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Legion of Super-Heroes # 15

      The comic starts in Metroplis, Earth, in the 31st century. Glorith is in bed when something takes control of her causing her to say. unnnnh. A voice then says. Rise... Follow me... As a portal opens it adds. Come.. Come... She then steps in.

     As she steps out in a city th voice adds. It is time for you to die.. As a crowd of medieval looking people swarm her and start a bonfire. They run up to her saying. The witch must DIE! The witch must DIE! Glorith can only say Hunnh?
      Sometime later at the Legion HQ a voice says. Bizarre. I concede. A hostle act. Hardly proven. In Glorith room are Harmonia and Dragonwing to this says. Glorith's gone-- We were all supposed to be going shopping today-- And look at this place!! It is wrecked and Harmonia adds. I was on monitor duty all night, And we received no alarms, No intrusions... And this could merely be a byproduct of Glorith's-- Unusual-- Way of going home o visit the White Witch. Touching a bed post on fire she adds. The fire residue seems entirely.. Natural.
     Chemical Kid soon comes in saying. Glorith wouldn't leave the building without telling us. We need an alert-- A manhunt! Harmonia to this says. You're overreacting. Suddenly a hologram of Brainiac 5 appears saying. I concur. Harmonia's analysis is persuasive. As a healing Cosmic Boy hologram appears he adds. I have the board this morning Brainy, And I disagree...

      On his side of the board Cosmic Boy adds. Glorith's the meekest new Legionnaire I can recall- She wouldn't go Awol.. I'll send... Mon-EL comes up and says. The election  for a new team leader isn't until tomorrow, Rokk-- It's still MY call. Besides, didn't Gym'll prescribe more bed rest while your magnetism heals? Cosmic Boy to this says. I can-- Mon-EL before he can say anything else says. I'll take the board. Leaving Cosmic Boy to only say. Right. Mon-EL setting down then adds. Let's consider the possib-- SUddently something comes over the comm. SCIENCE POLICE REQUEST LEGION ASSISTANCE! Apparent timestorm in Barcelona, Earth--
      Mon-EL speeding off in a WHOOSH says. On it. Ulltra Boy catches up to him and says. No need to Solo, Impatient Leader. Mon-EL to this says. You could have come up with the others. Ultra Boy to this says. Since when was that my style? He then asks. Anyway, what's this Barcelona place? Mon-EL to this says. Totally beautiful and Bizarre, Jo-- And- As he eyes go buggy he adds. No.. Ultra Boy can only say. Wow to something. Below the streets are covered in people and dinosaurs. As they fly in closer Ultra Boy adds. Not usually THIS crazy, Right?
      As Mon-EL crashes a T-Rex into a side of a building with a WHAMMM he adds. It WAS a very beautiful, peaceful place. WAS. To the T-Rex he adds. A thousand years of building and you're wiping your paws on it, Beastie? Not nice. Elsewhere, as Ultra Boy lands in front of priests and some savages he asks. What planet did all these primitives come from, Anyway? Behind a priest says. Merciful God, Thank you.

       Above more Legionnaires have arrived along with Brainaic and he says. Significant destruction, But hard to evaluate the causality from here... Timestorms are rare phenomena. Harmonia then says. You trust the science police description, then? As a T-Rex goes flying past them Brainiac adds. Corroborated. Mon-EL us acting true to form... Nearby Chemical Kid can only say. Whoa-- What the--? As the T-Rex lands in the water with a SPLOOSH Brainiac adds. He did love all those 21st century sports. Sigh..
       Now moving towards the city Brainiac adds. I'd better coordinate the response before more damage is done. He then adds. Harmonia.. Take the others and see if there's anyone left at the ignition point. To this Harmonia asks. Which would be...? As smoke appears Brainiac says. There, Apparently. As he leaves Chemical Kid says. How does he do that? Harmonia to this says. He correlates data on unimaginable levels, Hadru.. Be glad he doesn't give a critical commentary on your eating habits from considering your hair... Looking at DragonWing he says. R-right.. She adds. uhh.. Koff..
       Below Glorith is getting ready to be burned and is thinking. My skin burns.. This is not a dream or a sending... Must protect myself.. Before er people are saying. THE WITCH MUST DIE! THE WITCH MUST DIE! As flames lick up she thinks. Can barely move. Need to Shield.. She manages to get the gand with her flight ring out when a guard slaps her with a WHAAP saying. No more curses, Witch!


