Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Legion: Secret Origin 5 of 6

Cast of Characters
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen
Lighting Lad aka Garth Ranzz
Phantom Girl aka Tinya Eazzo
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Colossal Boy aka Gim Allon
Chameleon Boy aka Reep Daggle
Triplicate Girl aka Luornu Durgo
Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
Invisible Kid aka Lyle Norg

        The comic starts between the future and now in a Legion time bubble which holds. Saturn Girl, Lighting Lad and Cosmic boy who is steering. Saturn Girl is talking. I can't believe we're actually going to meet Superman! Cosmic Boy at this says. Assuming Brainiac isn't as crazy as he seems. Lighting Lad then adds. yeah, imagine- He wanted to use time travel to meet himself! Cosmic Boy then commenting on Brainiac 5 as well says. out-of-control ego. But no one else could build this "timbe bubble." Lighting Lad then adds. Even with all the giga-credits Brande provided?