You NEVER loved me. It was all a CHARADE. Just another one of your many DECEPTIONS. Behind this is a women watching. Yera chages and pushes Gim into the roof saying. Says the IMPOSTOR! The real COLOSSAL BOY never throws the first punch. The women- says. OOPS! seems I should have probed a little deeper into your subconscious. Yera at this says. And you are-? The Women says. I'm called MISBELIEF-- And I'll be your captor today.
        Out in the hall Tyroc is thinking about stuff. Bad enough WILDFIRE has been questioning my leadership. Never thought I'd have a problem with TIMBER WOLF. Although I shouldn't be surprised. He usually relies on INSTINCTIVE REACTIONS instead of RATIONAL THOUGHTS. Like Dawnstar said. I should know better. At the Elevator he thinks more. The LEGION put me in charge. I can't fall prey to my emotions or insecurities. I shouldn't allow the PROPHECY to-- no! I promised myself I wouldn't even think about that.. I won't let this team fall apart while under my- EH?? A plant files onto the ground. Out loud Tyroc says. T-this is an enclosed area. Where did that BREEZE suddenly- Suddenly with a FWOOOSh he is thrown into a wall. A guy appears and says. AND WINDSTORM SCORES!
       Back in the room the Legion hears this and Dawnstar says. W-what was THAT? Tellus at this says. Something is.. WRONG.. no longer do i sense.. TYROC or YERA. Wildfire then says. I'll investigate. You three stay together while I-- Suddenly Psykill brusts though the way and takes Wildfire out though the window saying. Pardon the interruption. You were saying...?

        In the room three more people come in. A red haired women says to another. RIDGE, you take miss winger wonder. Killingsss a no-no but cripplingss fine. Ridge at this says. I'm on it, CRUSH. Crush adds. better be, Newbie-- or you'll be the one with crutchesss. The telepath isss all youssss, HAMMERISST. Who brust though another window. Dawnstar at this then says. W-who ARE You people? Ridge punching Dawnstar says. We heard you're having trouble with your mobile phone receptions, mates. Let's see how will you receive THIS! Gates at this says. hang on, Dawnstar! I'll rip that ugly brute a new-- Crush comes on him and says. sssorry, Bugsss. We're under ssstrict ordersss to DIVIDE and CONQUER.
       Tellus as Hammerfist punches him says. A void exists.. Where once I sensed my teammates. Hammerfist then says. s'funny, I can hear you just fine. probably thanks to some gizmo PSYKILL picked up from HARVEST. Telus then says. HARVEST--??? The very NAME... fills you... with boundless terror. Hammerfist then says. you'll learn WHY soon enough. he warned us about you freaks. Save us a heads up on all your little tricks-- Like this TELEKINETIC FORCE-FIELD. Not that it can save you. I'll just keep HAMMERING-- And HAMMERING at it. As part of TELLUS helmet breaks adds. 'cause that's what I DO.
      The actions shifts to Dawnstar and RIDGE fighting. Ridge says. Forget about spreading those pretty wings, Dearie! You're not leaving the building OR joining your mates. I don't want to hurt you, But you heard CRUSH. At this Dawnstar says. Sounded like she was threatening YOU more than ME. Ridge slamming her to the ground says. SHUT YOUR CAKE HOLE! You don't know ANYTHING about about me. Dawnstar at first says. Urrpt but then adds. I know WHAT it means to be part of a real TEAM-- a real FAMILY! I'd gladly sacrifice myself to save them. Can you say the same? Ridge then says at this. Just means you're an IDIOT. STOP WRIGGLING ABOUT! you'll only make things worse for yourself. As Dawnstar breaks a lamp on his head she says. Like I'm really the type to stop fighting-- And surrender!

        The scene then shifts to Yera and Misbelief fighting. Yera says. ugnn. This colossal boy is pretty feisty for an ILLUSION. Misbelief says. A mind can be both an incredible ASSET-- and a horrible LIABILITY. Take yours, for instance. you THINK you know who sent us/ you're torn between RELIEF and DREAD. I also sense a callous DISREGARD for the way you manipulated your teammates- And yer, A sincere CONCERN for their safety. Yera at this says. I.. i was only following orders. Misbelief says. Who am I to judge? She adds oh, yeah-- I'm the one who can see your darkest secrets. Is that a childhood fear of DROWNING I see in your subconscious? I guess not. Not problem as she changes the image to a desert area and Chameleon Girl falls defeated she adds. Easily rectified.
       The scene shifts to Timber Wolf and Rose fighting. Timber Wolf with a boot in his face says. Arrk. Rose then says. You've got some nice moves, wolfie, Good. I like a MAN WORTHY of my skills. Timber Wolf grabbing her foot says. Make that SUPERIOR. You seem to know a lot about Me-- ANd you're doing everything in your power to move this fight away from the hotel. and as he though her into a truck he adds. Away from my FRIENDS. Makes me think they're also under attack-- And suddenly leaves ME longing for a REUNION. Big mistake on your part. As rose land on a wall she says. Nothing I can't gix- with a strategic SLASH or two. Oz with his phone out says. WHOA! Love that pose!
        The action then shifts to Wildfire and Psykill fighting. Wildfire says. Your ARMOR and WEAPONARY- they're far too advanced for this century! How did you obtain them? Psykill at this says. Gifts from a FRIEND. He's also a big Fan of you and your associates-- And can't wait to demonstrate his GENEROSITY to every single one of you. Wildfire at this says. You're feeling awfully confident. too bad you took on the wrong team. Each passing second works to our advantage-- And brings us closer to VICTORY! As they crash into the ground he adds. The Legion never quits. NEVER SURRENDERS!

   Psykill at this says. Good to know. Activate all Psi-shields! I'm going HOT in five. Four... Three.. Two... One. A text then says. The wave of energy is as MERCILESS as it is silent with the ability to pass though solid objects, It cannot be STOPPED-- As every living being within a diamter of three city blocks is instantly robbed of CONSCIOUSNESS.

     Rose after this is talking to Psykill she says. A little more warning would be APPRECIATED, Psykill. At this he says. I'll take that under advisement Rose. Gather all seven targets. We have approximately two minutes, twenty seconds- Before the authorities gather their wit's enough to investigate my PSI-BLAST. Rose asks. How is N.O.W.H.E.R.E going to react to such a big mess? Physkill at this says. That's my problem. At least 98% of the victims will be fully recovered within the hour. Those who fail weren't doing the gene pool any favours. The comic ends with a knocked out Oz with his phone.


This comic is not too bad. However with it being the only the second issue with a new writer. I'm annoyed that this issue goes into a crossover event when I would rather seem him flush out the lost Legion more. However in it's self it was not bad. It also helps to show that even the Legion can be defeated when caught off guard. Other then that on to the crossover that is almost nearly done as of the this posting.

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