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Legion Lost #10

          The comic starts in a Time Bubble with the Lost Legion in it. The narrator starts by saying. The TIME STREAM rages-- CHURNING and HAMMERING the speeding craft. Have only moments passed since these Lost LEGIONNAIRES entered this stolen TIME BUBBLE? Barely escaping the ANTARCTIC COMPLEX that served as the grand arena for THE CULLING? Only minutes since the joined the TEEN TITANS in battle against the Man-Monster HARVEST? Timber Wolf the first one to speak says. Awfully bumpy ride, Little bug. Gates at this says. Doing my best, Brin. Controls aren't responding properly. Off in a corner Wildfire asks. How did HARVEST ever manage to obtain a TIME BUBBLE-- Or all his other 31st century tech? Chameleon Girl at this says. Such questions should have been answered BEFORE we fled, WILDFIRE. Gates at this says. Not like we had a choice, Yera! Whole place was imploding around us. He then adds. Hang on! We may have overshot the mark by a few years, But we're HOME. WE"RE FINALLY HOME! Timber Wolf looking out says. Are we--?!

         When they then get out they see a city destroyed and the Headquarters abandoned. Wildfire then asks. W-what's happened to this CITY-- And all its INHABITANTS?! Dawnstar adds. Our HEADQUARTERS appears abandoned-- ANd I cannot sense any sign of the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. Timber Wolf at this and from his senses says. I.. I'm afraid I CAN. T-there's a faint trace of HUMAN REMAINS in the air. Tyroc also looking around says. The VEGETATION has already begun to reclaim the land. This DESTRUCTION occurred YEARS ago. Timber Wolf then asks Gates. How far did we overshoot, Gates? Gates at this and surprised says. Not far enough for this. A year, Two at max.
        Chameleon Girl then tells Tyroc. I WARNED you, Tyroc! Told ya we couldn't leave HARVEST"S influence behind. Tyroc not really playing attention says. It is possible we've stumbled into an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE? Chameleon Girl at this says. Doesn't matter. We must return to the past-- IMMEDIATELY-- Before we're permanently trapped in this timeline. Do you hear me, Tyroc? TYROC?! Wildfire and Dawnstar who are flying up to move elsewhere says to Chameleon Girl says. Forget him, Chameleon Girl! Ty's gone bye-bye. He then adds. Gates, see what you can learn by teleporting around the globe. Dawnstar and I will determine if this devastation extends into space. The two in space see devastation causing Dawnstar to say. Whatever CAUSED this cataclysm left no trail. No tracks. Nothing. At this Wildfire says. Let's head back. We've seen enough for now. My containment suit was damaged fighting HARVEST, And I need to find a replacement. Below Gates comes though one of his Gates and over Paris says. Fascist fools have finally done it. Turned the entire Earth into A GHOST WORLD!
        At the base of the remains of the Legion HQ Tellus says. No conscious thoughts... No proof of life... Can I detect. Tyroc frozen but thinking to himself thinks. The prophecy--! I was a fool to think I could escape it. Timber Wolf talking to him trying to get a response says. YO, TYROC! Never thought I'd see you at a loss for words. Teams's counting on you to ACT like a leader. Lose the BRAIN FREEZE or I'LL-- This causes Tyroc to attack him with a AHHRRRR! Tyroc then says. Great PEP TALK, Timber Wold, NOT! Timber Wold getting up to this says. It was good enough to ignite your engine. Chameleon Girl a bit annoyed says. "Sigh" You boys ready to put away the rules and deal with the CRISIS at hand? Tyroc at this says. We'll start in LEGION HEADQUARTERS. We may find clues to what happened or-- At the very least-- Salvage some useful tech. And Timber Wolf... thanks.

           The scene shifts to the present and an A.R.G.U.S facility. A voice says. The subject is TERRORISM. Inside Major Nicholson from a earlier issue says. Exactly why am I here, Colonel Trevor? The colonel at this says. All will be explained, Major Nicholson. He points to someone next to him and says. This is MR. WINSTON, currently assigned to HOMELAND SECURITY. Mr. Winston at this says. We hear great things about you, Major. You and your team at the the... umm... CLINIC in Madison Wisconsin. The colonel then adds. Major, A terrorist attack occurred in NEW YORK CITY last week. Parties unknown released some kind of PSI-BOMB, Rendering everyone UNCONSCIOUS within a three-block blast radius. Most of the victims recovered within an HOUR-- Although numerous INJURIES and at least four FATALITIES were also reported. Others may have been involved, But I believe you've met our primary suspects. At a picture of the Lost legion the major says. I have colonel. The colonel then adds. Your knowledge and experience may prove invaluable, Major. Homeland Security has already arranged for you to temporarily reassigned from A.R.G.U.S to Mr. Winston. The suspects must be CAPTURED or CANCELED. The major at this says. Canceled...? The colonel then adds. I trust this isn't your first Rodeo, Ma'am.
       Meanwhile back in the future their is a sound of Twak Twak and Chameleon Girl in a beast form is opening a wall with a Twoom. A voice says. Well done, Yera! Inside Dawnstar says. This storage locker's empty like the rest. Either the LEGION carried off everything of value-- Or looters ransacked the place after they left. Elsewhere Wildfire looks at a one of his suits and is talking out loud to himself. No! No! All of my spare containment suits-- SHATTERED AND LEFT IN RUINS! Unless I can repair or replace my current suit-- My Anti-Energy will continue to leask-- To dissipate until...