       Thinking to herself she says. No other spells prepared... Can't focus...Mysa gives me strength. Yes. If I am weak as a sorcerer. I am still a legionnaire! My flight ring will serve. As she states to escape a guard says. The witch! the crowd says. STOP HER--SHE MUST BURN!
       Back at Legion HQ Lighting Lass and Shrinking Violet are entering Chameleon Boy room. Shrinking Violet asks. We've worked together for years, Cham, And I think this is the first time I've stepped into your quarters. Chameleon Boy at this says. Burning with curiosity why I invited you, Violet? Shrinking Violet at this says. Not that it seems I was missing much. A bit cold-blooded, If you don't mind the expression.. Chameleon Boy to this says. I am what I am. Shrinking Violet to this says. Only when you're not being someone else. As a picture of the fatal five comes up Chameleon Boy says. Hmm.. but I wanted to talk to you about our hunt for the new fatal five that THAROK is allegedly assembling... Lighting Lass to this says. The aimless chase? Chameleon Boy to this says. I'm worried that there's a REASON we're failing.
      Back at the event in Barcelona a tank has fired at Brainiac with a KABOOM which hits his shield causing him to say. Early 20th century model. perhaps? Certainly petrochemically driven. Elsewhere, Ultra Boy has caught some ancient humans and says. That should-- Suddenly Brainiac appear saying. Jo over here.. As one of the ancients says. uhhh. Causing Ultra Boy to say. Comfy, Fellas? Good. As he fly's off in a WHOOSH he adds. Someone'll come clean you up soon.

      As he crashes through a tank with a THOOOM and KRASH Brainiac says. Not subtle, But effective. Outloud as he picks up the tank Ultra Boy to this says. Like to try to do it yourself, Wise guy? Brainiac above says. No, Have your fun. Let's try to be more systematized though.
     He then adds. move them all south, please. Ultra Boy to this says. Which would be WHERE? Mon-EL holding two T-Rexs says. This way, Jo to the beach. Dragonwing attacking knights with a WHOOSH of her attack says. I heard you-- But more of these guys keep showing up out of nowhere. Brainiac talking into his ring says. Hmmm. The causal stimuli for the timestorm continue. Harmonia-- have you found--
       --The Nexus? Harmonia to this says. Our young Glorith seems to be at the center, Though she's barely conscious. And seems to attract these untimely refugees.. Chemical Kid holding Glorith below says. Harmonia? As Harmonia starts a storm of things and rain she says. Yes, Yes, Hardu. There. Brainiac with his shield in effect says. Nice deterrent, Harmonia. At least for those without shields. Harmonia at this says. Like all the rest of us, you mean. Brainiac now touching Glorith on the check says. But HOW are you attracting all this trouble, young women? Glortih at this says. I'm not--

     Harmonia at this says. Not intentionally. Or not your intention, More correctly. But someone brought you here- And used your presence to trigger a timestorm. So perhaps we should see what happens if you are NOT present. Grabbing Glorith's hand to help her Glorith says. Huh? Harmonia then adds. Use your shielding spell, Child-- But if you can-- DO it inside-out-- shield the world from you. Glorith using her powers says. But what--
      Well that do? Harmonia says. We'll see, won't we? As things start to disappear Harmonia says. Hmm. Glorith adds. I-it WAS me.

       Glorith then asks. but why? As the scene shows Ultra-Boy and Mon-EL fighting then high fiveing in victory Brainiac to her question says. Clearly some being of great power has an interest in you, Glorith... A very unpleasant interest. I would have cometo that conclusion momentarily. Now showing them talking face to face Glorith says. But will i have to stay shielded all the time? Brainiac at thos says. It must have been a combination of the place and its potential with you as the key, or else why bring you here? Impressive as the Sagrada Familia is, I think we'll keep you away from Barcelona.. At least until we find out WHO did this.. And WHY...? The comic ends with them flying home.


This comic was good. I have a feeling that a Legion villain called the Time Trapper has done this and that he is soon to be making a appearance in the pages of the comic soon. Also I have a feeling that Glorith is a key to blocking or weaking the power of the Time trapper

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