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From The Vault: Adventure Comics: 325

           The comic starts part ways into the comic in a flash foreword at the Legion Clubhouse where Superboy and Legion members are watching the past and see how Lex Luthor becomes Superboys/Mans biggest enemy. Superboy asks if Brainiac 5 can help him. Brainiac says that he can try even though the past cannot be changed. The true story of the comic begins when the scene turns to the planet Khann where criminal outcasts live. A man is heading to the palace of villainy to do a big evil plan.

         The Planet is ruled by the Brain-Lords of Khann. They listen to and help plan several crimes. They are lead by Atro. During the night Legion members Matter-Easter Lad and Triplicate Girl land and the two steal the vessel that Atro is in. As they head out the other two Brains wake up and try and get people to stop them.
          They do manage to get to their ship but are soon surrounded and immobilized by a tower. Suddenly, a strange ship appears and blows up the tower. Soon in space the two ships talk over radio and we learn that the strange ship pilot is from the past and is exploring. He also talks about watching the Legion on a timescope. Soon they land on Earth and are at the clubhouse. The two wonder who the person could be.
          The person who comes out is a young Lex Luthor with hair. Triplicate Girl and Matter-Eater Lad are shocked. Inisde they talk to the other members in the clubhouse and say this is Luthor before he turned evil. They decide to not tell him that he comes evil. Soon outside Lex takes vid/pictures of the Legion doing superfeats.


          Soon he takes pictures of Triplicate Girl kissing Cosmic Boy. Cosmic Boy than sows him a monorail. However, suddenly Mon-EL appears and tries to attack Lex. Before he can do anything Lighting Lass says he is not evil yet. In a flashback it shows that Lex was a big friend until one day Superboy puts a fire out at Lex's lab.
          The fire destroyed an experiment and it caused Lex to loss all his hair and turn evil. Afterwards Brainiac 5 works on helping him with a device to see if he will not turn evil. It fails and Cosmic Boy shows him the gadget room. Lex sees a mass of molten metal and asks what it is. Cosmic Boy says it is the remains of a dissolved-ray weapon melted by Ultra Boy.
          Soon outside Cosmic Boy sees Lex off. Lex wants to explore 30th century metropolis. However, he doubles back and uses a x-ray viewer to look at the dissolver-ray slag. Than suddenly, he takes off his hair and it is really a wig and that he is pretending to be good but us in fact evil and only helped out to get the Legion off guard.

           Soon Lex is creating a mystery weapon to use on the Legion. At a local space zoo he begans his plan to take out the Legion by pushing a button to summon them.
           He than frees a nearby beast. Lux acts surprised and Mon-EL uses his super breath to stop it. He than blows off Lex's wig he is wearing and uses his weapon on Mon-EL to make him disappear. He than takes off in his ship.
          Some time later the Legion gets a distress call from Lex where he is in "Troube" on a evolution planet. Soon the legion heads to the planet to save Lex. They get there and Lighting Lad uses his power to drive monsters away. As he returns to normal thanks to a trick he uses. He than uses the weapon on the Legion members on the planet and their disappear.

         He flies back to Earth and the Clubhouse. He than uses a time and space console to see where the Legions members are. Superboy and Supergirl are in the past. Saturn Girl on her home planet. Ultra Boy in Atlantis and Chameleon Boy and Proty II in a parallel dimension. He than sends out a fake distress to lure them to him. They soon get their and see he is bald and evil.
         He than uses the gun on them and they disappear into nothing. Lex than uses the Legion records to see where the remaining members are. They happen to be on Rygor for a parade. He than get's to the planet and lands and mingles with the crowd.
          The rest of the Legion soon appear and he uses his gun on them and they disappear. This is in front of the T.V. and people watching are shocked and soon saddened. Using a flying belt he took he tries to get away from cops. He does and get's close to his space ship.

        Suddenly, the entire Legion appears around him. The T.V. catches this and people watching are shocked. The group than melts his gun. Mon-EL than grabs him. Mon-EL states that from spending 1000 years in the Phantom Zone where the gun sent them he knows how to act.

They grouped their minds together and sent a unconscious command to push the release button on the gun. As the universe laughs at him Lex is forced back into the past and the comic ends.


This is a pretty standard issue from the period. The story is not bad and shows how Lex is smart enough to trick the Legion. Outside of classic goofy science their is not much to say about this issue.

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