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Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 3 of 6

       The Comic starts with the Legion looking at the Cew of the Enterprise. Cosmic Boy says to Brainiac 5. So this is the source of the "temporal disturbance" Brainy? Brainiac 5 in response says. That, and the source of the energy beam that was just fired at me. Kirk and crew are looking at the Legion when Spock says something. Fascinating. I'm detecting residual energy traces, Captain, similar to those left behind by space-time displacement. Kirk at this says. Time-travel, in other words, Mr. Spock? Then I was RIGHT, and these ARE the ones responsible for being us here.

      Kirk getting ready to fire says and I'll see to it that they send us back home. Set phases to stun and fire. He then fires his own phaser at Brainiac 5 who Shield absorbed it. Cosmic Boy at this says Legionnaires, Sudue them, but TRY not to hurt them. Cosmic Boy begins to use his powers and say's I'D rather not take a hit from your energy weapon, If it's all the same to you. Not ALL of us have force field belts, After All. He rips off a piece of the Shuttle and Kirk says. What the Devil....? Kirk fires at the piece but it does not pierce the Shield.
     Lighting Lad begins to go after Sulu. However Sulu hides behind a rock and gets Lighting Lad saying. Time to take A LITTLE NAP, Friend. Saturn Girl uses her powers on Uhura saying Drop your weapon. I command you. Drop your weapon. Uhura does and then says. Why... why did I do THAT? As Chameleon Boy is transforming Chekov stops him with a shot saying. Your people me me in the back ONCE, you cossack, But you won't do it again. Shadlow Lass comes up to the doctor and uses her powers saying Relax, Sir, This won't hurt a bit. Bones can only say what in the BLAZES..?!
    Spock and Brainiac 5 start to fight. Spock fries his Phaser and Brainiac states. Haven't I already DEMONSTRATED my force fields's ability to withstand your energy blast? MUST we go through all this again? Spock tapping on his phaser says. It is simply a matter of adjusting the frequency of the phaser beam to INCREASE the energy output. He then fires again and Brainiac says. Not bad. Of course, A three-year-old Coluan child could have come up with the same trick. But a FOUR-year-old Coluan would know simply to alter the field harmonies to compensate for the higher energy yield. No, Are we going to stand here POSTURING at one another, or can we TALK? My friends and I don't belong here Anymore than you do. Spock at this says. Agreed. Discussion WOULD be the logical course of action.
    Brainiac then yells out. Legionnaires! Stand down. Spock to his group says. Captain! I do NOT believe these people to be our ENEMY. Kirk speaking to Cosmic Boy after this says. Perhaps we DID get off on the wrong foot. All Cosmic Boy can say to this is. What do you mean, "WE"? you'RE the one who shot first. Kirk says. In a strange would, being pursed by unknown forces who have already attacked without provocation? I had no CHOICE but to shoot first. I had the safety of my crew to consider. The fact that you might NOT be the enemy was a risk I was willing to take. Brainiac and Spock are also talking. Brainiac says... And this chronometer is the control unit from our time bubble, but so far I'e been unable to determine the extent of the damage. Spock at this suggests hooking his tricorder in. The conversation switches back to Cosmic Boy and Kirk. Cosmic Boy asks. Where do you come from? and WHEN? Are you some sort of military unit? Kirk posing says. No, We're not soldiers. We're humanitarians, EXPLORERS.
    In a beautiful two page spread.

        Kirk adds. My crew and I are members of a organization called Starfleet. And in OUR world, IN our TIME -- the 23rd century-- We represent an interstellar body called the United Federation of Planets. "The federation spans thousands of light years and encompasses many worlds, which share knowledge and resources equally, For the betterment of all/" It may seem like a dream to someone in a place like this, But the federation was a dream that became a REALITY, And spread thoughout the stats. "Representatives from ALL the worlds of the Federation serve in StarFleet, Brothers in spirit if not blood. Of course, Not EVERYONE agrees with our aims and ideals, And so Starfleet also serves to DEFEND the Federation, when necessary."
      Cosmic Boy then tells Kirk of the Legion also in a beautiful two page spread.