      Back in the past Mr. Winston is talking to the Major in front of a meeting room holding Oz. We interviewed various victims of the psi-attack and isolated anyone who seemed suspicious. This lad was carrying a stolen smart phone. His name is OSMAN BIN AFFADI-- and as he shows a picture of him and Timber Wold adds. And we have CTV footage of him with one of the suspects. The major sees it and says. TIMBER WOLF! The major goes into the room and says to Oz. I have some questions for you, Mr. Affadi. Oz at this says. Why don't you just call me Oz, Sweet thing. Who does a guy have to grease for a couple'A Burgers, Large fries-- No salt-- and a diet soda? Trying to watch the sugar. The Major at this says. Thin you're a wise guy, don't you? Holding up something she adds. We have photographic evidence of you palling around with a suspected TERRORIST. Oz at this says. Timber Wolf's no terrorist. He's my bro. The Major then asks. Any idea where I can find him? Oz at this says. What's it worth to you?
      Back in the future the Lost Legion is around the time bubble and Gates coming though one of his portals says. Lookee here! Found some spare clothes. We can finally ditch these white eyesores HARVEST supplied. Chameleon Girl then asks. Any chance you stumbled on a functional containment suit? At this and to Wildfire Gates says. Sorry, Drake. Chameleon Girl to the others then asks. There's a chance HARVEST kept your original, Wildfire. One more reason to return-- As if PREVENTING this wasn't motivation enough. Gates at this says. What if Harvest was actually trying to SAVE the future? Maybe we accidentally caused this mess by fighting him. Tellus using his link asks Tyroc. What... TROUBLES you.. Tyroc? What is this.. fear? Tyroc says. It is the reason my people have always considered me SPECIAL, Tellus-- And it has HAUNTED ME ever since I discovered it. Tellus then thinks to him. Some secrets.. Demand to be.. SHARED... Tyroc thinks to him. And others can only POISON relationships. In front Dawnstar to Chameleon Girl says. Why do you assume HARVEST is connected to this disaster? Maybe SUPERMAN or the JUSTICE LEAGUE failed to-- Chameleon Girl at this says. Don't be a fool! The evidence is--  
        Suddenly Wildfire fires a blast at them and as they jump out of the way he says. ENOUGH TA:L! Words won't FIX this reality. We need ACTION. They all look each other and Tyroc at this says. Right. We'll use the TIME BUBBLE to leap backward-- A DECADE at a time-- Until we link up with the LEGION or learn what caused this destruction. Chameleon Girl at this and unhappy with arms crossed says. This is a MISTAKE Tyroc. Tyroc at this says. Your objection is noted, Yera. Has anyone seen Tmber Wolf/ Dawnstar at this says. I'll find him.

      Dawnstar flying says loudly. Timber Wolf? TIMBER WOLF! Timber Wolf nearby says. Inside the HALL OF HEROES. As she goes into it she says. Tyroc wants us all in the TIME BUBBLE for immediate departure. What are you doing in here, Anyway? At this he says. Following a hunch. Surrounded by broken statues of themselves she says. T-THESE MEMORIALS--! Timber Wolf can only say. yeah... Then adds. Appears our teammates give us up for dead.
        Back in the past at a military training base Mr Winston is talking to the Major and says. Walk with me, Major. I want to introduce you to the Recon/Response Unit assigned to your mission. The Major at this says. Mr. Winston, The seven suspects posses Metahuman abilities and may even be ALIEN in origin. They took down an entire DIVISION of the military's finest, Including a few BIO/M.A.X.- Enhanced exoskeletons. As they stand and watch soldier  the Major adds. This better be one very special team your training. Mr. Winston at this says. It IS, Major-- As someone jumps on the Soldiers he adds. We call it PROJECT METAMERICAN!

