Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Legion: Secret Origin 5 of 6

Cast of Characters
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen
Lighting Lad aka Garth Ranzz
Phantom Girl aka Tinya Eazzo
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Colossal Boy aka Gim Allon
Chameleon Boy aka Reep Daggle
Triplicate Girl aka Luornu Durgo
Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
Invisible Kid aka Lyle Norg

        The comic starts between the future and now in a Legion time bubble which holds. Saturn Girl, Lighting Lad and Cosmic boy who is steering. Saturn Girl is talking. I can't believe we're actually going to meet Superman! Cosmic Boy at this says. Assuming Brainiac isn't as crazy as he seems. Lighting Lad then adds. yeah, imagine- He wanted to use time travel to meet himself! Cosmic Boy then commenting on Brainiac 5 as well says. out-of-control ego. But no one else could build this "timbe bubble." Lighting Lad then adds. Even with all the giga-credits Brande provided?

       Soon they appear over the sky's of Smallville 1000 years in the past. As it comes threw Cosmic Boy finishing a reply to what Lighting Lad says. Not enough money to buy that, Pal.. At the sight of past Lighting Lad can only say. wow. Suddenly as a jet files over them Saturn Girl asks a question. you're sure we can't be detected?  Cosmic Boy boosting a little says. Against their primitive tech? That doesn't need Brainiac. I can handle that. As he land in the woods Cosmic Boy looking at a device then says. Now if Brainiac was right about locating our target.. Saturn Girl giving support says. Oh, Don't worry. Seeing Superman/boy nearby she adds. He's two for two.
       In the future at Legion Headquarters. Someone says. Perfect! And something's wrong... terribly wrong. Phantom Girl clapping says. Yay! But what's perfect? Brainiac 5 at this. Me, Actually. Still in the future the scene shifts to the security directorate Anisa says. It feels like the past and future are colliding, Somehow. Zarl at this and thinking says. An incoherent presentiment. Anisa. Mycroft however says. Perhaps, Zarl... Suddenly at the same time in Legion HQ Brainiac says. The time barrier is broken. Back at the Directorate Mycroft is putting on a cloak and talking to Zarl or perhaps the Security Directorate has failed to keep the United Planets safe, And we merely do not understand how we failed. Zarl can only says. Mycroft?
      He adds. I'm being summoned. Zarl at this says. Inform the council we're analyzing the situation. Anisa adds. The Legionnaires appear involved. Mycroft getting ready to leave says. Brande again. He will doom us all. Soon walking down the hall he is thinking. Brande. Should have had him killed long ago. Suddenly he is surrounded in darkness and a voice that their but not their says. THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT. Myvroft at frist says. W-What--? W-who's there--? How did you read my mind? I'm shielded-

