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Tales from Another Legion: Avengers #3

The comic starts at the home of Tony Stark with the Avengers holding a monthly meeting.

Iron Man is speaking and is worried about the Hulk as he left last issue. They all agree and wonder where he is. Soon after Iron Man heads over to a device called the Image Pro-jector and uses it to head to the home of the Fantastic Four the Baxter Building. His image appears and seeing the Thing he asks to make a request. The Thing is no mood to help since he has a date and tells Iron man to send a letter as he does not want to miss said date.
     Iron Man then says to the Thing he is trying to locate the Hulk. The Thing again bushes him off. Iron Man walks to a different part of the building and the Human Torch sees him he and Mister Fantastic stop their experiment. He let's them know about the Hulk and would like help. Mr. Fantastic tells him they can't help due to the experiment. Invisible Women can also not help as she is heading to a fashion show but wil lsee if the Hulk is there. Mr. Fantastic adds that if he hears anything he will contact the Avengers. Iron Man searches for more Heroes and soon finds Spider-Man.
       Spider-Man sees Iron man in this form and things he is seeing things. Iron Man tells him not be be alarmed and that he is looking for the Hulk. Spider-Man tells him he is busy and to try the missing persons bureau. Iron Man heads off and thanks him for nothing. At the next place he appears right as the Beast is tossed and passes through him at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The Beast asks him where he came from. Professor Xavier also asks who dares interrupts the training period. Iron Man explains about the Hulk and to contact them if things are heard. He also states he came as Angel a X-Men member said to contact he if he needed a favor. Professor X says okay but asks him to leave as his class is in session still.

      Iron man returns to the meeting room and the waiting Avenger members. he states he let people know but that their wrapped up in their own issues. Thor to this suggests contacting Rick Jones. Giant-Man adds that he is right and he can help control the hulk. The wasp adds that he is likely on his short-wave radio ham set now. They are right and soon contact Rick Jones who says he will start looking in his area now. Soon outside a man comes running up to him saying their is a monster and that he is of to find the police. Jones comes up to the Hulk doing something in a lake. Suddenly the Hulk pulls a jeep out of the lake and says some feel drove it into the lake(not seeing Rick Jones yet) Rick Jones then gets the Hulk to listen to him.
     To the Hulk he says the police will be coming and he should get to his cave. The Hulk asks why he should run. Rick Jones to this tells him people are afraid of him and want to destroy him. The Hulk listens and agrees to head to the cave. Inside the cave is a machine and Rick Jones gets the Hulk to stand in front of it. He flips a switch and a bust of gamma rays hits the Hulk turning him back into Dr. Bruce Banner. Banner is then happy it is over. Rick adds that it is getting harder to control him. He puts him to bed and Banner tells him to lock the door and leave. The wait of him to turn into the Hulk begins.
    Sometime later Banner turns into the Hulk and breaks out of the cave. Rick tries to stop him but the Hulk does not listen. He gets back to the teen brigade and says its condition red. He calls the Avengers saying he is in New Mexico in sector B. 2000 miles away Tony Stark aka Iron Man hears the message and says the Hulk must be stopped.

    Iron Man gets dressed in suit and calls Giant-man and the Wasp. Both soon set off. Iron man flying says on to the Hulk and that he phoned Thor's private number. Dr. Don Blake is at his office and closes it and soon turns into Thor and heads off to New Mexico.
    Iron man is the first to come and begins to look around for the Hulk. Suddenly the Hulk appears and punches him with a WHAM. Iron Man of course is fine and soon turns on his transistor powered technology and blasts away the rock where the Hulk was hiding. The Hulk is not much impressed by this and dares him to do more.
    The Hulk then gets up and uses his strength to fire cactus needles at Iron Man to get into his opening of his suit. Iron Man get's behind cover. However, at this same time the Wisp and Giant-Man arrive and nearly get hurt. Giant-Man spots a Anthill and they head into it. Inside Giant-Man uses his helmet to get the Ants to drop pebbles into a underground stream.

      Iron man and the Hulk face each other and begin the process to fight each other. Suddenly, Giant-Man's damming works and causes the ground to collapse. However, it does not work as the Hulk jumps out of the way. The hulk then threatens Iron Man who is holding him and Iron man turns on his magnetic repulses to spin the Hulk around. At this time Thor shows up too. the Hulk uses a natural rock formation to stop himself and land on the ground. Thor orders the Hulk to return with the Avengers or face his wrath. Iron Man tells him to be careful as he is capable of anything.
      Hulk tells him he is right and jumps into the air. It is a trick and he goes back down and breaks down a wall and heads off. Soon he is at a train on its tracks and starts to follow it. Iron Man and Thor appear and the Hulk get's on the train and tosses the caboose at them.
      It does nothing to them and Iron man soon catches up to the Hulk on the Train. The Hulk tosses a crane at Iron Man and he is forced to drop off. Soon Thor catches up to the Hulk and the Hulk tosses cable around Thor and takes him out for a bit until he can break out. The Hulk after a bit spots Giant-Man and wonders where he came from and grabs some bags of flour.

