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Legion Lost #7 March 2012

        The Comic starts with a Women saying. Help me-PLEASE. She is on a bed in a hospital. She adds further. I head their footsteps drawing closer. T-they-re coming for me, again. As a figure in black comes she adds. What do they WANT? Why do they keep TORTURING me? Why can't they leave me alone???? The person has a needle with green liquid in it. The person can only yell AAAAARGH!

       The Scene shifts to New York City. A text box says. Another day, Another scramble for surival. At least that's how OSMAN BIN AFFADI views life-- As he rifles though a recently acquired purse. Encased within his armor of jaded cynicism, OZ, As he prefers to be called for all the obvious reasons, truly believes he has seen and done it all-- As a blue portal opens. Until now. The Legion has arrived. Dawnstar says. THIS is the greatest city of the era?? Timber Wold adds. What a STENCH! Heightened senses-- Not a PLUS at the moment! Tyroc to Gates says. Good job, Gates! You found a deserted Alley. Gates at this can only say. I debated about dropping' ya in the middle of TIMES SQUARE.

      Timber Wolf picking up gates says. You can relax now, Little Bug! I've got you. gates at this says. Payback for makin' ,e TELEPORT ya across the whole splotzing country! UGnn. Oz watching this is schocked. Tyroc talking to Tellus then asks. Tellus, we're going to need you to-- Tellus interrupts and says. Already read your mind.. Tyroc... As their apprence changes he adds. These fashions relate.. To a cultural phenomenon... called the KARDASHIANS... An obsession... which occupies.. the minds of many. Chameleon Girl adds. No accounting for TASTE. Tyroc adds annoyed. Whatever! We need to find a place to stay-- Oz is watching as they walk away. And these disguises will allow us to move around without attracting attention. Timber Wolf looking back at where Oz was say. yeah...
      Soon sometime Later in a nearby hotel. Chameleon Girl is talking. Ahh... A LUXURY SUITE! much more suitable than that smarmy motel back in Minnesota. Dawnstar to this then asks. Is it Yera? Tyroc to Dawnstar then says. Something wrong with the accommodations, Dawnstar? Dawnstar then voices her thoughts more with the way we ACQUIRED them, Tyroc. We came to this primitive era to HELP the inhabitants and should stop EXPLOITING them-- Like we do every time TELLUS mentally pushes them into supplying us with free food or lodging. isn't that right Wildfire? Wildfire playing with his powers says. uhh... sure. Whatever you say. Timber Wolf sitting in a chair adds. Dawny's got a point, Ty/ We should at least try to fit in while we're here. Tyroc then reply's with. I agree, Timber Wolf... IN PRINCIPAL. It's just not PRACTICAL. These people still use HARD CURRENCY-- And ACQUIRING it would require too much time. Chameleon Girl changing into a fast food outfit then says. EEEUE! Not only would we have to adopt secret identities to pass among the primitives-- can you imagine the kinds of JOBS we'd have to  settle for? Would you like FRIES with-- Suddenly she let's out a ARRRK! Tyroc and Dawnstar come up to help. Tyroc says. You okay, Chameleon Girl? Ay this she says. S-shapeshifting has become rather PAINFUL since.. uhhh.. my recent unpleasantness. Dawnstar adds. Lean on me, Yera.
       Tyroc talking again then says. I'll admit we've bent a few laws since we arrived, But we can't forget the real reason we're here/ The LEGION OF SUPER_HEROES sent us from the 31ST CENTURY to stop an ECO-TERRORIST from releasing the mutagenic HYPERTAXIS VIRUS in this time period. Although he recently escaped our custody, we located ALASTOR"S latest hideout-- Based on maps and brochures found at the scene, we believe ALASTOR is headed for NEW YORK CITY. Tyroc then adds. His iltimate goal is still anyone's guess. Gates then says. Splotz Alastor and whatever he's planning'! I just want to wrap myself in a worm cocoon and hibernate for a year or so. Wildfire at this says. I-is he serious?
       Suddenly a voice says. P-please-- PLEASE HELP ME! Tellus at the hotel says. ugggk. Someone then asks him. What is it, Tellus? What's wrong. Tellus then says. Experienced a PSYCHIC SCREAM! A women held PRISONER.. TORTURED. Dawnstar has a instant reaction. We need to reach her immediately. How soon can you pinpoint her location and-- Tyroc quick to try and control the situation says. WHOA! WHOA! Not so fast. Dawnstar a little surprised at this says. What are you saying ty? Tyroc then adds. This sounds like a matter for the local authorities. We can certainly alert them-- But we can't be distracted from our own mission. Gates then adds his two cents. Wake up and smell the JONO, Tyroc. Our mission SPLOTZED. We already FAILED to stop Alastor from releasing the HYPERTAXIS. Might as well pack up and try to find a way home-- if that's even POSSIBLE. Wildfire then adds his voice. ANYTHING"S possible, Gates-- Especially to the LEGION. But I agree that the time may have come for us to REASSESS our mission parameters.
