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Tales from Another Legion: Avengers # 2

       The comic starts with Iron man in the Library of Anthony Stark house asking where Ant-Man is. Thor states he will show up and ask why the Hulk is dressed as he is. The Hulk annoyed threatens Thor by saying he will toss him back to Asgard as he doesn't like the tone he is getting.

        Thor gets annoyed too and threatens the Hulk with a hit from his magic hammer. Suddenly Ant-Man and the Wisp appear and Ant-Man asks them to stop as their all allies. Thor then asks who spoke and Ant-Man get himself and the Wisp to take a growth pill. The Wisp just asks him(Hank Pym) to make them taste better. As they grow and appear normal sized again Thor asks where they came from. The Wisp says thr stork brought them and calls Thor handsome. The Hull adds that it was just in time to stop him from beating up Thor. Iron Man then asks them how they did it. Ant-Man states they took a growth poll and that they arrived insect-sized. Thor is impressed. As the meeting starts Hulk asks what are they doing as he doesn't want to spin the bottle. Iron Man to this and the group says that they meet regularly to get to know each other and that there is no task before the group. The Wisp at the table is thinking she would like to know "Adorable" Thor better.
       In space a egg shaped device is heading towards them. It thinks that after weeks of travel it is almost to its objective. Soon to enter Earth it joins a meteor swarm and fails to Earth. Soon it lands and turns into something called the Space Phantom. The phantom happy with phase one done plans to start phase two of fighting the Avengers as if their beaten he can invade Earth. He then starts a process to get to the Avengers without being observed.
       He gets a guy from nearby and turns into him and sends him to Limbo as both bodies can't exist at the same time. Later in a Mansion the Space Phantom states he know Iron Man is Tony Stark and that the Avengers don't know but that he got this from observing them from space. In the meeting room However, the Avengers are watching him on a TV screen. The Wisp sees him and calls him not bad looking. Iron man says he looks as if he knew their in the building and he's prepared for them. The Hulk says no one can prepare for him.
      The Hulk gets up and Iron Man asks him not to do anything rash and let's try to find out what the person is up to. The Hulk tells him to stow it and that they don't need a committee as he can take care of the guy. Thor tell's him not to injury the guy without cause or he will regret it. Ant-man tells Thor to cool it. Soon the Space Phantom see the Hulk and says out loud the Hulks name. This causes the Hulk to say you know me and as the Phantom sends him into limbo of what's happening to him. Now in the form of the Hulk the Space Phantom plans to cause the Avengers to fight among themselves. Back at the meeting Ant-Man asks where the intruder is which causes the Hulk phantom to say none of his business. Iron man annoyed tells the Hulk that is not needed as they don't have to take that kind of talk.

       The Hulk moves to attack Iron Man threatening to peel him like a Tin Can and this causes Thor to say that the Hulk has gone too far. Iron Man says he will handle it and to the Hulk that he is not the only one with super-strength. Iron Man then pushes the Hulk into the wall and the Hulk says he is too slow. As the Hulk moves to attack him Iron man wonders why he became more brutal. Suddenly Thor's hammer separates them and Thor tells them to back off of each other.
      To this Iron Man asks what gives him the right to butt in. Thor says his irresistible Uru hammer. The Hulk annoyed says. You may be able to stop Iron Man but not him and he breaks out. The space Phantom then says his work is going well. He then decides to spy on humans who are soon to be his subjects and spots the first human he took. In front the guy tries to tell his story but people around him don't believe him and that he is a kook. The space phantom Hulk interrupts them and the crowd thinks the Hulk is about to go on a rampage. Suddenly Rick Jones appears and says he should get back to his secret lab. The Space phantom is surprised but plays along.
      Rick Jones then talks about his secret identity and the Space Phantom is surprised. Rick Jones then gets on his back and says Jump before the police arrive. The Space Phantom thinks on how the Hulk jumping appears to be flying and that his facsimile can do the jump. Soon in the air Rick Jones sees he is going in the wrong direction and with this and not recognizing him that the Hulk has problems.


