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From the Vault: Adventure Comics 314

The story begins with the Legion testing out their defense systems.

A robot is made to walk into the club house. It fails as it did not press the secret switch that needed to be switched. Next another robot fails a trap due to not hitting the right floor tile. The scene then switches to the testing of new applicants. The first is Ronn Karr who has the power of flattening. He is rejected by the Legion as they do not know if his power is useful to them. The next applicant is Alaktor a scientist who invented something called a Marvel Belt. He is reject as the Legion only deals in physical and not machine based powers.
     However outside the clubhouse it is shown that it was a ruse by Alaktor who took X-ray pictures of the clubhouse. The scene then cuts to the Legion leaving for a planet called Lost World. It is a wandering that is going through the solar system. Its people are dead by their super powerful machines still exist and work. It is then stated that Superboy, Mon-EL and Ultra-Boy are guarding the planet against Interplanetary outlaws. Superboy says they will guard the planet until it leaves the Solar System and that the three will build a replica Legion Clubhouse on the planet.
     Back at the clubhouse Alaktor using his pictures of the clubhouse goes in and gets to the Legions time bubble. However he missed one alarm and the Legion race to stop him. However, they are too late as he has started the time bubble up. He vows to come back with a power that will make him master of worlds. Saturn Girl who only caught part of his mind leaves he is going into the past to unleash the greatest evils in history.

     Saturn Girl says they cannot follow him into the past as he has their only time bubble. Sunboy says they will have to make one then. Soon Alaktor arrives in Rome in AD(CE now to some) 64 and he goes and saves Nero from being killed and gets him to come with him to the future. It is then shown that the Legion is working on a new time bubble but that work is slow as Superboy, Mon-EL and Ultra Boy must stay on the Lost Planet and cannot helm them. Alaktor has gone back to 1934(or is it forward) he is following John Dillinger and soon saves him and brings him along in the time bubble. Back in the future the Legion have now built a new time bubble and Saturn Girl comes along so she can use her powers to try and find Alaktor.
     Soon the Legion arrives in 1945 and Alaktor is already their. It then shows him go and trying to recruit Adolph Hitler for his master plan. The Legion show up to stop him leaving and try to get to him. However, Allied warplanes suddenly come near them and they are forced to move out of the way.

Unfortunately this causes them to lose Alaktor and for him to began to move foreword in time. The Legion then has to follow him back to their time. Soon Alaktor time bubble is now back in the 30th century and at the Lost Planet who power will make them control the universe. He tells them of the three guards and that they can bluff them. He gives them three masks that are treated with lead and anti telepathic compounds. Alaktor then delivers a ultimatum that unless the Legion is disbanded at once all the Legion members will be destroyed. Superboy responses that they cannot and that they will stick to their principles. Alaktor then leaves saying the Legion is doomed. In space Alaktor begans to set up a psycho-changer on the three great evils.

     They again land on the Lost Planet. Soon Superboy, Mon-EL and Ultra Boy come to the landing site and Nero is shocked that they can fly. Superboy comes up and states that they are all dead and that this is impossible. Suddenly Adolph Hitler phycho-changer is turned on. Hilter now has control of Superboy body. He then holds Mon-EL and Ultra Boy in place and they lose control of their bodies. Alaktor then asks the three to help him gather the machines of Lost Planet. However, the three turn on him and tie him up using their new superpowers. Elsewhere Saturn Girl then senses that the big three evil men are now in the bodies of the three great heroes. Superboy as the group come upon him threatens her and tells him to show him how to use the machines. Saturn Girl first shows a Atomic constructor that can build anything instantly. He then asks what a huge pipe sticking out of the ground does. Saturn Girl who knows what it does says she will explain it after showing them the Anti-Gravity Projector that works like her flight belt. After showing them this she says next is the Weather Control Tower.

     Saturn Girl contacts Sun Boy and Lighting Lad and asks them to help her attack the big three when she turns on the device. She then turns on the weather control tower to full force. However, the attack fails and the three escape on a nearby rocket ship. The Legion begins to plan to fight the three.
    However later on the three come back to the Lost Planet to learn about the machines on the planet. The Legion who have secretly landed to and began to get things going. Saturn Girl asks Invisible Kid to use his powers to sabotage the great power tube. Next she asks Chameleon Boy to turn into one of the three. Lastly she asks Shrinking Violet to become tiny and disable the other machines.
     Sadly Invisible Boy is caught by Superboy/Hilter, Chameleon Boy by Mon-EL and Shrinking Violet by Ultra Boy who decided to imprison them with Alaktor and start up the power tube. The power tube turns out to be a giant rocket that can move the planet anywhere. The Legion members feel this and are alarmed. Saturn Girl decides to use the three evils and their powers against each other. She then sends the vulnerabilities of each others host bodies into their minds. Soon after this the three began to react and plot against each other.  


     The three then knock each other out using their weakness. Saturn Girl and the others find Alaktor and he willing fixes the problems he created and transfers the minds back to where they belong. The three villains are then taken back to the exact time that they left. Superboy at the end of the comic states while the Legion went back in time the three restored heroes pushed the Lost Planet into a cosmic cloud to stay hidden.


This comic was not that bad. It had a neat concept of brings Villains back from the past to cause problems. Also by picking the three who did this it made it possible to return them and not have them cause any problems in their own times as their were need the end of their problems.   

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