Monday, August 27, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes #10

Cast of Characters

Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Dream Girl aka Nura Nal
Mon-EL aka Lar Gand
Star Boy aka Thom Kallor
Duplicate Damsel aka Luornu Durgo
Mwindaji aka Gahiju
Otaki aka Bina Nawoti
Bouncing Boy aka Chuck Taine
Comet Queen aka Grava

      The comic starts in Meropolis, Earth, in the 31st century and Cosmic Boy is standing in front of the Dominator embassy on Earth and is thinking. Close enough.. Don't want to get picked up by surveillance equipment. Now on the roof to see if there is metal to use his powers he thinks. Resistance over here... Lots of metal below.. Can't cut the Embassy off from etherfeed data, But without power... ANd boy, Do the Dominators LOVE using powers... As he uses his powers to turn the power off he thinks. Not that I'm shy about it in a good cause.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Legion Lost #10

          The comic starts in a Time Bubble with the Lost Legion in it. The narrator starts by saying. The TIME STREAM rages-- CHURNING and HAMMERING the speeding craft. Have only moments passed since these Lost LEGIONNAIRES entered this stolen TIME BUBBLE? Barely escaping the ANTARCTIC COMPLEX that served as the grand arena for THE CULLING? Only minutes since the joined the TEEN TITANS in battle against the Man-Monster HARVEST? Timber Wolf the first one to speak says. Awfully bumpy ride, Little bug. Gates at this says. Doing my best, Brin. Controls aren't responding properly. Off in a corner Wildfire asks. How did HARVEST ever manage to obtain a TIME BUBBLE-- Or all his other 31st century tech? Chameleon Girl at this says. Such questions should have been answered BEFORE we fled, WILDFIRE. Gates at this says. Not like we had a choice, Yera! Whole place was imploding around us. He then adds. Hang on! We may have overshot the mark by a few years, But we're HOME. WE"RE FINALLY HOME! Timber Wolf looking out says. Are we--?!

Monday, August 20, 2012

From The Vault Superman 147

      The comic starts with Lex Luthor in prison talking to the warden and asking to repair other prisoners broken radios. However after he is approved he steals pieces and builds a radio. The radio he makes can travel though the time barrier and because he thinks that the Legion exists in the future that a evil Legion exists in the future as well and calls them asking them to save him.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

From the Vault Superboy vol 1 89

       The comic starts with Clark Kent and his family watching the stats when Clark spots a ship coming into the atmosphere. He changes over to Superboy and flies up to the ship and stops it from crashing. However as he lands with it the fuel tanks start to burst into flames and so he gets the boy trapped inside out of it of the craft and into safety.