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Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 5 of 6

         The comic starts at the Emperor's place, Earth. The beating heart of the Imperial Planets. The palace is the grandest structure on hundreds of worlds in dozens of star systems. A shot of the pat. But it was not always so grand, Nor did the empire that it governed always extend quite so far. The first iteration of the place was little more than a crude village of wood and stone, The capital of an "Empire" covering a mere hundred square miles.

         But all empires, No matter how small, Breed enemies and malcontents, Rebels and revolutionaries.. And one of the first structures any empire builds is a place of imprisonment and, If necessary, Execution. In this pit is the group in the past. Bone talking to Saturn Girl says. That should do it, young lady take it easy for a few hours, And you should be right as rain. Saturn Girl can only say. Well, It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere any time soon, D.r Mccoy. In front Cosmic Boy is trying to use his power and fails. After this he says. It's no use. this collar is COMPLETELY blocking my magnetic abilities, And the bars are too strong to bend by hand.
         Spock at this says. Fascinating. These inhibitor collars unitize technology that is unknown even in OUR era, much less prehistoric earth. Brainiac 5 trying to stick something in to a collar is zapped by it and Spock helps him up. He adds. I'm so glad you find them FASCINATING. I just find them ANNOYING. But we'll need to discover a way to DISABLE them if we're going to get out of here. Saturn Girl then wights in. Even if we COULD get out of here, Hasn't the damage to the time-stream already been DONE? Chekov also has something to say. With the time machine broken, does that mean we're STUCK here? Lastly Bones weighs in. At least we're all still in one piece. I'm worried about what's happened to the OTHERS, Back in the future. If I knew Jim Kirk, I expect he's up to his NECK in trouble by now.
        Kirk in the future is talking. He says. Well, this isn't exactly what I expected. They are at a dining table for the emperor. He goes on. When our captors insisted on fabricating new clothes for us, i'll admit I didn't expect the results to be so.. RAVISHING. He looks over at Shadow Lass. She says. Forget it, Captain. It is NOT going to happen. Lighting Lad in front says. I'd listen to her if I were you, Kirk. She's got a boyfriend back home, And trust me, You do NOT want to make HIm mad. Kirk point out. "Back Home." But there ISN"T a "Back homr" Anymore is there? for ANY of us. So how can a man I know from MY world end up HERE? How can Flint... Be HERE?
         In a page of Flint though the ages he adds. We knew him as Flint, But he'd had COUNTLESS names down through the millennia. He was, for all intents and purposes, An IMMORTAL. His earliest memories were of being a Soldier in Mesopotamia in the forth millennium B.C. He was fatally wounded in battle, But didn't die. Eventually overwhelmed by the horrors of war, He turned his back on violence and conquest. He became a thinker, An inventor, An ARTIST. Da Vinci, Brahms, Pollack, Sten-- Though a hundred lifetimes and more he created timeless art that would have long outlive any MORTAL man.
         Kirk adds more. But no ONE lives forever, Not even IMMORTALS. Flint left Earth behind, To seek solitude out among the stars. But in leaving Earth, He also left behind the SOURCE of his immortality. Out in space, he began to age like any mortal man, and one day would die. But I.. I feel like there's something MORE to flint's story that i'm FORGETTING something... IMPORTANT. After this Lighting Lad says. yeah, well, Are ya sure you're not forgetting this guy's NAME, too? Because it ISN"T Flint Chameleon Boy Because the emperor is IDENTICAL to an immortal we knew from OUR history. Shadow Lass adds. But the immortal in OUR history was called Vandal Savage. And  from the sound of things, He was NOTHING like your man flint.
         They go on. In the paleolthic era, A cro-magnon hunter's encounter with a radioactive meteorite would leave him forever changed. No weapon could kill him, And the passing years left no markm on his body. he became known as Vandal Savage. The conquering warrior. For ventures, He attempting to gorge an empire, Taking first one name and then another- Khafre, Caesar, Genghis, Teach. But in time he learned it was easier to rule from the shadows, and served as the power BEHIND the power for Napoleon, Von Bismarck, Hitler...
        Shadow Lass then adds. Vandar Savage was a great many things, But he was NEVER an "Artist" or a "Thinker". Kirk to this says. Two immortals in the two histories, But both in some wa the same-man. But what can account for the differences? Uhura then adds. Could it be that Dr. Mccoy was right? Like the enterpise crew we encountered in that "mirror universe." Maybe there are differences And similarities Behind Chameleon Boy walk past Sulu or in response to this or Uhura he says. Look, I TOLD you, I'm nothing LIKE that. Kirk then says. Changes in their environments leading to different personalities, you mean? Chameleon Boy who has turned into Kirk behind Kirk and in skimpy clothing says. Like if you were to prefer wearing skimpy outfits YOURSELF instead of just seeing the LADIES parade around in them? Lighting Lad to this says. Cut it out, Chameleon Boy. Shadow Lass is covering her face while Chameleon Boy also stick out his tongue. Lighting Lad adds. But if YOUR "Flint" was the GOOD version of the EVIL villain we knew as "Vandal Savage" What does that make THIS version?