        As Metamerican beats up people he adds. COLONEL TREVOR and A.R.G.U.S may liaise with the JUSTICE LEAGUE, But that team is composed of INDIVIDUALS whose loyalty to the UNITED STATES is QUESTIONABLE at best. Thus, We in HOMELAND SECURITY have instituted a number of top secret initiatives to develop our OWN Metahuman Assets. Below Soldiers are beaten up with a Twakk. The person doing this then salutes the Major and says. METAMERICAN reporting for duty, Ma'am. The major at this says. At ease.. Solder. Mr Winston then adds. His rank and real name are, of course, Classified. He points to three more Solders and says. The unit also includes WIDELOAD, team medic and spotter. Wideload says. Ma'am. Mr Winston goes on. TRIP specializes in transport and demo. Trip at this says. Pleasure. Mr Winston goes onto the next who is a women and says. And Gunner needs no explantion. The Major goes over to Gunner and says. A female sniper? Not enough of you in this men's Army. Gunner at this says. Could say the same for Majors, Sir. After and as they walk more Mr Winston to the Major says. What do you think, Major? The Major at this says. they seem like Good soldiers-- But they're hopelessly outmatched against TIMBER WOLF and company.
      Meanwhile in the time steam one of the Legionnaires says. Why isn't the Time Bubble SLOWING, Gates? We only wanted to dip ten years into the past. Gates at the controls says to this. I-it's these sprokkin' Controls. Like they got a mind'a their own. Chameleon Girl at this says. HARVEST! He must have known we'd find this TIME BUBBLE and reprogrammed it. In front Wildfire says. What ELSE haven't you told us about him, Yera? Suddenly as something happens in the team-stream one of them yells Griffe! The bubble is breaking around them causing Timber Wolf to say. The TIME BUBBLE-- SHATTERING like before-- Wildfire adds. WHERE- and WHEN-- Are we?!
       They are back to our time and in the Antarctic. Timber Wolf says. Gotta hand it to Harvest.. Guy;s thorough. Wiped his complex off the globe. Wildfire very surprised at all of this says. H-he must have left SOMETHING behind. Tyroc at this says. Wildfire, Since you can tolerate the freezing cold-- As the two fly off Chameleon Girl says. You scour the area while the rest of us head for warmer climes. Gates summoning a portal then says. Gota specific destination in mind or should I aim for the nearest TROPICAL BEACH with car service! Tyroc quite chilly says. Just take us back to NEW YORK CITY-- And hurry! Back in New York as they appear Tellus says. One moment.. Is all I need.. To restore.. Our human Guises. Chameleon Girl at this then says. Why return here when we should be pursuing HARVEST? Tyroc at this says. He isn't our ONLY concern, Yera. As they walk he adds. We left all our equipment behind when Harvest's people attacked us. Can't let it fall into the wrong hands.
       As they look at the hole in the wall where their room was Chameleon Girl says. I don't think that's going to be an issue. It was either DESTROYED or endued up with HARVEST. Tyroc at this says. Or the local authorities might have stumbled on it. Either way. Yera, That's a very BIG problem. I'll have TELLUS see what he can detect-- And we need a new place to stay. Timber WOld at this says. Want me to scare up my local contract? He knows the area a lot better than we do. Tyroc at this says. GATES is exhausted and I might need TELLUS to push someone-- So take YERA with you. Chameleon Girl at this  says. Sounds logical, But oh-so-transparent. Why don't you just be a man, Tyroc-- Admit you want me gone! Timber Wolf at this says. ENOUGH, Yera-- Or I'll be echoing that sentiment.
      Oz is in a sniper scope and Gunner says. I have eyes on the bait. Not that it maters-- Is this Oz character and ASSET or PAWN? The major on the rooftop with them says to this. Pawn. He doesn't know we're shadowing-- Although he did try to con me for a finder's fee. She then adds. Where is META-WHATEVER? Trip at this says. Out and about. He likes to keep a low profile. The major at this says. As long as he's here when we need him. Wideload at this says. never failed us yet. He then adds. Hold positions. The Major at this then asks. What is it, Wideload? What do you see? He says/ Though I caught the hint of a SHADOW on the alley wall. Oz is grabbed and see it was Timber Wolf says. TIMBER WOLF! Been worried about you, M'man! Who's your girlfriend? She's a real(Read angry Yera face) At this Timber Wolf says. FOCUS, Oz! Anyone been asking about me? Oz at this says. Some military babe! Told her you'd been kidnapped by some big nasties and bugged out for jersey. Timber Wolf at this says. Can you describe this Women? On the roof wideload says. We have contact. Primary target and an unidentified female. Gunner then says. Primary acquired. I await Go oder. She  push snick on her gun and is ready to fire. Timber Wolf looks up and one of them says. Something's gone WRONG. Timber Wolf looks up.


           It is Wideload and he adds's. Target is AWARE. He somehow made us. He's RABBITING-- Forcing the others to take COVER! OH, NO! h's turning toward us--! TAKE YOUR SHOT! GO! GO! The sniper rifle goes of fwith a BDAM and hits him with a BDAM six times. As the happens Chameleon Girl yells. TiMBER WOLF--!


This issue coming after the terrible the culling event was quite nice. It mentioned what happened before but soon went into its own path. However the story is still boring compared to what has happened in the past and still needs some work. However seeing a Earth in the future destroyed was quite nice to see and shows that maybe not everything is going to be good in the future

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