Sunday, August 5, 2012

From the Vault Superboy vol 1 89

       The comic starts with Clark Kent and his family watching the stats when Clark spots a ship coming into the atmosphere. He changes over to Superboy and flies up to the ship and stops it from crashing. However as he lands with it the fuel tanks start to burst into flames and so he gets the boy trapped inside out of it of the craft and into safety.

     Soon Superboy is overlooking the boy and sees that he has a costume similar to his but the colours reversed. He also finds a not on him in Krytonese written in the writing of his farther Jor-EL and reads that the ship the boy has come in was sent in the same path as Superboys one from years ago. Superboy then looks the boy over with his vision and spots a medallion from Jor-EL and also is mother. This makes Superboy sure the boy is his brother and as the boy wakes asks him questions that are on his mind. Superboy asks the boy if Jor-El means anything to him but the boy says to this that his memory is gone. Superboy then states what happened to Kryption to the boy. Soon Superoby wants to test the powers of this boy. He finds that he shows all the same powers as Superboy does and then takes him home to mmet his parents.
     After showing the boy to his mom he goes to the store he dad owns and after visiting his dad for a bad a visiting travelling salesmen comes into the store and Clark get's a idea. The idea is to create a civilian identity for the boy of a travelling Salemen with the name of Bob Cobb. Clark then gives him the name to use like his Superboy identity of Mon-EL. However soon the boys work together to stop a run away trailer.

After they stop it Superboy whistles for Krypto(his dog) and Krypto growl's at Mon-EL and both are stunned as they were not expecting this. Superboy that night Suspiciousof Mon-EL decides to use a box of Kyptonate when a narrow scope on it to test out Mon-EL and finds out he does not react to it and thus is no from the planet Kypton.
         The next day Clark is still suspicious and after school and a trying exam becomes more so when Mon-EL in his civilian identity gives a mirror to Lang Lang Clark's Girlfirend. This is not further helped when during a bank robbery Mon-EL at the bank collapses as he feels faint. Inside are some lead balls. When Superboy get's to the nank he does not believe Mon-EL and thinks he is faking weakness and let them escape. After this Superboy tells him to meet him somewhere for a workout. He then points the lead balls green and sends them to the planet he and Mon-EL will play at. Soon he arrives and they play some baseball. However the lead balls soon land and they began to harm Mon-El and he suddenly recalls his memories. He is from the Planet Daxam and if his people come into contract with lead it can kill them. As he lays dying he tells Superboy of his time on Krpyton and how they fixed his Spaceship.

       Mon-EL then asks Superboy to send him to the Phantom Zone and after he is sent. After This Superboy promises to help him one day even if it takes to him being Superman to do it and so ends the comic.


This comic is a out of order one as I forget to do it before but have now fixed it. This issue was not bad. It helps to introduce a Main member of the Legion of Super-heroes and while parts of it are cheesy is not all that bad for a silver age comic.

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