Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tales from Another Legion: Avengers # 2

       The comic starts with Iron man in the Library of Anthony Stark house asking where Ant-Man is. Thor states he will show up and ask why the Hulk is dressed as he is. The Hulk annoyed threatens Thor by saying he will toss him back to Asgard as he doesn't like the tone he is getting.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Legion of Super-Heroes # 16

      The comic starts in Metroplis, Earth, in the 31st century. Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl are getting ready to land at the Legion HQ and are talking. Ultra Boy says. Still think it's dumb to keep electing new leaders. Remember when they voted ME in-- Everybody thought it was a gag? You should be leader-- You're leader. Phantom Girl to this says. Big guym no one notices me-- And that's exactly how I like it.

    Soon inside we see all Kinds of Legion members talking. Off to one side Cosmic Boy and Sun Boy are talking. Cosmic Boy says. you never campaign, Dirk, But you'd be a natural leader. Sun Boy to this says. Keep it, Boss man-- I don't like the extra hours. Cuts into play time. On the other side Element Lad asks Dream Girl a question. Running again, Nura? Dream Girl to this says. I don' run, Jan but I AM available. In front of them eating and Chatting is Chemical Kid and DragonWing. Chemical Kid talking first says. I'm voting for Element Lad-- He's so smart, and so underrated. You should-- DragonWing to this says. Not as smart as Brainy-- Course HE had to remind me of that, And tell me how much the Legion needed him. Pushy... At this same time Harmonia and Brainiac 5 wlak by and hearing this he makes faces. DragonWing adds. It's my first election, And I'm making up my own mind. Chemical Kid to this says. Maybe I can PERSUADE you...? Give me a chance, Marya.
   Walking out after Harmonia's gets her hot drink and after thinking Brainiac says. Children, No perspective, or wisdom. Harmonia to this says. Would you like me to speak to Marya? Advice from a common back-ground... Brainiac gives her a look and says. Common? She studied Confucius and you knew him... You do realize how totally UNCOMMON you are? Harmonia only drinks her hot drink. As they round a corner Brainiac sees Glorith and says. Ah, Glorith-- You've been avoiding me! Come...
      The scene shifts to the prison planet of Takron-Galtos where Mon-EL is talking to someone. Come on, You took a cruiser to tarkon-Galtos without asking? And I ALREADY checked on Validus. It is to Chameleon Boy who has Lighting Lass and Shrinking Violet with him and to this says. So you said. I haven't. There's a reason we're not getting anywhere in this search for this new FATAL FIVE Mon-EL. You tend to the election, Leader, And I'll discover it. At the box of the monster it goes THUNK THUNK THUNK and Gravity Kid says. You can go home. He's sealed in inertron, Tight. Chameleon Boy to this says. So you say.

      He add's we'll check. Gravity Kid to this says. You can see on the monitor-- He's sealed in. No way out .. or in. Chameleon Turns his head and says. Violet. Shrinking Violet to this says. Ready, Cham. As they shrink with a WHEEP Chameleon Boy says. I can keep up-- In IMITATION. Gravity Kid to this says. B-but you can't-- It's against the rules... Lighting Lass next to him to this says. He's not very goo at rules, Tel. Relax.
        Traveling inside Shrinking Violet says. Sounds like an Earthquake. Chameleon Boy to this says. Nothing that peaceful. Validus is as close to pure destruction as anything we ever encountered. Shrinking Violet to this says. And you want to pay him a visit? There are times, Cham, When I think they're right when they say you're crazy. Chameleon Boy to this says. When don't you?
      As Validus KRAKLES and then ays. ARRRGGHHHH! Chamelon Boy says. Prison hasn't made him any pleasanter. Shrinking Violet adds. Validus isn't a him, only a beast in a cage.


      As both jump put of the way of his hand Chameleon Boy turning into a bug says. Zoos treat their specimens better. Shrinking Violet adds. He should have been put down long ago. He's a murderous monster. Above Vaildus says/yells. ARRGHHH!
     Outside Gravity Kid to Lighting Lass says. Validus will kill them-- Why are they doing this? Lighting Lass to this says. Cham's not any more human than that monster, Tel, Don't worry about him... ANd my little VI can take CARE of herself. Gravity Kid then says. B-but you're one of the most powerful Legionnaires- shouldn't you get in there, DO something? Lighting Lass to this says. I can't blast my way through interton, Tel-- Raw power isn't always what it's about.As they watch Validus yell ARRRGGHHH! she adds. This is THEIR mission.
       Back at Legion HQ to a walking Star Boy Polar Boy says. mission-Ready, Thom? You're moving well again. Star Boy to this says. Finally. Than as they walk. Those last couple of fights while I should have been on the sick list didn't help the recovery. Wish I could get Nura to call it quits.. As they walk into the hall of hero's he adds. Before i end up in polished Bronze. To this Polar Boy says. Morbid  Witching this on a screen Shadow Lass says. I know how he feels.

