Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Legion Lost #4

          The Comic starts above Earth. Tellus is talking to Dawnstar and says. Open... your mind... DAWNSTAR. The truth... we seek is.. there. Dawnstar thinking to herself says. I let TELLUS do what I never let anyone do: touch me from the INSIDE. His TELEPATHY sifts though the never-ending cacophony of data in my mind. I have to resist against resisting. The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES came back in time to stop a terrorist named ALASTOR from releasing a deadly disease. We FAILED. The HYPERTAXIS spreads. Changing random humans into a kind of HYPERSAPIEN-- An enhanced HYBRID Alien Lifeform. The Scene shifts to the Great Mall of FARGO. She adds. TIMBER WOLF pursued one of these hybrids-- who appears to be merged with CHAMELEON GIRL, a legionnaire we thought dead. At the Mall the body of Chameleon Girl says. Wolf-- please--help me-- Timber Wolf to this says. YERA-- try to calm down-- The Scene shifts elsewhere. Dawnstar adds. And while THAT transpires, Tellus reaches out to monitor yet ANOTHER potential THREAT. Elsewhere is a military base. watching the scene. A solider says. Trajectory confoirmed, MAJOR NICHOLSON. The two bogeys are on a direct path to FARGO. Nicholson says. Send a CASE STUDY TEAM now I want them all over those SUPERSONIC TARGETS the second they land.

