Friday, December 23, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes 4

        The Comic starts on Panoptes. Res-Vir is trying to break out of something holding his arms. Behind DragonWing says. Are you SURE that will hold him? Element Lad at this says. INERTRON has held VALIDUS captive-- But we can't be certain if the serum that's protecting RES-VIR hasn't amplified his powers. Chemical Kid to the side can only say. ULP.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Legion Lost #4

          The Comic starts above Earth. Tellus is talking to Dawnstar and says. Open... your mind... DAWNSTAR. The truth... we seek is.. there. Dawnstar thinking to herself says. I let TELLUS do what I never let anyone do: touch me from the INSIDE. His TELEPATHY sifts though the never-ending cacophony of data in my mind. I have to resist against resisting. The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES came back in time to stop a terrorist named ALASTOR from releasing a deadly disease. We FAILED. The HYPERTAXIS spreads. Changing random humans into a kind of HYPERSAPIEN-- An enhanced HYBRID Alien Lifeform. The Scene shifts to the Great Mall of FARGO. She adds. TIMBER WOLF pursued one of these hybrids-- who appears to be merged with CHAMELEON GIRL, a legionnaire we thought dead. At the Mall the body of Chameleon Girl says. Wolf-- please--help me-- Timber Wolf to this says. YERA-- try to calm down-- The Scene shifts elsewhere. Dawnstar adds. And while THAT transpires, Tellus reaches out to monitor yet ANOTHER potential THREAT. Elsewhere is a military base. watching the scene. A solider says. Trajectory confoirmed, MAJOR NICHOLSON. The two bogeys are on a direct path to FARGO. Nicholson says. Send a CASE STUDY TEAM now I want them all over those SUPERSONIC TARGETS the second they land.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 3 of 6

       The Comic starts with the Legion looking at the Cew of the Enterprise. Cosmic Boy says to Brainiac 5. So this is the source of the "temporal disturbance" Brainy? Brainiac 5 in response says. That, and the source of the energy beam that was just fired at me. Kirk and crew are looking at the Legion when Spock says something. Fascinating. I'm detecting residual energy traces, Captain, similar to those left behind by space-time displacement. Kirk at this says. Time-travel, in other words, Mr. Spock? Then I was RIGHT, and these ARE the ones responsible for being us here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 302

     The action picks up with Cosmic boy, Saturn Girl and Sun Boy flying with the aid of Anti-Gravity belts to Metropolis Stadium. As they get their they see something hidden under a blanket. The Statue is of Sun Boy and he is both thrilled and shocked by it. Suddenly the Statue starts to fall and Sun Boy is forced to melt it.

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 301

     The Comic starts up with people asking for the Legion of Super-heroes autographs. Chameleon Boy is the last to arrive and Saturn Girl turns on a force-shield to make the admires to leave.