     Giant-Man tells him the flour bags won't do any good and that he can't get away from him. The Hulk jumps over him and drops flour into the top of the steam engine. It explodes and a whiteout happens. Giant-Man hits a tunnel and falls of the train. He thinks he has failed but the other Avengers who have come onto the scene reassure him it was not his fault.
     Sometime later a truck is stopped at a roadblock carrying gravel and the driver says he has not seen the Hulk. Later he drops his gravel into a steam. However, The Hulk was in the gravel. He then swims out to the ocean. However, after he is nearly completely exhausted and is picked up by a passing ship. The scene shifts to a underseas chamber and Namor the sub-mariner sees this and plans to head off to meet the Hulk.
     Not long after this the Hulk recovers and sees a deserted Island and jumps off the ship and swims over to it. When he gets to it Namor is waiting for him. The Hulk annoyed he is their tells him to leave. Namor tells him who is and the Hulk does not care. He then attacks Namor and the two powerful people fight each other.

      They keep fighting and both fall into the sea. They fight but Namor gains power from the sea. Namor beats him and soon pulls him out of the sea and the two talk. They agree to work together to bring Humanity to its knees.
       The two agree to attack the Avengers first and Numor summons his electronically controlled command ship. On the ship the two think about when it is best to stab each other in the back. Soon they come to Gibraltar and plan to wait for the Avengers to come to them.
       At Avengers H.Q. they get a message sent by the two telling them where they are. Thor wants to finish the fight. The wisp for some reason says she wants to see Thor in a Ivy League Suit and crew cut. Giant-Man tells her to stop showing off.
       The group soon head off in a experimental prototype model of ship build by Stark and get to the region quite fast. They land and began the process to walk up and look for the Hulk and Namor. The Hulk and Namor have a howitzer and fire it at the Avengers. Thor plans to hit the shell from it and make it explode. Iron Man to protect the group asks to handle it. He does and uses his magnetic repulsers to sent it back. It soon travels back and it hits the howitzer and blows it up. Namor tells the Hulk to duck and calls him slow moving. The Hulk is annoyed and this. Numor pulls a gun and says it will take Iron Man out of the action.

     It hits Iron Man and he is shocked that a Emery Dust Pellet has hit him as it soon causes his joints on his suit to stiffen. As Thor tosses his hammer Giant-Man asks the wisp to find any old abandoned oxygen equipment. Thor hammer ricochets from wall to wall and Numor is shocked at the display of power. As Thor calls his hammer back the Wisp finds the device(took 58 seconds) and Iron Man begins to recover. The wisp also spots the two enemies. The Hulk points out the Avengers are just on the other side of the wall.
      The Hulk punches the wall and it causes the Wisp to blacken out from the shock. When she wakes up she is hurting and weakened. The Avengers soon come and she is almost stepped up expect she is saved by the uneven ground. After this she fly's up to the shoulder of Giant-Man and plans to stay their. Up above them Namor has modified a old air raid alarm to harm the Avengers.
      Suddenly, Giant-Man appears and attacks them. He fights Namor as the Hulk hangs back. However, before Numor could do anything too bad Giant-Man tosses him. Iron Man grabs him and they fight but Namor damages his chest device and he is forced to fall back from the fighting to fix it and not bad today.


     Thor comes up on Namor and challenges him. Saying he is all powerful.  Suddenly Hulk appears and both gang up on Thor. The Hulk tries to get Thor's hammer away from him. Even using two hands he cannot. Thor then tosses the Hammer and it sends the Hulk flying. Thor and Namor then wrestle.
     Giant-Man then appears and grabs Namor. Namor calls for the Hulk but also calls him a lumbering oof. The Hulk gets angry at this. However, suddenly he begins to change from the hulk and turns back into Bruce Banner. Banner runs off before they see him and because he has no hatred towards the Avengers. Giant-Man as he grabs Namor says do you still think your stronger. Namor right now is weakened because he has been out of the water so long. Thor goes off to look for the Hulk.


     However, before that can happen Namor tosses them off. Namor then begins to escape but Iron Man reappears and uses repusors to trap him.  Suddenly, Water drips down on him and Namor becomes more powerful and breaks free. Namor is soon see jumping and the Avengers watch with respect(or Thor at least) as Namor lands in the sea saying he will be back. The comic ends with the Avengers expecting more trouble from Namor at some point.


This issue want not that bad. While at times it is goofy it is also quite fum. What makes this issue neat is that in issue three it connects the Marvel Comic world together showing that it is happening at the same time and shows other Heroes doing things maybe from their own books. This also helps to show that the Avengers are starting to better work together and that the group is growing. However, this issue also shows the sexism of the times with the WISP and her comments about Thor. All in all a good building point for the next issue where Captain America is found.

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