        He then adds. Let's face it, Ty. We've been on DEFENSE even since we arrived. Your're a diplomatic who blieves every problem can be solved by discussion and compromise. We need to change tactics and become more PROACTIVE. For the team's welfare, You should step down as mission leader. Tyroc at this then asks. Who's going to replace me, Wildfire? YOU? That's exactly what we need- A hothead in charge! Wildfire can only say/ why you-- before Dawnstar interrupts them by shouting. STAND DOWN-- THE BOTH OF YOU! more quickly she adds. We don't have time for macho posturing. Not while a woman's life is at stake. As LEGION, We have a responsibility to protect the innocent. What do the rest of you think? YERA? TELLUS? GATES. She looks over and says T-Timber Wolf...? only to see that he is gone.
        The scene shifts to Oz drinking a drink. Dawnstar finishes saying. Where did he go? Suddenly a hand grabs Oz and it is Timber Wolf. He adds. talking. Why are you spying on my team? Oz says. you're CRAZY man! I don't know what the-- Timber Wolf not taking this says. You can tell me the truth now-- or AFTER I've shattered your Ribs/ Oz a little shocked and surprised says. CHILL! CHILL! There's no need for hostility. I spotted you guys back in the alley and figured I could be of service. Based on the winged babe, the talking bug and the giant frog, pretty obvious you're strange's in town. I.. I'm just curious about your intentions. Timber Wolf putting his claws near Oz says. If I meant you harm, These claws would already by dripping-- With your blood. Oz at this then says. There you go Again. Getting hostile. You need a guy like me to show you around. I know EVERYTHING that goes down in this city. I can even tell you where a certain gang banks its cash. Timber Wolf thoughtfulllie says. CASH? as in CURRENCY--?
        The scene shifts to the girl saying. ARRRGH!. Suddenly we are inside her mind or a projection of something. Tellus looking like a human says. Try to calm down, my dead. Help is on the way. We'll set you free. The girl says. W-who are you? Tellus says. A friend. You can me TELLUS. She says. O.. I'm Katia. W-Where are we and how did we get here? Tellus Reply's with. We are inside your mind thanks to a special TALENT I possess. I heard your cry for help-- And my... Uhhh.. Associates... are already mounting a rescue mission. Dawnstar flying say(thinks to Tellus) Tellus, I'm following your thoughts like a beacon and am closing in on her location.
       Tellus says. Be cautious... Dawnstar. Based solely on the fear.. she projects.. one mus assume. her captors.. armed and dangerous. Channeling your thoughts..  Dawnstar... to the others. Chameleon Girl says. Tyroc, Wildfire and I are ready and can wake gates if he's needed. Tyroc adds. Once you're scouted the area, we'll devise an extraction plan. Wildfire then adds. I'll be leading the rescue mission, Dawny- so there won't be any foul-ups. Dawnstar then thinks(says) I hate to disappoint you, Wildfire-- But the mission's a NO-Go. the reply is why? What's the problem? Dawnstar answer is. I have arrived on site and have eyes on Katia. This is no tortue chamber.. It's a MEDICAL FACILITY.
        Meanwhile Uptown. Timber Wolf and Oz are talking. Timber Wolf says. Do I understand you correctly? These muscle-heads sell illegal drugs and store their profits in that building? Oz says. Straight up! Timber Wolf then asks. Why haven't the authorities taken action? Oz can only say. Maybe they aren't as plugged in as the oz man. What's the matter-- Don't you trust me? Timber Wolf says. Absolutely not. Oz a little put off says. Sigh and here I thought we were past that whole hostility thing. So what's your plan? Timber Wolf says. PLAN--? You want a plan? Team up with BATMAN!
       Back at the hotel a voice says. Are you serious? It is Tyroc and he hadds. You want to waste even MORE time on this Women? Why? She seems to be in a COMA and belongs in the HOSPITAL. Dawnstar at this says. Y-you didn't see the CONDITIONS there. They we're barely a step beyond LEECHES and BLEEDING'S! Tyroc then reply's with. I don't want to sound CALLOUS, But there's NOTHING we can do about the current medical practices. None of us are DOCTORS and we only have a few basic MEDKITS. Dawnstar can only say. I know.. I.. I.. just wish we could help her. Wildfire then says. We all do, Dawny. But even I've got to side with Tyroc here, We need to move on. Tyroc then says. I appreciate the support, Drake. Chameleon Girl then says. Where do we go from here, Ty? he then says. We need to find Timber Wolf. Tellus, Can you link to his mind? Tellus--?