       A voice says. It makes me the EMPEROR. The group turns and faces. The emperor adds. It makes me Vandar the FIRST and ONLY, The undying lord and ruler of the Imperial Planets. Behind him food is being bough in. He adds. And it also makes me your host for dinner this evening. So please, Sit. Make yourselves comfortable. I believe we have a great deal to discuss.
       In the past the group is talking and Bones and Chekov are playing X's and O's. Saturn Girl in back says. With this inhibitor collar on. I can't "Hear" Anyones thoughts but my own. I don't know how the rest of you walk around like this all the time. Cosmic Boy answers this question. You get used to it. I don't know how the rest of you deal with not being able to sense Magnetic Fields. Off to the side Spock and Brianiac are talking. Spock starts. For every problem, There is a possible solution. The difficulty lies in determinig just WHERE the solution can be FOUND. To this Brainiac says. Do you say these things out loud just so you can hear yourself TALK? Suddenly a young child says. Oh, stop YAMMERING. I din't bring you all the way here just to complain to each other.
       Cosmic Boy looks up and says. What do you mean, You brought us here> The child says. No matter WHICH universe you're from, You humans are ALWAYS a little slow on the uptake, Aren't you. Snapping their finger the collars the group wears fall over and the child adds. Now come On. Time-passes, Whether we want it to or NOT. As the group get's out of the pit the child adds pointing. This way. The rest of the smelly cavemen will be busy with their evening feast for HOURS. Saturn Girl out of the hole adds. That MIND, the one that was controlling the cro-magons and the animals. It's growing STRONGER with every step we take. As they walk Spock ask, Am I correct in surmising that we are not addressing the young girl we see before us, But an intelligence speaking THROUGH her? An intelligence that is not FROM this place and time? This being answers. Not bad, Not bad. If you weren't half-human, you might really have MADE something of yourself. And No, I'm NOT from around here.
      In a page spread it explains. I'm not even from this realm of EXISTENCE, But from somewhere far GRANDER. But I keep COMING here, And that's where the trouble STARTED. I came here from a point FAR in the FUTURE, Which was a matter of ease for a being who TRANSCENDS the bound of mere LINEARITY. I only intended to stay for a moment, to accomplish a trifling little errand, to make GOOD on a outstanding DEBT. AN, that accomplished, I would return to the future, to see the results of my handiwork first-hand. I never in a million YEARS would have imagined that one of these primitive creatures might possess the knowledge to ENTRAP me. But I had failed to take into account a creature such as HIM. A creature of such vileness and cunning as Vandar the stone.
      But in the future the emperor is talking. In my first life, I was known as Vandor ADG. Vandar the STONE. And even before I KNEW that death could never touch me, I knew that I was not like other men. In the thousand upon thousands of years since, I have proved that distinction time and time again. Kirk to this says. You say you cannot die suppose for the moment that we take you at your word. How can any man, even an IMMORTAL one, Accomplish all of THIS? Even in a THOUSAND lifetimes? The emperor to this says. If my only strength was my immunity to death, I might rule over merely a single world but now, or even a FRACTION of a world. But near the beginning of my life, I came into the possession of a power greater then WORLDS.
        I trapped this power like a DJNN in a bottle, And slayed it to my will. It had the power to bend reality at a whim, And ALL of that power would now be at my disposal, Then and forever. With the power at my disposal, I was able to bend the minds of the weak-willed to my service. I created an empire, with subjects loyal to my every utterance. And those too strong-willed to command or contain? Those I simply ELIMINATED. The wars of conquest were GLORIOUS, And in time the entire WORLD bent its knee to me in fealty, or paid the price.
       But ONE world could never be enough. And so I command my enslaved power to construct a great FLEET that could carry my armies across the stars. My forces CRUSHED all those who opposed my will, And I ground entire worlds beneath my hell. In time, My empire stretched halfway across the GALAXY even now, my forces continue to expand the borders of the empire ever outward. Claiming ever new worlds in the name of Vandar the first and only. In time, The entire galaxy will serve under the banner of the Imperial Planets. And then? Who knows what further conquests await me?
       After this Chameleon Boy asks. But SURELY you can see that it would have be better for humanity to have gone to the stars as peaceful EXPLORERS, not CONQUERORS. Kirk adds. Just because someone is ALIEN to you doesn't mean they can't be an ALLY. Our histories PROVE that. The emperor then says. Come. I have something to SHOW you. You are not the FIRST time-travelers to come here, you know. And like all those before you, You will serve your PURPOSE. In the throne room Lighting Lad questions this. Purpose? WHAT purpose? The emperor walking towards the throne he reply's. You will provide intelligence on how history MIGHT have transpired, Had I not been there to act. On the MISTAKES that other Earths have made. Pointing to a purple colored room he says. And your answers will help me to avoid making those mistakes. Just like THEIR answers did.