       This voice then says. Your soul is bare to me, Mortal, A mere jotting in the eternal record.. Vital as this moment is. I cannot manifest myself have fully, so others must serve.. or fail. And yet, you may be useful. My pawns have failed to do what your heart was wishing, so it is time to move a knight on the board.. you. As the being moves to move inside Mycroft it adds. Brande must die with his Legion stillborn... And before the tide shifts. The tide that I am holding back. After this Mycroft with red eyes is now controlled.
       In the past. Saturn Girl spots something dark and says. What in the rings. Suddenly it forces her to push her friends into the bubble. Lighting Lad asks. What happened to you? Allergic to the polluted air? All Saturn Girl can say is. I.. I don't know. As stuff grows around the bubble Lighting Lad says. Let me.. Suddenly a black hand grows around the bubble saying. Nooo. It throws the ubble back into the time stream saying. Go Back.
       In the future at Legion HQ Colossal Boy is putting a Legion Flag up on a flag poll. He is talking and says. I can't believe it, Mister Brande. We're actually going to meet Superman. Chameleon Boy being not quite believing says. He was just a story. R.J Brande at this and being wise says. Not so, Not so, Lad... Some of our dream are real... As the time bubble comes crashing through he adds. Today, for sure, Mine. Inside Cosmic Boy uses his powers as it crashes. Brande adds. or not.
      Soon Colossal Boy has the bubble ripped in half. Triplicate Girl picking up the three with her three forms saying. Are you okay? Cosmic Boy at this says. No serious damage. I think. Saturn Girl adds. But either Brainiac's device can't really go through time.. Or something doesn't went us reaching Superman. Brainiac running up and shouting says. MY TIME BUBBLE! Cosmic Boy annoyed and pointing says. That's not what you should be worried about, Dox Phantom Girl coming though the wall says. If you didn't bring back Superman, We still have to go help the fleet against those hostiles. And that's worth worrying about, unless Brande's staff found us another Superman!
      At the Wormhole trouble is heating up. A officer says. In trouble, Admiral Allon, Sir. The wormhole's large enough for them to start sending warships though. Allon on the Bridge says. I've requested assistance from Earth. But there's no movement. An officer then says. pressure waves deducted from the wormhole, Sir.. Allon then says. Battle Statons. Still no idea why they're attacking, Or where they're coming from- But we need to stop them.
      A officer then says. They're out- firing us. The ships take damage and Allon at this says. The attackers haven't moved away from the edge of the wormhole, one maneuver left. Order all ships to Ram. The comm officer then says. Admiral! incoming traffic. Allon can only say. Please, Let it be help...
       In a two page spread. The Legion has showed up. A voice thinks. Help? It's a bunch of kids. outloud some one says. Somehow, I think they're more than that. The attacking Legion also has a new member.. Ultra Boy.
       In the Legion craft nearby Phantom Girl and triplicate girl are watching. They see Ultra Boy say. Closing in. Phantom Girl at this says. New boy's cute. Triplicate Girl at this says. Not superman, But he's handy... Superman could toss that whole fleet away if the legends were true. Watching the action and talking more. Phantom Girl says. They're not doing badly out there. Are you sure you need me here? It looks fun. Triplicate Girl then adds. I could let a duplicate back me up. But we tend to mirror our mistakes, too.. Better to have a real co-pilot. At this Phantom Girl says. oh, okay, But you  owe me.
      Back at Legion HQ a voice says. we're on the same side, I tell you.. Now SHOO... Inside and at this Invisible Kid says. But Mister Brande-- Brande then adds. We are two old men who argue. But like old married people. For all I annoy him, Mycroft knows I help stitch broken United Planets back together. If I'm not safe with head of security directorate, then When? Go chase ghost assassins, Hokay? Mycroft as they are leaving says. I appreciate your confidence, Brande.. And I think you'll find what I have to show you.. Fascinating.
      Soon Invisible Kid is entering a room where Brainiac is. Talking he says. Thought I'd get more respect as a Legionnaire.. Guess not.. Brainiac working says something to him. Pass me the temporal Dynometer since you're here. Norg.. Assuming you know what.. As Invisible Kid puts it in his hand he adds. oh.. you do. Invisible Kid then says. obviously. And you should watch that bubble's powers consumption. It looks like it wasn't well synchronized.
      This get's Brainiac thinking and he starts to out loud. Naturally, time travel is ihherently.. Asynchronous... ASYNCHRONOUS. running then near knocking something over but also nearly tripping he adds. She said she came thought the wormhole from an Asynchronous world.. out the door he shouts. PHANTOM GIRL!
       At the battle going on. Allon watching says. Amazing. These young people are worth a fleet by themselves. An officer then says. Databank identifies the one in red(ultra boy) as from rimbor, Sir. The outlaw world. Are you sure he's on our side. Allon still watching the fight says. Looks like they all are. Outlaw or not, He and those Legionnaires are doing more damage to that alien fleet than we could. 
     Watching more he adds. They're disabling that who fleet. Cosmic Boy out in the action over a helmet radio asks. How are we doing? Saturn Girl using her powers on the Aliens says. I can't make out their thoughts clearly. But they're broadcasting pure fear.  Colossal Boy tosses a ship towards the wormhole saying. And back though the wormhole for you.
      Soon as a ships retreat thought the wormhole one of the Legionnaire's says. We did it! On board his ship the Admiral is issuing a order. Singal Earth we don't need any- suddenly one of the crew says. Incoming communication from the cruiser, sir! Colossal Boy is soon on the screen. The admiral can only say. Gim?  Colossal Boy reply is. Hey dad, Glad we could lend a hand! He adds more doing a thumbs up as well. That's Colossal Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes... And you're welcome.

     Back on Earth a car is leaving the Legion HQ. Brande says. So, you take me away from my Legionnaires to go joyriding? Mycroft says. Hardly. I have been concered about your Legion since you first met them, Brande. And all the credits you have spread around the United Planets council can't change that. There are matters afoot beyond their ken.. or yours. old fakir.. As Mycroft is surrounded in darkness he adds. And you will you be permitted to alter what is destined. Thus the comic ends.


This comment was not too bad. Builds more on Legion history for readers not use to it and also helps to show forces at work on a grand scale. Over all a must buy and a fun read. With only one issue left this comic is nearing it end.

ps. I blame Mass Effect for the delay

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