Sunday, July 15, 2012

From the Vault: Adventure Comics #305

      The comic starts in the tomb of Lighting Lad and with Saturn Girl saying why did he have to die and Cosmic Boy saying be proud of him. With Lighting Lad being died the Legion has a opening and people come to try out. The first is Antennae Boy who can get Radio broadcasts from the past, present and future. However when told to turn it off he says he can't and is ruled out. Next up is Dynamo Kid who has lighting powers. However Saturn Girl things this is something going on and comes up to Dynamo Kid and cuts a wire that she sees. The cut wire reveals it's self to be part of a miniature Hyper-Battery under his cloak and he is shown to be a hoax. The next applicant is called Lemon and shoes he can fly by himself without a belt. He then asks Colossal Boy to grow and shows that he can lift him in this state. He then also says that he goes by the name Marvel Lad. Cosmic Boy then tests him to see if he is a Robot. After it turns up that his is not Cosmic Boy asks Lemon on how do they not know if he is not Superboy in disguise. Lemon to disprove this goes into the Club House to get Kryptonite and shows that it has no effect upon him.

      It does not work and they also try lead out on him as well. Brainiac 5 then points out he is greater then Supernoy and Mon-EL with this ability. Cosmic Boy then reveals that Brainiac 5 is working on a cure to Mon-El's problem. He then tasks Marvel Lad as he wants to be called get more Fluvium as the first part of three for a initiation test. Marvel soon returns with the item and is told that his second task is to stop a Sun-eater and stop it from eating a sun. He soon does this defeating him with a blast of heat vision making it too hot for the creature inside the sun. Next he is tasked is to make a planet of weird monsters safe for space pilots to land when then need too.
      He defeats the monsters and when he returns to the Legion Club House he asks to join the Legion but is told by Cosmic Boy that he can not join as he killed the monsters. However Marvel reveals that the monsters were created by a 3-D projector and beneath it was tons of space pirate treasure. Cosmic Boy then tells he that he needs to do one last things as other applicants are doing well and that is to create a new element. Marvel boys does this by adding together  Gold, Sliver and Iron that creates Element 152 and it is a anti gravity metal. Cosmic Boy then asks where he got his powers and at this Marvel Boy says he will tell everyone tomorrow.
      The next day Marvel Boy returns to the Legion after visiting Daxam and the Legion cues into Marvel Boy being Mon-El. It is then revealed that Brainiac 5 has perfected the lead serum and cured Mon-El. However Mon-El has some fun first by creating marvel boy with a wig and costume. Lead no longer affects and he returns to the Phantom Zone one last time to have a last Laugh at the criminals in it.

     The comic ends with Mon-El being sad that Lighting Lad is not around now that he is free.


This comic is pretty fun. The comic in its self is not very long and tells a pretty good tale. It also helps the Legion to gain one of it's strongest members in Mon-El and starts the process of the Legion becoming powerful and the stories a bit more serious then those that existed in the past. All in all not a bad gem from the classic Sliver age of the Legion. 

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