        We may come from two different worlds, But I think we have more in common than you might think. My friends and I ALSO serve an interstellar Union of planets-- The United Planets. By the 31st century, our United Plants is every bit as big as it sounds like your Federation of Planets is. And we also have a group made up of representatives from many different worlds, Who serve and protect the United Planets-- THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. My fellow Legionnaires and I all come from different worlds, but we've bound together by ties stronger then blood. And when a threat to the safety f the United Planets arises, We are there to put a STOP to it.
      After this Cosmic Boy adds. As I said it everything you say is true, your world and ours aren't so different,  after all. Kirk agrees. Some of the group comes up to the two. Saturn Girl asks. Well, I'm glad that we're all FRIENDS  now, But we KNOW where we COME from, The question is where ARE we now? Lighting Lad adds. And how in Blazes do we get HOME?! Bones then asks. I thought maybe we were back in that "Mirror Universe" again, Jim. But now I'm not so sure. Uhura then says. I can't believe I'm saying this, But I think I'D PREFER that place. This world seems ever WORSE. Brainiac and Spock come to the group with their findings. Spock say's. Your assumptions is a logical one, Doctor but I'am afraid that Lt. Uhura is correct. This universe IS far worse. Brainiac then adds. I though we had been shunted to some alternate timeline when the time bubble crashed. But I was WRONG.
     And Brainiac adds more. If the readings w're getting from the chronometer are correct, We didn't change timelines. The timelines change AROUND us. Spock adds. While the Legionnaries were in the time stream and WE were dematerialized, it would appear that there was a fundamental reordering of the universes. Kirk talking to Spock asks. What are you saying Spock> A "Reordering"? What does that MEAN? Spock states. It means, Captain, that the solution to our present situation is not simply to traverse the dimensional barrier and return to our proper universe. Simply put, It would seem that our universe is no longer THERE. Brainiac adds to the conversation. As near as we can determine, there's been some sort of ALTERATION to the timestream. that prevented BOTH of our timelines from coming into existence. If we're going to get home, the FIRST thing we have to do is... Suddenly a noise of a craft landing is heard. Kirk asks. What now? Cosmic Boy looking adds. I don't like the looks of THIS...