     In the room now Mon-EL puts his hand on her arm and says. You're still mourning Niedrigh... It's time to get past him. Shadow Lass to this says. Because you hated him? Wasn't his sacrifice enough to show you he was a good man, Deep down? Mon-EL to this says. I'm not talking about him-- I'm concerned about you. Holding some of her hair he adds. You need to get back to being yourself- We need you. Shadow Lass with the look of anger on her face to this says. I'll be there when the LEGION needs me, Don't worry. As she walks out she adds. And you still have my vote as leader.. But not as lover, Not again... (Mon-EL looks stone faced to this)
      In Brainiac Lab he is testing Glorith in a device and says. Don't more.. Don't argue.. And don't annoy me.. Glorith to this says. Why-- Brainiac to this says. Quiet. Then adds. Your simply showing up in Barcelona triggered a timestorm, and Earth gov's ready to blame me. As stuff happens he adds. They though getting the time institute off world would stop such incidents. Suddenly as a device falls with a HRAK Harmonia says. Your measuring device is falling. With a WHOOSH she uses he powers to send it his way and he says. Excellent Catch--  It would have taken hours to rebuild completely
      As he sets it on a desk he says. If i have to recalibrate it... WHEW.. Every setting is desynchronized... Peculiar... The fall couldn't have done this.. It's usually quite stable, Absent interference from outside chrono-forces... He then adds. Variations are very consistent, too... 79% cross-correlated. (As they talk Glorith get's up and leaves) As Brainiac turns to look at where she once was he says. Glorith...? Something very odd about...


      Back at the prison on a monitor a voice says. odd. Validus says. ARRRGHH. Shrinking violet to this says. odd to be standing here waiting to get squashed? Chameleon Boy to this says. No. Validus. As he starts to transform Shrinking Violet says. What are you doing? Chameleon Boy now looking like Validus says. Testing a theory. Shrinking Violet can only say. It's your hide.
      Chameleon Boy to this says. Funny, But I don't think I'm in any danger... Am I, Big Fella? As he touches Validus it disappears with a POOF and he says. No. Shrinking Violet then asks. Now how'd you..? I mean didn't he fool Mon-EL's super-vision? Chameleon Boy to this says. It takes a fake to spot one, VI. The real questions are. How'd they do it, And where is Validus now?
     At the Legion HQ the last part of Chameleon Boy's.. Is Validus now? is heard and Mon-EL says. It's impossible... I should've spotted it... Cosmic Boy who has walked in causes Mon-EL to say to him. Maybe you were right.. We should have held the election earlier. This has all been too much for me. Cosmic Boy to this says. I know how it feels. Back when we founded the Legion, It felt simpler.. Smaller problems, Easier answers. A little heroics here and there. Then people started dying.. And it wasn't so easy anymore. The bronze status in the hall started to line up... But the ones who didn't die because of what we did? The civilians... There are whole planets of them. And you saved more than your share.

     As the two grab and shake hands Cosmic Boy adds. Each term as leader has a price tag.. And its victories. I'm glad you're still standing as your's ends, Pal. As Invisible Kid appears on the monitor he asks. Am I too late, messierus? I wish to cast my Ballot.. Cosmic Boy to this says. You're the last, Jacques. Invisible Kid to this says. Bien and then votes. The winner of the election comes up and it is Phantom Girl(Guess she has been seen eh?) Cosmic Boy to this says. That's a surprise!

      The Comic ends far away with the narrator saying. A complex quark relay performs its appointed function... Until suddenly.. It doesn't. And the universe may never be the same.


This election issues was pretty good. The story was well paced and the winner was very neat to see in the end. As for the fatal five ark it is heating up nicely. However, one of the things I really liked about the artwork for this issue is the great use of facial remarks. They help to tell a thousand words more and were very well done.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Legion Lost # 16

     The comic starts in Arizona, the present. Harvest is helping the captain Adym to his time bubble and says. Your time bubble awaits, CAPTAIN ADYM. I do hope you won't allow the recent UNPLEASANTNESS to taint your impressions of the 21st CENTURY. The captain to this says. Are you referring to the SUPER_POWERED PSYCHO trying to destroy the Earth-- or the rouge LEGIONNAIRES who turned against me? Harvest to this says. Take your pick. DAGGOR is following his nature and the LEGIONNAIRES are too squeamish to accept the wisdom of your plan. Only a man of TRUE VISION can sacrifice a few MILLION lives to save untold QUINTILLIONS. The captain to this says. Sarcasm doesn't become you, HARVEST. Harvest adds. I have one last gift, Captain. Giving a green object to him the captain asks. What is it? Harvest to this says. A most precious TOOL whose use will reveal itself at the proper time. The captain at this standing next to the bubble says. I don't get it, HARVEST. You're supposed to be some kind of BIG BAD-- A monster responsible for the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands, of innocent children. Why help me? Harvest to this says. Isn't it obvious? We share a common goal-- The preservation of EARTH! Now GO! The fate of this world and countless others is in your hands.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 313

      The comic starts with Lighting Lass helping to make electric power due to to a generator being down. Just as she finish's her task Lighting Lass starts to collapse and begin's turning a funny colour of red. Sometime later Saturn Girl who is about to use her power for contacting Aliens starts to turn the same colour. Also at the Legion clubhouse Sunboy akss Shrinking Violet to use her powers. However, she too is affected and has turned red. Soon Superboy shows up as he is here for a mission. However, Mon-EL informs him of what is going on. Every Girl in the Legion has become crimson and weak. The Legion soon sends the female members to the quarantine world.