Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 301

     The Comic starts up with people asking for the Legion of Super-heroes autographs. Chameleon Boy is the last to arrive and Saturn Girl turns on a force-shield to make the admires to leave.

     Cosmic Boy stands and says not everyone is at the meeting. Colossal Boy is on the planet Grykk fighting a giant who terrorized a town. Phantom Girl is on Lumbak helping to bust evil does. Lastly we see that Ultra-Boy is on Fwena, Fighting a lead monster. Todays meeting is also to select new members for the Legion. They turn off the force-field and head outside when someone shouts don't move.
    It has come from a aircraft and when it lands outside. Lester Spiffany he wants to join the Legion. He says he has no superpowers but will pay for the prestige of being a member. He also has lots of money and will give them a Dazzle Gem from Xandu. Cosmic Boy says no as no one buys their way in. Cosmic Boy aks him to leave but at he does he calls them all-stupid.
    Cosmic Boy then begins to to look into applicants. First up is Storm Boy and he can control the elements. However he turns out to be a fake with a weather control device. Cosmic Boy then says only those with powers can join and asks triplicate girl to get ride of him.
    During a recess the applicants look at all the trophies that the Legion has gotten for their good deeds. Cosmic Boy comes up and says why don't you listen to how some members have gotten in. Bouncing Boy is chosen. Bouncing Boy reveals his true name to be Chuck Taine.
     In the past he was tasked with delivering a instant Super-Plastic Fluid to the Science Council. However while on route he cannot resist going in an watching a Robot Gladiator tournament. While inside he buys a cold drink. However he puts it next to the lab bottle. H was caught up in the game so much he drank from the lab bottle. It causes him to expand and began to bounce inside the stadium. He returns to normal and heads to the hospital. The doctor informs him he has permanent bouncing powers.
    Later on he sees Lighting Lad stopping a crime. He decides to apply for Legion membership. However they tell him his power is not practical for fighting evil. He is interrupted in his tale by someone saying they never knew he was rejected. He remarks he never have up trying to get in. Later one one bot sees a red globe failing and Bouncing Boy uses his powers to hit it away. However it turns out to be a movie ad. Because of this he becomes a laughing Stock.
    Bouncing Boy later on comes across a man trying to steal a healing Urn. Because the man is using a electrical generation he can not be stopped by anyone as he is grounded with rubber gloves and boots. he even beats Saturn Girl. Bouncing Boy uses his powers and knocks out the thief after traveling in the air. Cosmic Boy takes back his comments.
     Several days later he is made a member of the the Legion of Super-heroes. The Story ends with the applicants determined to try and join just like he did.

This is not a bad story. He shows a Legion Member origins and helps to show more of the world and never to give up  

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