         However Tellus is inside Katia mind. She is asking him a question. What kind of name is Tellus? His reply is. I=It's an old family name. My parents are rather traditional-- Although they often act like they belong on a different planet. Katia then asks. I can't imagine how you created this fantasy land-- or why I'm not freaking out right now. Tellus at this says. Told you I had a special talent. Mind if I ask how you ended up in the hospital/ Her reply is. I.. I never realized how good I had it. terrific friends. supportive parents. A great college in my future. It all disappeared the instant-- I took my eyes off the road to send one snarky text. Two of my bffs DIED that night. And it was my FAULT! Telus wisefully at this says. So you assumed you were being punished. It was a accident, Katia. Sometimes bad things happen-- to good people!
       In a two page spread. Timber Wolf is attacking the gang. One of the member's says. Dude's Psycho! Gotta be to run solo against the BELMONT BROOD. Another says. You gonna die SLOW and PAInFUFFFT! as Timber Wolf takes him out. At this Timber Wolf adds. Probably but not today. Today's about mutual benefit. I get a little exercise. You help a good cause.
       Back in Katia made she is speaking. I',m feeling so much better now. I never want to return to the real world. At this Tellus says. I wish you could stay here forever-- But that may not be possible. As she pets a giant frog Katia adds. Ypu're a good man, Tellus. so kind and gentle. But something's troubling you. I can see it in your eyes. You have a SECRET. Out in the real world her parents are getting ready to make a choice. However she adds. What is it? What's wrong.
       The scene shifts back to Timber Wolf and Oz. Oz is asking you--! Y-you alive in there, man? Timber Wold appears behind him causing oz to tell/scream. Timber Wolf then says. I'm fine. so is every one else-- If you don't count bruises, concussions and broken bones. As he looks though a bag he says. You were right about the illegal pharmaceuticals. Dumped em in a furnace a few blocks away. Oz then says. You gotta quite creeping me, dude! H-how'd you--? Timber wold then says. Just smell the air, my friend. he hopes a bad he asks. I have a question about currecny. Is this considered a lot? Oz says. OH, YEAH! Even after you subtract my commission. Timber Wold then says. Commission--? Since when do sidekicks get paid? Oz then says. Don't you dare S-WORD me, Man! I an't nobody's wonder boy. C'MON, MAN! I deserve a slice. Timber Wolf can only say sorry Life isn;t always FAIR as he walks away! 
        The scene shifts back to Tellus and Katia. Tellus says. Katia says. Uggnnn. s-something happening, Tellus. Tellus says. I'm afraid your physical shell has begun to fail. She adds/ Don't worry about me! I'm ready to face whatever's coming. I'm more concerned about you. The SECRET you're hiding-- It concerns your friends! y-you know something they dpn't And feel like you're betraying them. Tellus, you were given a great responsibility. You can't take your etes off the road. Not even for an instant. Sometimes bad things happen to-- Tellus then says. Thank you Katia. You may have saved a world...

        In the real world in her hospital room. A doctor says. She's... gone. In the hotel room. Wildfire asks. A-are you all right- big fella? Tyroc says. EARTH to TELLUS! Why have you been staring into space like that? You look like you lost your best friend. Has something happened to TIMBER WOLF? Talk to us Tellus-- We can't help you if we son't know what's wrong. This this issue ends.

This comic was quite good. The store with Katia was quite nice and helps to flush out more of Tellus character. all in all a good start for the new writer and team behind it.

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