Friday, April 27, 2012

Legion of Super-heroes secret origins 6 of 6

cast of characters
Chameleon Boy aka Reep Daggle
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Phantom Gril aka Tinya Wazzo
Colossal Boy aka Gim Allon
Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Lighting Lad aka Garth Ranzz
Triplicate Girl aka Luornu Durgo

     The comic starts at R.J Brande's home. Mycroft controlled is thinking. I have debated causing R.J. Brande's ACCIDENTAL death many times. For the sake of our United Planets. But now I find myself curiously determined. There will be no repercussions from the council- or Brande's peculiar LEGION of children. When the assassins who have been repeatedly attacking him at his own home.. And injuring me as well.

       Mycroft is speaking while Brande is placed in a chair. You've bribed your last councilor. R.J. And your Legionnaires will be a weapon for the security directorate- Not a private army. Comfortable? As he pulls out a device he says. Plausible at the least. Farewell as he plants down a bomb. Suddenly he says no. Chameleon Boy appears from something and Mycroft says. It's not possible! Chameleon Boy answers with. Why? Because you've never seen a Durlan shiftier before? or because it disrupts your little murder plan? He tosses the bomb it goes off and he adds. Or you're in denial that the Legion would have a second bodyguard for its patron? Mycroft thinking says. miscalalculation. My mistake.. and hos.. A drone fires it guns at Chameleon Boy.

            The scene shifts to Brainiac 5 talking to Phantom Girl. Brainiac says. Mistake? It's a catastrophe! How could you not realize that the wormhole connecting your world and ours- And the invaders- act through TIME as well as space? Phantom Girl then says. I told you. I'm a traveller. Not a theorist. I got where I'm told. Brainiac says. B-but... you could be from the past... The future... even a completely alternate dimension or universe. At this Phantom Girl says. I told you. I'm from BGTZL. It's just a place.
       Brainiac then says. Hmmm.. But if it's TRUE... with a von vlack conversion of the Asynchronous drive.. Yes... YES! I CAN do it I CAN destroy it totally! Phantom Girl says. Completely...
       The scene shifts to Antopes and the wormhole. Admiral Allon says. Complete victory, Thanks to you.. Enough to make me forgive you for not joining the fleet.. Almost. He is talking to his son Colossal Boy and Colossal Boy adds. Dad.. you're embarrassing me! Ultra Boy then adds. One Nano I'm on Rimbor, trying to figure out which gang to join with these powers. Then I get dragged here. And-- Saturn Girl interrupts saying. And you're in something much better than a gang. You made a big difference, too. Not the same as if we'd damaged to enlist Superman, though.
     Admiral Allon then says. But how are we going to stop the NEXT attack through the wormhole? If your group goes back to Earth. We'll need to keep the whole United Planets Fleet here. Cosmic Boy then says. We'll help, Admiral. Lighting Lad adds. Count on the Legion, sir. Lighting Lad then says. Minister Brande's staff is scouting more members for us. Admiral Allon says. I don't think there's a lot like you out there. Cosmic Boy adds. Garth's a unique, Admiral, But not all of us are. I'm surprised the fleet never came recruiting to Braal. Allon says. Hmph... well security// Suddenly a comm officer says. Incoming! It is Brainiac and Phantom Girl. Brainiac says. Adimiral- Hang on! I have the answer!

