Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes # 6

Cast of Characters
Sun Boy aka Dirk Morgna
Element Lad aka Jan Arrah
Chemical Kid aka Hadru Jamik
Dream Girl aka Nura Nal
Star Boy aka Thom Kallor
DragonWing aka Marya Pai
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Mon-EL aka  Lar Gand
Chameleon Boy aka Reep Daggle

     The comic starts in the sea of fire, Xinjuan region. Earth 31st century. Sun Boy starts by saying. Seriously ugly. Element lad with him and looking too ads. How did your people do this to your world, Dirk.? Chemical Kid also with them adds. And what are We supposed to do about it?
      Below them cities covered by shields are surrounded by magma. Sun Boy adds. Keep it from getting worse, For a start. Be nice if we could fix it. Element Lad then adds. It took generations to ruin-- we won't undo it in a day. Focus on your flight ring, Land-- ANd follow me down. He starts down and chemical Kid says. Ulp.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 5 of 6

         The comic starts at the Emperor's place, Earth. The beating heart of the Imperial Planets. The palace is the grandest structure on hundreds of worlds in dozens of star systems. A shot of the pat. But it was not always so grand, Nor did the empire that it governed always extend quite so far. The first iteration of the place was little more than a crude village of wood and stone, The capital of an "Empire" covering a mere hundred square miles.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Legion Lost # 6

         The comic starts in a secret base with Martian Manhunter talking to someone. He says. No one can see me but you. I am manipulating what they think they see on their equipment. I rendered you UNCONSCIOUS in the wildness, leaving you for the MILITARY to retrieve. So we can TALK. Your mind... I'm having difficulty reading it. I can pick up only pieces of information. It's as if it is.. DIFFERENT EVOLVED, somehow. Your call yourself... TIMBER WOLF.. AND.... YOU... YOU APPEAR TO RECOGNIZE ME... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Timber Wolf in cuffs says. Wouldn't you like to know, MR. MARTIAN MANHUNTER?? To this Martian Manhunter says. Six days ago, An odd Quantum energy signature appeared not far from here. We've never seen such a thing before. Your body carries that same signature, Although it is FADING. Where are you FROM, Timber Wolf--

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Action Comic 6

          The comics starts with someone saying. Look HERE. I PROMISED an opportunity UNIQUE in all time and space, And I ALWAYS deliver. This box contains the most SOUGHT-AFTER substance in the known UNIVERSE. Because THIS, my friends, is the only material guaranteed to KILL superman. Or CHANGE him forever. Unshielded, unrefined, The UNLIMITED POWER SOURCE of the lost planet KRYPTION in the form of a ROCKET ENGINE CORE from THIS ORIGINAL derive all the unstable, Exotic ISOTOPES such as RED-K and SILVER-K and BLACK. These deadly variants including BLUE, The most terrible of all, Can and WILL BE grown from this one PRIMARY crystal. IF my lovely assistant from the planet TROM will change the LEAD SHIELDING to GLASS for a few moments only... A Green Engine is shown he adds. I give you KRYPTONITE. Soldiers in the ANTI-SUPERMAN Army! WHAT will you give ME?