         The Scene shifts to Wildfire and Tyroc files to the mall. Dawnstar talks more. I look down-- Feel their movement-- thin smears across a glass pane. One fiery hot, the other whisper cold. WILDFIRE-- DRAKE BURROWS-- vents ANTI-ENERGY from his CONTAINMENT SUIT as he rushes to help Timber Wolf.
        TYROC, emitting a range of HYPERSONIC WAVELENGTHS for flight and propulsion. The two are talking Wildfire asks as he flies. Can you keep up? Tyroc at this says. If I can't you'll be the second to know. Dawnstar thinking again says. So much responsibility, and yet, they act so... casual. I can never be that way. I don't WANT to be that way.
        I can't ignore or deny the weight of what we do. The scene shifts to the great mall of fargo. North Dakota. 109 hours after release. Out front police watch. a news reporter is reporting. Where a reported METAHUMAN is fighting some kind of MONSTER. inside Chamelon girl is talking to Timber Wolf. My celluar structure-- is in FLUX-- from the hypertaxis-- Timber Wolf at this says buy you're a SHAPE-SHIFTER! All she can say is. I only have HALF-- of MY DURLAN BIOMASS-- in this-- body---- Not enough to control it--BRIN-- Get away NOW!
       She moves back into the monster and punches Timber Wolf. The monster moves to attack the cops. As they fire one says. Look out--. Timber Wolf bleeding says. Sprock it all to hell... Dawnstar thinking says. I have the same CONFIDENCE they do, but my abilities are so often used in such a REACTIONARY manner. I am asked to track... But never to HUNT.
       Timber Wolf attacking the monster says. YERA-- I KNOW YOU"RE IN THERE-- LITERALLY--SO STOP THIS! Dawnstar thinking again adds. Trying to locate Alastor thought the mind-link with Tellus is... DISRACTING. And being linked to Brin's mind. I can feel his--EXCITEMENT-- About the hunt. A cop moving towards the pigeon of the universe(last issue) says. That one is still moving and prepares to fire. Timber Wolf says. NO, DON"T. and is shot in the lower abdomen. Dawnstar adds. I DENY myself that kind of... PASSION. The Monster Chameleon Girl inhabits turns towards the cops. Timber Wolf behind says. NO-- Wait-- They think you're a threat-- Don't do it--!   Suddenly the creature is hit by fire and ice. Dawnstar thinks. But Brin's stubbornness- his ill temper-- serves us well in many ways.
      He has been the only one of us choosing to ACT. And as a result, forcing the rest of us to fellow suit. Tyroc now on the scene says. Look at this poor thing-- It's a HUMAN merged with the DNA of an OKAARAN RDRAYYJ. Wildfire adds. If the hypertaxis can turn anyone into almost ANYTHING. Like Alastor claimed. This is going to be WORSE then we thought. Timber Wolf talking to the two says. You forget some DURLAN in that mix... YERA is in their-- or some of her, anyway... TYROC says. WHAT DID YOU SAY? Cham-girl's alive-- but she's TRAPPED inside that-- Hybrid-- Tyroc says. Yera-- is REALLY alive? Wildfire behind says. SERIOUSLY...? The monster screams and Dawnstar thinks. I can feel  their confusion through the mind-link. But also their HOPE-- Their determination to help her--
     Someone shouts the ceiling. It begins to fall down. Dawnstar thinks. Each of them thinking the same thing. A cop talking to Tyroc and WIldfire says. You two-- FREEZE! Timber Wolf says LOOK OUT! as he pushes him to safety. Dawnstar adds. If Yera IS alive, then maybe there is hope-- maybe things WILL work out. I share their joy about her returnm But not their hope.
      A cop says. FREEZE WHERE YOU ARE! Wildfire holding a piece of the roof says. In case you weren't    paying a attention-- WE JUST SAVED ALL YOUR LIVES! The cop at this says. WE appreciate that-- but-- this is FARGO-- Not METROPOLIS or GOTHAM CITY-- so you have to stand down and' answer some questions. Timber Wolf speaking to Tyroc says. She's getting away! WE DON"T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! Tyroc holding out his hands says. They're only doing their jobs-- Do you expect us to FIGHT them? Timber Wolf smirking says. Of course not... I expect just the two of YOU to. as he jumps and leaves.
      Wildfire at Timber Wolf doing this says. Oh, C'mon-- this new SNAEKINESS of his IS a little entertaining. Tyroc at this says.Hnn. The guns are yours. I'll take out the the cameras. Wildfire adds. Give me the high ground. Wildifre then melts the guns and Tyroc powers crush the cameras. The news women outside says. The gunfire has stopped, And two flying METAHUMANS have left the mall. Dawnstar thinks. I am cautious-- subdued00 By nature equal parts nature and nurture, I Think. So bust taking in the COMPLEXITY of everything around me...
       I forget things can be SIMPLE. See. Do. Why can't I be more like Timber Wolf? Wildfire and Tyroc have caught up to Timber Wolf? WIldfire says. He's picked up her scent. It looks like she's headed.. Right for the city. At this Tyroc asks. How are we going to help her? All Wildfire can say is. Let's catch her first, Ty. Tyroc talking says. It's been four days, DRAKE< and we're no closer to fixing any of this. Wildfire reply's. I know-- But you kind of expected that, right? Tyroc response is what do you mean? Wildfire to this says. You KNEW, didn't you? How BAD this was going to get for us? That's why you delayed us before we came back and got so many SUPPLIES? Tyroc says/ doesn't matter. The TIME BARRIER somehow disable most of our tech. So I can't access the materials I stored in the Time Bubble's TESSERACT STORAGE UNIT anyway. But one thing at a time-there's wolf-- He's closing in on Yera.. Let's just hope it goes smoothly..
       And the others find Alastor so we can finally get some answers on this disease.. The Scene shifts to Dawnstar and Tellus above earth. Dawnstar thinks. Tellus has cast a very wide net across the human mindscape below us. Out loud she says. Their mind are so-- UNEVOLVED-- so... LIMITED... How do you do it? Sift  through so much FILTH....? Tellus at this says. You Know there is also.. Much POTENTIAL.. Dawnstar to this says. I Know... just tired.. But None of that may ever be fulfilled.. Unless we find the man whose every breath is KILLING them. Let me REMEMBER what happened, Tellus. Not as I SAW it. But as I FELT it... Yes-- it's there now-- Thinking to herself she adds. Alastor's TRANSFORMATION was so... intense-- Tellus cast a telekinetic shield-- blocked us from the force of Alastor's change-- But Yera-- HALF of her-- was-- LIQUEFIED by pressure-- and GATES.. Had opened-- A PORTAL-- The lower hald of Yera's body fell into the Portal-- So did Gates-- But his TELEPORTATION ENERGY dispersed-- Thrown to the wind-- I felt its OZONE CRACKLE dissipating-- Along with...
       Dawnstar flashes  back to the explosion. Thinking she says. The biological REMAINS.. of our friends... There was no sign of Alastor-- But he did NOT fall into the portal. Thinking back more she remember's hearing a BRRRMMMM at the time sh thought it was Thunder. She thinks it wasn't thunder! I thought it was thunder-- But I was feeling ILL-- The sound- It was the distant RUMBLE- OF ALASTOR CRASHING TO THE GROUND! HE IS ALIVE! The surge from his transformation-- Affected Everything-- Wind and weather pattern, Bressure00 even GRAVITY itself-- When he landed, The EARTH"S CRUST for one hundred Square miles around us GROANED in exhaustion. I can trace the distance the sound traveled-- the seismic pressure, the subtle shift born of his reversion to humanoid--
       Dawnstar out loud to Tellus says.I KNOW WHERE HE IS! Tellus at this says. I will attempt.. to contact... the others. The Scene switches to the others and Tellus sends his message. Tyroc--Wildfire-- We have found... ALASTOR.. ALIVE... East of your location. Tyroc says. Tellus, your telepathic signal is very faint. Tellus at this says. I am.. At the limits.. of my range... and endurance.. Alastor is in a city NAMED Duluth. Tyroc at this says. Go There but do NOT confront him. As Tellus and Dawnstar move. Dawnstar thinks. We arrive in another of their hovel cities within minutes. I gew up on a world named STSRHAVEN. Where we lived as one with our Planet, Not in constant OPPOSITION to it. What if we can NEVER return Home? How long can I choose to stay here? The scene shifts to Tyroc and Wildfire talking. Tyroc says. Do you want to go help her? Wildfire at this says. Dawny can handle herself. Tyroc at this says. I know. It's her trying to handle Alastor that I'm worried about. Wildfire says. Don't worry about it. going off half-cocked isn't her style. Tyroc can only say. HNN. He adds speaking of which... Looks like wolf has tracked down Chameleon Girl. Let's Go...
      As the two land. Timber Wolf says. wait-- Wildfire says. What is it--? Timber Wolf says. Something's WRONG-- she's here-- But her breathing is too RITHYTHEMIC-- Like she;s SLEEPING--? WIldfire says. DARTS? Tryroc adds. She's been TRANQUILIZZED--? Suddenly lights go on them and a voice says. Unidentified MetaHumans. Stand down and surrender yourselves. You are officially in the custody of--