           The scene shifts to Mycroft be questioned by Chameleon Boy in the form of a gaint Squid. he says. ANSWER me, Mycroft! You were stupid enough to try to attack a shape changer with a blaster, But you're not crazy. Why were you trying to kill Brande? Mycrfot says. unnhh.. hhh. Chameleon Boy the says. Not much of an answer. Starting to look like the assassins Saturn Girl couldn't read. But that would mean whoever's behind this can even reach into that security directorate that Mycroft's part of. behind him the shadow controlling Mycroft is behind him but Chameleon Boy cannot see him. He is still talking. So how do I keep Brande safe?
         On Allon's ship. Phantom Girl and Brainiac have arrived. Brainiac talking says. Safe? of course it's not safe. I'm proposing using the damaged Time Bubble to unleash unstable chronal energy to destroy the wormhole as a portal from when and wherever it leads. It's certainly not safe. He adds but it WILL work. Adrimal Allon asks. With what collateral Damage? Brainiac says. Unpredictable. But necessary and therefore acceptable risk. Ultra Boy steps in and says. And you gonna blow yourself up too, Coluan? Brainiac at this says. My force shield should provide a significant possibility of survival.
       At this Ultra Boy says. Big word. Significant. Bet it's a little number, Little Man. Brianiac says. Large enough. Suddenly Phantom Girl steps between them and says. Boys. Then adds. I came FROM the other side, And I think I'd like to go home before you make it impossible. So since your little explosion can't hurt me... If you'll stop arguing, And show me the control settings to use! Cosmic Boy says. Are you SURE? her reply is. Absolutely.
       Ultra Boy says. You can't Cosmic Boy adds. You need to understand.Brainiac touches the glass. She at first says. Boys.. Then as it is leaving. this is MY party. The bubble then starts to fly into the wormhole and their is a rathooam.
      At the same time as this is happening the scene shifts back to R.J Brande home. A black Shadow rises saying. Face Me, Durlan. Chameleon Boy can only say. What the--? The being adds. As yourself. there is no hiding from the end of all things. he forces Chameleon Boy to ask. I-I I'm changing?? How? The being says. Your power is nothing to me. I am he who waits a the world's end.. And your Legion will not surive to challenge me. I twisted universe's to reach out to keep your alliance from coming into being. Hard as it is for me to maintain a presence now, Brande must die so your Legion does not flouish. And I will have have his life now. Suddenly his is bathed in a pink light which forces him to yell NO!
     Then NOOOO. My... Gateway. he then disspears yelling NOOOOOO. Brande wakes up and asks. ohh- wh-where... Chameleon Boy comes to him and says. It's okay..You're safe. I think. But I'm not sure why.
    At the wormhole they which it change.  Colossal Boy says. I hope she made it okay. Brainiac adds. Unless the 1.8 % chance of the explosion destabilizing the gateway instantaneously.. Cosmic Boy adds. Lives shouldn't be measured that way. Dox. We can't play percentage games. Legionnaires need absolute thrust in each other. At this Brainiac says. But I-I'm not.. Cosmic Boy goes on saying. If you can grow up a bit, you will be. We've barely started and already there's a gap in our ranks. Phantom Girl. We salute your! Phantom Girl comes though the window and says. Sweet, cos. Colossal Boy says. Huh? Saturn Girl yells TINYA!
      Ultra Boy then says. You're safe!  Colossal Boy adds. You decided to stay! Phantom Girl says. Easy, Legionnaires. I just decided this might really be the place to call home. BGTZL's not nearly as interesting. Besides. As she hugges Brainiac. I kinda like my new buddies. Brainiac says. ummm.ummm.. Phantom Girl adds. 'Specially when they're speechless.
       The scene moves to the Legion Clubhouse. Lighting Lad is talking with Saturn Girl. She says. Speeches by the whole U.P. Council and the head of Earthgov... Wow. Saturn Girl adds. With the Admiral's growing report. opposition to the Legion seems to have crumbled. She adds. They'll all be at the dedication of the HQ. Lighting Lad then says. Even what's his name. The security Snark. At this Saturn Girl says. Myrocft? well... Triplicate Girl comes up and says. hey, I finished going through all these files Brande's put together. There's lots of Good candidates for us to consider! And the brainiac swears he's foxed the flaw in the time bubble! Saturn Girl then adds. Then I know exactly where we have to start!(Superman)

The scene shifts to the security dictortic. Zarl is talking. So it appears that Brande will have is private army after all. And perhaps the United Planets will benefit. Anisa then asks. Has Mycroft relented? Zarl at this then says with no surprise. After Brande dropped the murder charges, and convinced the council to ignore the whole incident. Sincere or not, They give every appearance of being two old friends. Switching to a viw of the wormhole disappearing. he adds. And the creatue behind the assassination attempts seems to have disappeared with the wormhole. Even though it was light years away. Anisa then adds. I see it returning. Zarl... and I believe I can even make out its name. The TIME TRAPPER.
      In a two page spread of the Legion and it's members. She adds. But when it does, The Legion will be waiting. The comic ends. With never the end Long live the Legion            

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