         The Space Phantom worried jumps down and plans to show his power. As Rick Jones goes flying he say look out and that he landed too hard and that something is wrong. The Space Phantom that states to Rick Jones that he is not the Hulk and that he can imitate any living being. Rick Jones to this asks where the real Hulk is. As the Phantom Changes to his normal looking self the Hulk reappears and asks where is. The Space Phantom then taunts Rick Jones by turning back into the Hulk.
       Soon after in his form of the Hulk he jumps off to fight the Avengers again. Nearby at a missile site with weapons created by Tony Stark. Soon guards are talking and expect either Tony Stark or Iron man to show up. The phantom shows up and uses his image of the Hulk to steal the weapons so the Hulk can be blamed. Soon by accident he sets off the weapon and the missiles go flying off. He is happy and thinks it will help him.
      Elsewhere Tony Stark is charging his Iron Man chest plate when he gets the phone call that the Hulk stole his missile gun and so get's the rest of his Iron Man Armor on. On route his armor picks up the Space Phantom and soon gets to him. The Space Phantom happily sees him and expects to beat him as easily as his body is stronger.

       Iron Man grabs the hand of the Hulk and sends a electrical charge through his Armor. The Space Phantom who is not the real Hulk is shocked by the pain causing him to want to flee the battle. The Space Phantom then turns into a small insect and the real Hulk appears. Iron man unaware of the change takes out a expanding device which becomes a cannon and he puts a hammer into it and fires it at the Hulk.
       Rick Jones at his house and with the teen-brigade seeing the danger decides to call Ant-Man who is calling him by a new name that of Giant-Man. Hank Pym and the Wisp get the message and so put on their costumes and get ready to go with Giant-Man turning into his giant size. As the to two get to where Iron Man and the Hulk are fighting and are fighting each other. Giant-Man tells them to hold it. As he grabs both he adds don't do anything that you regret in the morning. Iron man tells him to let go of him. The Hulk adds that he should stay out of it. Giant-Man to this says why are they fighting each other as its insane. Iron Man to this says that he is right and that they were acting like kids. The Wisp then adds that she senses a evil presence. The Hulk adds to Iron Man to not cross him again. Iron Man tells him to be quiet as trouble is about.

      The Space Phantom seeing the Wisp starts to attack in his Wasp form. Giant-Man thanks to a cybernetic helmet he is wearing sees this fight and all three rush off to save the Wisp. Soon nearby at a Tony Stark Factory they get to its outside and soon work to get inside. Inside the Space Phantom turns into his normal body and moves towards Giant-Man is nearby.
     The Space Phantom then takes over using Giant-Man body he then grabs the Wisp and thanks her for the decoy job. The Wisp tells him that she understands how his powers work. Nearby the Hulk says the same thing and the two began to fight with the Hulk picking up the Space Phantom and saying he may be bigger but the Hulk is much stronger. The Wisp decides to try and find Thor.
      Inside still the fight rages on with the Hulk tossing the Space Phantom away. The Phantom soon reappears driving some kind of tracker. It almost hits the Hulk but he kicks it away with a Wham. It soon heads outside and towards Iron Man who thinks. Why is my moon vehicle and what's going on. Iron man locks himself in place and the tracker hits him with a thump. The Space Phantom then comes upon Iron man and takes his place. As Giant-Man comes back into the picture he wonders what happened and the Hulk comes up to him saying grab Iron Man as he has become the enemy..
      Elsewhere the Wisp has shown up at the office of Dr. Don Blake looking for Thor as that is where they are to go to contact Thor for Help. The Wisp writes him a letter of help on his desk. Blake sees this and asks her to wait outside and he then bangs his walking stick and turns into Thor. The Wisp comes back in as Thor asks who summoned him. After getting informed of the situation the two of them soon head off to the factory.
      The two get to the factory and see that the Space Phantom Iron Man is using his transistor powered jet stream to keep the Hulk and Giant-Man at bay. The Hulk is annoyed by this and states this but next to him Giant-Man spots that Thor has come. The Wisp in her small form slips under the jet disk and cuts the control cable. Soon the Space Phantom notes that this has happened and looks up just in time to see that Thor hammer is coming nearing him and turns on the magnetic repluser against it.  

      As the hammer heads back to him Thor catches it and bangs his hammer on the ground. It causes a storm to start with Rain and Thunder and it rusts Phantom Iron Mans armor and freezes him in place. The Space Phantom turns back into his normal form and turns the his power on Thor.

        However, it does not work and instead it starts to send him into Limbo. The phantom just asks how this is possible. Thor states his power has no effect as it only effects humans and he is the god of Thunder. Iron Man soon comes back from Limbo too. They all agree that the Space Phantom will not be returning as he has no one to replace him in limbo. Afterwards the Hulk says he never realized how much the other hate him and soon leaves. The Comic ends with the group wondering where he is going and that he will now not be keep in check.


This comic is pretty goofy. However, it is not all that bad for a comic from it time. With this being the second issue the comic series is still being fleshed out and as such the characters and how they work as a team is still pretty basic. Though this villain is pretty fun and is his power is pretty neat

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