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Tales from Another Legion: Avengers #1

       The comic starts in Asgard with Loki on the isle of Silence plotting revenge against Thor. Loki uses his magic powers to travel outside of his body and spy on Dr. Don Blake the human identity of Thor God of Thunder. He soon shifts elsewhere after realizing the human identity means nothing spots the Incredible Hulk.

      The Hulk is jumping through the air when Loki uses his magic to make an illusion of TNT appear. It appears on the rail bridge and the hulk trying to stop it damages it. At this same time a train is close and sees this but cannot stop. Loki is happy with this as it will cause the Hulk to be blamed and for Blake to became Thor. However, The Hulk has gotten a boulder and uses it to stand on and holds it up. The train is able to pass and the bridge then falls apart.
      When the train is saved Loki is still happy as people will think the Hulk did something bad. Elsewhere, Rick Jones who knows the Hulk and how he came to be see this report in the paper and his teen-bridge of radio Ham enthusiasts try and contact the Fantastic Four to help due to the powers they have. The message soon starts to go out and Loki see's it causing the message to be rerouted to Don Blake's radio causing him to hear it. He realizes the damage/power the Hulk has and can do and turns into Thor.
     However, not all has gone according to Loki's plan as two others have heard the call. The Astonishing Ant-Man and the Wasp. They argue about their relationship and soon are on on Ant relays to fly 1000 miles. The Wasp asks why she can't use her wings and the reply is due to the distance.


     Elsewhere Tony Stark the man behind Iron Man(or is it inside) also hears this message and flies off to the Teen Bridge. Back at the clubroom they get a message from Mr. Fantastic saying they got the message but that it was broadcast on the wrong wave-length and that due to being busy they cannot come but others just as good are on the way.
     Suddenly Thor appears and asks why their surprised as they sent for him. Another member sees Ant-man and Wisp(but no ones believes him) and Iron Man just appearing adds that all the gang-seems to be their. Ant-man and Wisp then go to a projector and announcer to all they are here as well. Loki is annoyed at this as he only wanted Thor so he makes a illusion of the Hulk and forces Thor to go after it.

     After the illusion disperses Thor realizes Loki caused it and goes back to Asgard. Iron Man seeing that Thor has gone vows to Rick that him and Ant-man will look for the Hulk. Hulk right now happens to be at a circus posing as mechono the most powerful life-like robot on the Earth. Soon an ant spots this and reports it to Ant-Man and they soon come to the circus. Using his ants he takes the strength of the ground away and causes the Hulk to crash into the ground. The Hulk soon breaks out and sees that bugs are flying near him and sees they are people. Ant-man then uses a microphone to try and talk to the hulk. He tries to reason with the Hulk but it fails with the Hulk saying he has no friends and to go away. Ant-man then get's his ants to drop a steel cylinder on the Hulk.

     The Hulk soon breaks free and causes the crowd to flee in terror. The Wisp who is buzzing around the hulk is caught in his finger when he uses a bellows to blow her and into said finger. Iron man comes in and tries to work with Ant-man to trap the hulk and fails that causes him to chase after the hulk. They then fight but the hulk damages Iron Man's powerpack forcing him to flee to repair his battery and keep his heart going.
      Meanwhile on Asgard Thor asks Odin to let him visit Loki on the isle of silence. Odin gives his consent but says he can't interfere if their is a fight. Soon Thor is on his way on a boot but is attack.

by tangle roots. He is forced to use his hammer to speed the boat up to sage himself. As he get's nearer he see's that a volcano has come to life and that only he and loki know how to turn it on and he is forced to jump into the water to prevent his strength being taken away from him.
   Loki soon see's the empty boat and thinks he has won. However, Thor appears and tosses his hammer towards Loki. loki is able to Loki is able to deflect it and before they fight bring in a troll to fight Thor. Thor fights it for a bit and then summons lighting which is able to cause the troll to back off. Thor seeing Loki swings toward him and passes though it. Behind the real Loki taunts him.

    Thor is then able to flight Loki and force him to a cliff where he is able to capture him. Thor then says they have to visit Earth and meet the others.
    Meanwhile back on Earth Iron man is flying though the air looking for the Hulk when he spots a aircraft and asks the crew if they have seen the Hulkf. The crew conform they have and saw the hulk heading towards Detroit. Down in Detroit in a large auto factory the Hulk is running and wishing he could get rid of Iron Man. After the people flee Iron Man tosses tires at the Hulk and it does nothing but forces the Hulk to attack. He tries to harpoon Iron Man but it does not affect him due to the Armor and so Iron man creates a steel grapple. Iron Man then tosses it at the hulk and pins him to the wall. As the two are about to fight again Thor and Loki appear. Thor then reveals that it was Loki who caused caused this problem. Suddenly Loki activates a power turning himself radioactive and tires to force the Heros' to leave.
      However, nearby a horde of ants swarm over a switch...

that sends him into a lead-lined tank thanks to Ant-man and the Wasp. The other three come down and see this. Before they leave the two ask why don't they work together as a team. The Hulk says he will join as he is tired of being hunted. He then asks what the name of team should be. The Wisp suggests the name the Avengers and the comic ends with the group cheering on this and saying they will never be beaten.


For a first issue this comic is pretty good for its time period. In contrast to The Legion comic being put out at the same time this comic is well written and reads much more modern then what DC for the most part was putting out at the time. Also many of these characters would come to have important roles in the Marvel universe. As for comparing this to the 2012 Avengers movie it does share several themes like Loki being the big baddie but the new Marvel universe was still quite young and some great things in the movie were yet to happen. All in all a good start.


What are you thoughts on the Avengers and my choice if you you have on choosing to do this other Legion along side the Legion of Super-Heroes

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