Monday, August 20, 2012

From The Vault Superman 147

      The comic starts with Lex Luthor in prison talking to the warden and asking to repair other prisoners broken radios. However after he is approved he steals pieces and builds a radio. The radio he makes can travel though the time barrier and because he thinks that the Legion exists in the future that a evil Legion exists in the future as well and calls them asking them to save him.

      At dawn a gun, helmet and a belt appear on the floor and the the Legion of Super-Villains tell him they will soon appear in Luthor's time as well. Luthor then escapes using the gun to low a hole in the wall. Luthor then flies off using the flight belt he was given and as he flies a flying saucer appears and a voice announces it is the villains.
      The group then reveals how they got their powers. Up first is Cosmic King who reveals he can transmuation items as a result of a accident of stepping into a transmution ray. He becomes embittered when his planet exiled him due to them thinking the power evil. Next is Lighting Lord brother to the Legion's Lighting Lad who both gained their powers from a lighting monster. However unlike his brother he choose to the path of evil. Last to tell a story is Saturn Queen who has super-hypnotism abilities and who after leaving Saturn had the desire to do evil and joined the Super-villains. The Super-villains announce that the Legion of Super-heroes is making it difficult for them to do crimes and they came to this era to destroy Superman.

        The plan is started when Lighting Lord attacks an event that Superman is hosting and forces him to flee. Later on Cosmic King comes to where Superman and his statue is and causes it to fall on Superman and weaken him as Cosmic King turns it to Kryptonite. The next day he spots a monster that is holding Lois Lane and as he chases after it they move to another Solar System. As he goes down a pit the monster went into it disappears and he becomes traped in a Kryptonite force field. The Legion of Super-villains reveal themselves and sentence Superman to death for all his good deeds. Behind Luthor appears and tells Superman he has won. However suddenly the Legion of Super-heroes appear and outmatch their evil counterparts. However Luthor then comes up next to Superman and threatens to pull the switch on the ray device holding him. Cosmic King then boosts that non of the heroes would sacrifice themselves for Superman. The good legion draws straws and Saturn Girl Draws the short one and says she will die for him.

Saturn Queen is shocked at this. However Superman asks to do one last feat in honor of her and Lex Luthor agrees. Superman flies to Saturn with a gaint shovel he makes and get's pieces of the rings. he then goes back to the planetoid and makes a ring of them around the planet. Hoowever before Luthor can kill Saturn Girl, Saturn Queen stops them and we learn the rings help to keep Saturn's population unevil. The comic ends with Luthor back in prison and him and the Legion of Super-Villains caged.  


This issue comes in a point in Legion history where their was a adult Legion and a teenage era legion. This was done since Superboy was created to be the young adventures of Superman. However to makes things easier I called the Legion by the teenage era names for this issue as this would soon no longer apply to the Legion history and the Legion of Super-Villains would exists at the same time as the teenage era of the legion

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