           BLACK RAZORS! Timber Wolf laughs. Tyroc says. You find this FUNNY? AT this Timber Wolf says. Kind of, Yeah. But what I was REALLY wondering is...what Else could go WRONG.
         The scene shifts to the university of Minnesota-DULUTH. 112 hours after release. Tellus speaking but not seen says. Alastor is.. in a dining facility.. He is among a sea.. of young people... their excitement.. energy.. makes him said.. Forlorn. Dawnstar says. Makes sense considering his SISTER was a university student when she DIED in the future. On the roof of the building Tellus says. I also scan.. underlying ANGER in him as well... simmering RAGE.. Dawnstar talks to him telepathy says. he could TRANSFORM at any moment in the middle of all these people. Out loud she says. I am going to retrieve him. Tellus at this says. But Tyroc said--, Dawnstar adds. Not to CONFRONT him. Yes, I know. This WON'T be a confrontation... It will be AN EXTRACTION. To herselg she says. SEE. DO. Simple.
        One minute Alastor is there the next he is gone. Alastor on the ground says. NNFF--? Dawnstar says. Stay Clam. He says you're speaking INTERLAC--? Dawnstar at this says. I thought using our UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE would be appropriate. I am as ALIEN as you are. My ANCESTORS suffered greatly because of HUMAN Greed. I also suffered greatly because of the Earth First MOVEMENT which took your sister's life. I AM NOT your enemy. ALASTOR AGHINI FAUD.
      Tellus landing adds. Nor am I.. I have also suffered.. At the hands of Humans. Alastor to this says. You don't fool ME. you are LEGION. Dawnstar to this says. If there are no means for us to stop the HYPERTAXIS you released-- or return home-- I would imagine we are Legionnaires no more... Alastor at this says. You ARE LYING! You tried to stop ME, But it's too late! I failed to destroy the Human species in the FUTURE. But I have succeeded HERE and NOW!... And one more thing you should know.. I have complete CONTROL over MY TRANSFORMATION now... He starts doing this. Tellus gets a Shield up and says. BEHIND ME! Dawnstar thinking says. He barely erects A TELEKINETIC SHIELD in time. Alastor was infected by the hypertaxis. His change is so violent. The sheer mass shift creates a REPERCUSSIVE FOrce. And now... Something ELSE... Tellus out loud asks. Are you Unhunt...? Thinking Dawnstar to herself says. It amkes no difference, My friend... We will be DEAD in a moment.
      Alastor also has CARGGITE D.N.A in his hybrid form.. which means he can create THREE of himself!

my thoughts

This comic was quite good. The story has picked up and has become quite good. It helps to show the new universe. Also the last page shows the neatness of Hypertaxis but also its problems. All in all this series is great much better and is getting pretty neat

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