                                                                  Time machines listed below

            In a two page spread of various time traveling machines he adds. As I said, you are FAR from the first time-travelers ti arrive here, And you will likely be FAR from the last. And like you will serve the empire in your own way. Now, Let us talk together you will tell me all about your Utopian, optimistic histories. And I will add them to my catalogue of things to be avoided, Squelched, or simply DEFEATED.
            Back in the past the group get's to the hut which becomes the purple room. The girl says. Come On, Already we're almost there. Chekov see's a fire off in the distance. He adds. Seems they are having QUITE the feast over there. Bones to this says well. I just hope WE don't end up on the MENU. Inside Brainiac looks at something and spock starts talking. Fascinating. It is like nothing I have ever encountered before. Brainiac adds. I'm picking up an ENORMOUS temporal disturbance here. The being talking adds. You could fill a LIBRARY with thing you've never encountered before, Vulcan. A MILLION Libraries. I just hope that what you do know will be enough to me OUT of here, or all of this has been for NOTHING.
       The being adds. I've got to get the girl back where she belongs before someone notices her missing. You stay here, I'll contact you when I can. Bones after this says. TYPICAL! She breaks us out of JAIL, just to dump us right back in the place where we got CAPTURED in the first place. Cosmic Boy adds. She must have some REASON to bring us here. In front Saturn Girl collapses. Chekov asks. Miss? miss. Are you all right. Saturn Girl then says. That MIND the one that was controlling that natives, And all those animals? It's coming.. It's coming from right THERE. The purple orb then says. Sorry about that, Folks. When I let the girl go, It took a moment to re-center myself. All the more reason I need to get out of these prison. He adds. I KNOW that I haven't been trapped in here for LONG, objectively speaking, But it FEELS like an ETERNITY. And If I don't get out of here SOON, Then the only one who benefits is that IMMORTAL CAVEMAN, Vandar the stone, Everything else will LOSe. And anyone who knews me can tell you one thing-- If they still EXISTED, that is. Q doesn't LIKE to LOSE.

My comments.

I really liked this is. Show the two universe and and has how it all came to be. here is a fan made like to the various items seen in the time room.
All in all a good issues from a good series

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