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Legion Lost # 15

      The comic starts in Arizona the present with the narrator talking. His real name is BRIN LONDO, but the people of the 31ST CENTURY call him TIMBER WOLF-- A member of the LEGION OF SUPER HEROES who possesses enhanced senses along with super-human strength, speed, agility and recuperative abilities. He is the quintessential WARRIOR-- A man honed in the heat of battle and the blood of countless enemies! Facing an ALIEN ARMY that outnumbers him and his fellow LEGIONNAIRES by more than a hundred to one, BRIN is currently flanked by-- the clone called SUPERBOY, An anomaly that he knows shouldn't exist in this time period-- And CAITLIN FAIRCHILD, A women who can increase her mass, muscle and durability and leads a team of renegade RAVAGERS. Fighting Superboy says. KILL! MAIM! DESTROY! Timber Wolf to this says. Your friend is quite the conversationalist, Caitlin. Fairchild at this says. Not his fault. HARVEST did something to him.(Last issue) The narrator adds. Timber Wolf merely grunts in response, knowing full well that the man-monster called HARVEST and these ROBOT DRONES are only distractions-- From the TRUE MENACE!

     As something assemblies in front of them Timber Wolf adds. Tyroc, this ALIEN MACHINE-- It's assembling itself before our eyes! That space barbarian DAGGOR and his winged friend THRAXX must've had a REASON for setting it in motion-- And they've already DESTROYED at least one inhabited world. Tyroc to this says. Like I need a REMINDER, Timber Wolf. Whenever I can take a break from beating back the invading hordes, I try to shatter the device's FORCE-FIELD with my SONIC SCREAMS-- He then let's one off with a AHHHRRR! And adds. But I can't seem to PENTRATE it. Fairchild then asks. A-are you saying we're DOOMED?! The narrator adds. An ancient prophecy that predicted he would die in this century flashes though Tyroc's mind, igniting a grim smile. He would gladly sacrifice his own life-- To save the EARTH!

       Captain Adym comes up to Tryoc and says. This WORLD-KILLER must be stopped before it can erase this planet and all the futures that spring from it. Tyroc to this says. We;ll find a way, Captain Adym. We're LEGION. It's what we DO. The narrator adds. CAPTAIN NATHANIEL ADYM, member of ECHO-- The convert branch of the 31st century's SCIENCE POLICE. assigned to monitor the timestream. However, the captain to what Tyroc said can only say. Big talk. Then adds. Let's see the ACTION to equal it. Tyroc on the ground can only say. We've never failed. The captain to this says. Now have you ever faced a cosmic invader like DAGGOR. He didn't even break a sweet when he took down WILDFIRE- Arguably your most powerful member! We're completely outnumbered and our backs are to the wall. We need a GAME CHANGER, Because I doubt we can depend on your so-called ALLIES. Although There is no historical record of HARVEST, you claim he murdered INNOCENT CHILDREN with the help of his underlings-- WARBLADE-- PSYKILL-- And LEASH.
      Elsewhere, Gates comes through one of his portals saying. TIMBER WOLF! Then adds. The battle's already lost. Timber Wolf at this says. Doesn't matter, Little Bug. Legionnaires never retreat-- NEVER SURRENDER! Gates to this says. Don't go all DOGMA on me! This time period has plenty of its OWN heroes. I should TRANSPORT them here in our place. Timber Wolf at this says. I know you, GATES! You're no coward, what's really troubling you? Gates to this says. I have seen this FUTURE play out- AND WE ALL DIE IN IT! Elsewhere, Ridge and Chameleon Girl are fighting. Ridge talking says. You took a bad header, CHAMELEON GIRL! You need time to recover. Chameleon Girl at this says. That's not an option, RIDGE. My team needs me. I can't fail them-- Like i've done some many times before. After doing an attack causing a KWA-TWAAMM to happen Ridge adds. We've all committed fouls, love. Some of 'em pretty dodgy. Just gotta focus on the future. If I didn't believe in redemption, I never would have ditched HARVEST for CAITLIN and her new crew.
      Meanwhile, where Wildfire and Dawnstar are Dawnstar to him says. WILDFIRE--! W-what are you doing? Wildfire to this says. If CHAMELEON GIRL is fit for battle, so am I. My ANTI-ENERGY has fully recharged and I'm anxious to renew my acquaintance with DAGGOR and THRAXX, Dawnstar to this as he readies to fly says. B-buy your CONTAINMENT SUIT-- It's leaking MORE than ever! If it should FAIL-- Wildfire to this says. I know the RISKS, Dawnstar. Taking off he adds. If I wanted to play it sage, I never would have left home. Never would have met you. Never would have joined the greatest TEAM in this or any other universe

       In space now he yells. LONG LIVE THE LEGION! Coming up beside him Psykill says. Impressive battle cry! Care for some company? Wildfire surprised says. Psykill? Then adds. Considering our history, you're not my first choice. Psykill adds. Never through you were stupid-- But we do share a common enemy. Wildfire to this says. That we do. Part of me would rather DIE than team up with the likes of you-- As he doges a blast from Daggor he adds. -BUT THE PLANET COMES FIRST!
      Daggor to this says. What MADNESS is this? Few are the foes that survive my challenge, But NONE have ever dared a second encounter. Wildfire attacking says. Just means I'm your first LEGIONNAIRE. Daggor then adds. I salute your COURAGE, Wildfire-- If not your intelligence. Thraxx adds. I shall attend to this armored buffoon, my lord Daggor. Psykill to this says. THRAXX, you're going to EAT those words-- Along with a few dozen PSI-BLASTS!
      Below and fighting Superboy is only saying. KILL! MAIM! DESTROY! A character called Lure comes up to him saying. SUPERBOY! Listen to me, Superboy! HARVEST messed with your mind. The narrator adds. JOCELYN LURE, an echo agent assigned to this time period under the guise of a detective for the N.Y.P.D. she then adds. you don't have to behave like this! You can FIGHT him. You can CONTROL your own destiny. He looks at him for a few seconds and then goes back to fighting saying. KILL! MAIM! DESTROY!