          A group of Aliens has landed. A half human/cyborg man says. Attention, Sentients! I AM RUK, OF THE IMPERIAL ELITE! you have been determined to be in possession of temporal technology, which is expressly proscribed by Imperial edict. By the order of Castellan Kajz, you are to surrender yourself for judgment and sentencing IMMEDIATELY. Any resistance will be met with EXTREME measures.
       Kirk looking at the group says. I may not recognize ALL of these, But the ones I do know from back home are bad enough. Cosmic Boy at this says. Trust me, the ones you DON"T know yet-- or their WEAPONS, AT least-- are even WORSE. RUK says. Resistance is not logical. NO quarry has EVER escaped the IMPERIAL ELITE. A Gorn says HSSSS. A Orion to this says. Don't take more than your fair share, Slar. Leave some for ME and the EYE. The Legion and Enterprise crew get ready and Kirk says. get to cover!
     The Gorn charging says. HSSSRRRAARRRNNN as Bones fires his phaser at it. Bones says. Don't know if they have those where you come from, Son,(Chameleon Boy), But that's a Gorn. And they're DANGEROUS. Chameleon Boy then says. I'm not worried about the reptile, I', worried about that poker in his hands. That's the ATOMIC AXE, and it can cut through ANYTHING. Chameleon Boy then uses his powers to wrap around the GORN. He then says. I've got... his arms pinned.. But I can't hold him.. for long! Bones adds. time for you to get some rest, doctor's orders, And that Hypo should do the trick. It falls asleep.
     The Female Orion says. Stand still, And i'll grant you the mercy of a quick death. Uhura says. Yoy know, you remind me of my roommate at Starfleet academy. She was full of it, too. Suddenly the eye fries a green bolt. Shadow Lass pushes her aside and says. Look Out. Shadow Less talking to Uhura says. I don't know what an Orion is, but that thing floating over her shoulder is the emerald eye of EKRON. But as deadly as its energy blasts are, what it can't see, it can't hit. Suddenly Shadow Lass uses her powers to cover the eye in darkness. the Orion says. My eye. Uhura firing her phaser says. Well, there's nothing wrong with me eyes and stuns the Orion.
      Spock, Sulu and Saturn Girl are fighting a giant purple ape. Saturn Girl says. I'm attempting to communicate directly with his mind telepathically, But I'm not getting ANYTHING. Spock to this says. Perhaps his thoughts are shielded, or he has no mind sophisticated enough t communicate with. Either way, our phasers are proving ineffective against him. As they lead it into a trap Saturn Girl says. I've got to keep trying. Sulu says. That's it, just a LITTLE closer. Sulu kicks it's leg out and Spock jumps on it's back. Spock doing his nick pinch says. Despite your size, your physiology is roughly humandoid, so a nerve pinch SHOULD suffice. It goes down.
     The Alien with the bubble head attacks Brainiac. Brainiac says. AGAIN? Do I have to demonstrate what a force field DOES to EVERYONE on this world? It attacks him again. He again says. SEE? It's called a FORCE FIELD because it creates a FIELD of FORCE that STOPS things from entering. Lighting Lad behind a rock with Chekov says. Brainy'll keep him distracted. On the count of three, we'll attack him FROM both sides. Got it? Chekov with this says. Are you Kidding? We Russians INVENTED this maneuver. The Alien turning to those two says. But your FRIENDS are no so well protected. Lighting Lad yell three and the alien is knocked out.
     Kirk and Cosmic Boy are left to deal with Ruk. Kirk as Ruk charges says I've faced THIS bruiser before, or one just like him back home. To this Cosmic Boy says. If you want to take him on your own, be my guest. Ruk hitting Kirk says NO weapons! Ruk says Inferior ones! you are no match for RUK! Kirk at this says. That's 'UNG" what they ALL say. As he is being crushed. Cosmic Boy behind says.Hey, Metal man, I'm guessing that they haven't heard of the planet BRAAL where you come from? AS he uses his powers. Kirk as he gains the upper hand says. What were you saying about "inferior ones," again?
     Kirk after says. Thanks for the assist. Cosmic boy at this says. What can I say? bending metal is kind of my thing. The group is tied up. Saturn Girl says. But NONE of these people are HUMAN. Why do they serve this "Imperial Planets of Earth"? Uhura suggests. "Some slaves don't ever realize they're in chains. Bones at this says. I've had just about ENOUGH of this place, Jim. The sooner we fix things so we can go home, the BETTER. Lighting Lad likes this and says. This place has gotten old, FAST. Cosmic Boy to those two says. You'll get no argument from me. The question is, How? Kirk pointing at something says. I think THEY may have answer for that.
     The item is a IP hoover device. Spock and Brainiac are looking at it. Brainiac says. The circuiry SHOULD be compatible. Spock says. I concur. There is no reason why it would bot work... in THEORY. Kirk and Cosmic Boy come up to them. Spock to to Kirk says. Captain, I believe that we have a possible solution. But we shall have to pool our resources. Brainiac adds to the conversion. But if it DOESN'T work, then it will most likely burn out the chronometer completely, and then we'll be STUCK here. Kirk turns to Cosmic Boy and asks. Well, what do you say? Our teams have worked together so far. Cosmic Boy agrees and adds. After all, it sounds like cooperation and mutual self-interest are the basis of BOTH our cultures. Sulu, Chekov and Shadow Lass are talking. Chekov says. And then you dropped that monster with just one KICK? Sulu to this says. It was NOTHING, really. Shadow Less adds. I think you could teach our friend Val a thing or two. In back Chameleon Boy says. Oh, Don't mind me, I just went against the ATOMIC AXE all by myself....
     Soon the sun begins to set. Kirk, Bones and Spock are talking. Bones says. Are you SURE about this, Jim? Kirk to this says. What choice do we have bones? We know OUR history well enough, but we know nothing of THEIRS. Spock weighing in adds. And we will need that expertise to determine where the change in BOTH timelines occurred. Lighting Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy are also talking. Lighting Lad says. I STIll say I should be going back WITH you. Or you should be staying in this era with Me. Saturn Gil at this says. But they'll need me to communicate telepathically with anyone they encounter in the past, If this "universal Translator" of theirs doesn't work. Cosmic Boy adds. And with my expertise in Earth's history, I'm the logical choice to go to the past, which means you'LL need to be with the strike team in the PRESENT.
     Cosmic Boy talking to Kirk says. I wish the platform could accommodate more than six of us, But any luck that should be enough to find whatever changed the timeline and FIX it. Going with him are Bones, Spock, Chekov, Saturn Girl and Brainiac. To this Kirk says. While you're away, the rest of us ill go check out the OTHER "Temporal disturbance" you detected. And if nothing else, we'll find out who's RUNNING this place. Going with Kirk is. Uhura, Chameleon Boy, Shadow Less, Sulu and Lighting Lad. Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad wave good bye to each other. As things began to move Kirk things. And we'll explain to them how things ought to be run. Thus ends the comic

My comments

I loved this issue quite a lot. The group meeting and fighting each other and being pretty even and this was great. The two leaders explaining their sides are great and and shows the ability to the two to work together. This 6 issue mini series further adds on and impresses me a lot.  

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