Sunday, February 3, 2013

From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 313

      The comic starts with Lighting Lass helping to make electric power due to to a generator being down. Just as she finish's her task Lighting Lass starts to collapse and begin's turning a funny colour of red. Sometime later Saturn Girl who is about to use her power for contacting Aliens starts to turn the same colour. Also at the Legion clubhouse Sunboy akss Shrinking Violet to use her powers. However, she too is affected and has turned red. Soon Superboy shows up as he is here for a mission. However, Mon-EL informs him of what is going on. Every Girl in the Legion has become crimson and weak. The Legion soon sends the female members to the quarantine world.

    However, Mon-EL and Superboy have to go on a mission. A short time later a person calling herself Satan Girl comes to the Legion and she has come to take the place of the female Legion members. Sun boy states no one can replace them and that they will find a cure. Satan Girl calls him a fool and that it is her causing these problems.

   Satan Girl is angry at the rejection. Suddenly she attacks the nearby Legion spaceship and disables it. She then leaves. Cosmic Boy then realizes they will have to call Supergirl. Soon she arrives. Sun boy then informs her that because of the emergency that she is now honorary leader of the Legion to help defeat Satan Girl. Supergirl then helps to repair the legion ship and they soon set off.
   On the quarantine world he Legion girls are trying to get better. They are being aided by nurse robots. Suddenly Satan Girl comes in and destroys one of the robots. After this she attacks the Legion girls with a ray that makes things worse. Supergirl soon interrupts this attack and fins out that mask of Satan Girl is lead lined making her unable to see the face.
    The two began to fight and are evenly matched. They fight for several panels until Supergirl grabs a hold of her and tries to melt the lead mask. However, it does not work and Satan Girl gets away but promises to be back and bring doom for both Supergirl and the Legion.
    Supergirl then goes to the main hospital on the world and asks for a small amount of green Kryptionite dust in a lead box. Soon Supergirl finds Satan Girl on a Asteroid. She throws the box at Satan Girl and makes Krpyonite appear around her.


   However, it has no effect and rules out this person being from Supergirls's and Superman's home planet. Satan Girl then goes into a cae which Supergirl cannot follow due to her idea. Soon it is seen that Satan Girl drilled her way out of the Asteroid. On her way out she thinks to herself she only has 48 hours left altogether to do her mission. Soon after Supergirl finds the hole.
   Supergirl soon returns to the quarantine world. The male Legion members are their that came on the fixed rocket. Supergirl states she must find out Satan Girl's origin. Sun boy promises to protect the girls and wonders if they can take them to a secret refuge.
    Soon they load the female Legion members into the Legion ship and take off into space. In space Supergirl thinks that Satan Girl must be a Android and that she will prove it. They soon come to the planet. It is full of aliens that can bounce. Supergirl explains she helped them out and that they will allow the girls to stay on the planet. As supergirl goes off to build a weapon Bouncing Boy is playing with the aliens. Supergirl soon builds a weapon. Soon after she is done Satan Girl shows up.
      Lighting Lad and Sun Boy use their powers but after awhile they realize their powers are having no effect. Supergirl then comes and uses the gun but it has no effect as well.

     Suddenly the strange Aliens of the planet start attacking Satan Girl and her powers do not work on them. The Legion uses these time to get away and to head to another planet. Satan Girl does use her super breath to blow the Aliens away. However, everyone is gone by then. Again Satan Girl mentions a 48 hour time limit and that she knows every secret in Supergirls mind.
     Supergirl is shown to have taken them to the puppet planetoid. It is called so as giant children from another dimension use it as their playground. Suddenly, Satan Girl appears with green kryptonite to drop on Supergirl. After dropping the pile on Supergirl Satan Girl begans to attack the female Legion members again. Lighting Lad is able to find Supergirl soon after.
    However, she is weakened and asks him to get the Legion of Superpets. Lighting Lad does this and the Superpets began to attack Satan Girl They soon win.


    Satan Girl then reveals that she is Supergirls other half that got split off from her due to a red krptionite metor they passed. The second Supergirl reveals she did all this as she did not want to die after 48 hours. She states she used the red kryptonite in her to affect the female Legion members by using her power to do it.

     It is also learned that Supergirl does not remember the split happening. The other supergirl then is put back into Supergirl and all is well again. The comic ends with the female Legion members back to normal and Supergirl thanking the Legion of Superpets.


This comic was not that bad. However, It does show that at times in the sliver age that DC comics had two many different types of kryptonite and that for a dead planet it sure had a lot of rocks out their. The story though is fun and we get to see Supergirl put to good use in a comic for a change and being the hero. However, The legion is shown as being ineffective as that is not as fun to see. All in all not bad for something from 1963.

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