        Below Ridge is fighting and talking outloud to himself. These bloddy drones just keep on coming. They don't feel PAIN or FEAR. It's only a matter of time before they swarm over us and-- suddenly he see' someone and says. Warblade?! Warblade starts to talking and says. Just like old times, Eh? You me againest the hordes. Been hoping we'd get a chance to chat. Ridge to this says. Like you have anything I want to hear. Warblade at this says. Not even a MESSAGE from HARVEST? He's willing to FORGIVE and FORGET. Ridge can only say. WHAT--?! Warblade then adds. You can come home- NO QUESTIONS ASKED! In exchange for a small favor.
       Up in sapce Psykill fighting says. BACK OFF, WILDFIRE-- NOW! According to my internal sensors, This blowhole is bandbagging us. He's somehow  SIPHONING our power to use AGAINST us. Wildfire to this says. So THAT'S how he defeated me so easily. Daggor to all of this says. Are you disappointed that I am not the boisterous oaf i appear? Pity. Many are the worlds that have fallen because of this deception. He adds. Great is your POWER, Wildfire. Greater still is your STRENGTH of WILL and hunger for VICTORY. Eagerly would MY CONQUEROR SUPREME embrace a warrior of your mettle. He files his weapon with a KZZAk adding. BUT I DAR NOT SUFFER YOU TO LIVE!

     It causes Wildfire to explode in a big KWADA-DOOM. Everyone on the ground is shocked and Dawnstar let's out a tear.

      Daggor then adds. Magnificent! A true warrior's death! When times permits, we should compse an ode to his HONOR. Thraxx adds. So bit it, mighty Daggor! But we must be about the conqueror's work. As they fly into the force-field Daggor adds. Aye! Let us attend THE GRAND DIVICE-- While our loyal hordes make merry with these pitiful defenders. Below Tellus lets off a attend destroying things with a ARRRGH!
      Nearby to a crying Dawnstar Tellus then says. Dawnstar... You... Must not... CANNOT... Surrender to... DESPAIR. Dawnstar to this says. B-but he's GONE, Tellus. Wildfire's DEAD-- And he'll never know how much I will always  love him. Tellus to this says. The ANTI-ENERGY... That was WILDFIRE... cannot.. Be destroyed. Though he can.. COMMUNICATE... No more.. still does he.. live.. Still does he.. Watch over you. We are LEGION. RESTORE HIM.. WE WILL! Dawnstar at this says. YES! YES! And we'll also find a way to WIN this day!
      Elsewhere, Tyroc has just let out a attack with a AHHRRRR! When the captain says. This holding action isn't working, Tyroc. you've lost one teammate. The rest will soon follow. We can't let DAGGOR activate his WORLD-KILLER. He's already entered the force-field. Tyroc at this says. we've thrown EVERYTHING we have at it-- But can't find a way inside. The captain at this says. I know a way. The solution is so obvious I'm ashamed it didn't occur to me earlier. MY TIME BUBBLE-- O'll got back an HOUR. Materialize beside the device BEFORE the force-field can form- And detonate a SINGULARITY BOMB! Tyroc at this yells. ARE YOU INSANE?! You might obliterate HALF the continent. The captain to this says. Better to sacrifice MILLIONS to save untold QUINTILLIONS. 

       Tyroc at this says. There must be another way--! Tellus, where is GATES? I know he has trouble transporting though force-fields but- Tellus to this says. I fear.. He cannot.. Aid us.. Currently.. He suffers from.. A crisis of ... Conscience. Gates at the time bubble is talking outloud to himself. There it is-- My ticket HOME! Mr. Science Police's TIME BUBBLE. I have the others fair warning. Ain't my fault if they're to sprokking stubborn to listen to reason. I should just grab this baby and go. yeah.. That's exactly what i should do.
     Elsewhere, the Captain is talking again and says. Discussion's OVER, Tyroc. Tyroc at this says. HARDLY, captain. I reject your plan. I'm not going to BECOME a mass murder to STOP one. The captain at this says. I wasn't asking PERMISSION as the ranking SCIENCE POLICE OFFICER on site, my decision is final. Back me up AGENT LURE. Lure to this says. With all due respect, sir-- I agree with Tyroc. The captain to this says. Disobeying a direct order is a court-material offence, lure. He then says. AGENT YERA, cover my retreat- AND TERMINATE ANYONE WHO TRIES TO STOP ME!
     Chameleon Girl to this says. Sorry, Captain. I AM LEGION-- And WON'T betray my teammates. The captain angry says. YOU SANCTIMONIOUS FOOLS! Then adds. It's not just your lives you're tossing away. Looking around you! We have no hope of defeating this horde. For the sake of this planet future generations, you must do the RIGHT THING. YOU MUST HELP ME! As a blue KZZAAA-KWOOM hits them a voice says. I agree. Captain.

       It is Harvest and he adds. In all the confusion. You people seem to have forgotten about me. My associates and I SUPPORT you, Captain. We will happily sacrifice MILLIONS to save untold QUINTILLIONS. How's that for a GAME CHANGER? The captain as the comic ends can only say. unnnn.


This comic was pretty good. This issue is the last one before the final. As such it had lots of good battles and the characters I think have not been written that bad. Also it will be interesting to see what happens as Gates does not seem to be among the group at the end.

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