Monday, July 2, 2012

Teen Titans 9

          The comic starts in the Crucible with Havest holding Wildfire and talking.

       THIS is why I started N.O..H.E.R.E.! When the most powerful among you have FALLEN beneath little more than a shrug of my shoulders... It should be CLEAR to even the most foolish among you that EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE-- Everything I have failed to do-- Has been in YOUR BEST INTEREST. Understand, I take NO Joy in my actions. Every child who dies here in the CRUCIBLE is like a dagger in my heart!
        Superboy at this says. If only that were true, HARVEST! Harvest at this says. Hold your tongue, Superboy- Lest I TEAR it from your failure of a mouth. I did not gather you all together from the four corners of the Earth-- unbound by the constraints of both time and space-- to be judged by a bunch of children who do not possess the VISION I have for a BETTER WORLD for everyone! As he is finishing he drops Wildfire. This causes Timber Wolf to ask. Tellus, is Wildfire--? Tellus at this says. He LIVES, Timber Wolf... But needs time.. to recover. Red Robin talking to all says. No one asked you for you "Help," Harvest! No sane person could think it was a good idea to pluck teenagers from across the globe-- Meta or otherwise-- And set them against each other in a battle royal.. Where the survivors are forced to serve your insane cause as Ravagers! Behind Kid Flash says. RIGHT?! If we got a vote, It would have been a unanimous "NAH!"
        He then adds. Hopefully we'd have a quorum. I'm guessing anyway. Red Robin thinks. While Bart does his part by blathering.. Tyroc adds. We are free to share Tellus' psychic bond among us. Bunker and Dawnstar have reached the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. complex with the kids rescued from the culling. They have all met up with CAITLIN FAIRCHILD and a repentant ravager named RIDGE. Red Robin adds. If my team throws everything we have at HARVEST, We might buy you FIVE SECONDS-- Which you could use to bring this place DOWN by destroying its CENTRAL POWER CORE. Tyroc at this says. An interesting strategy! It will probably cost us our lives-- But might give the kids a chance to escape. As Red Robin and Tyroc shake hands they speak. I speak on behalf of my team when I say.. It has been an honor. Tyroc says. We will meet again, Titans. Behind Chameleon Girl thinks over the link. I would prefer to-- Tyroc at this responses with. NO, CHAMELEON GIRL! You will stay with is.

          As the Teen Titans begin to fight they talk. Red Robin says. You are going to PAY for the lives lost today, Harvest! Solstice at this adds. And for those who have DIED in the cullings before this one! Harvest at this says. Why must you prolong the INEVITABLE? No matter how much you struggle against it, your DESTINY is to serve me! Wildfire being held by Kid Flash says. Only if you want extra FRIES. Kid Flash then says. 'scuze me, team. Back in a blink. As he appears in front of Timber Wolf Kid Flash says. Here's Wildfire, Timber Wolf. Timber Wolf at this says. Appreciate the help, Kid Flash. Kid Flash then says. so.. we COOL? Timber Wolf at this says. Why wouldn't  we be? Kid Flash at this says. Because you were all "Grrr" And I was all wha--?! NEVERMIND. Hoo-boy!
         The scene then shifts to the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. complex. More than a mile above the crucible... Dawnstar landing and holding someone says. Caitlin, Bunker and I have more injured Kids for the escape pod. Fairchild then says. HURRY, Dawnstar! I've already triggered the EMERGENCY ALARM to clear out the scientists and support staff. Ridge leaning on a wall at this says. Who cares about tat lot? Fairchild at this says. I Do, Ridge. Terra then asks. Is there room for Beast Boy and Me? Beast Boy adds. We'll take the next pod, Terra. In front Thunder says. Ayla! Guards are coming! As the guards come in Fairchild says. BLAST, Lighting! I was hoping the security people would bug out with the rest of the workforce. lighting at this says. Well, Dr, Fairchild-- Guess it's up to THUNDER and me to hold them off! Tellus then sends Dawnstar a message. DAWNSTAR We need you and GATES to rejoin us, STAT-- And send BUNKER back to the TITANS. URGHN! Out loud Dawnstar with ears covered says. Bunker, I just received a telepathic command! We;re to return to our respective teams, Now! Bunker at this says. Well, Dawnstar, We've stayed long enough to see these people off. But-- Where is the little one? In front Thunder let's off a attack with a THOOOM sending men flying.
       Fairchild then says. Stop toying with those men, Ridge! We have to be out of here now! Ridge at this says. Blah and blah again. To the side and to Bunker Dawnstar says. You were with GATES. What happened to him? Bunker at this says. Not really sure. He spotted some weird gizmo in a lab and went all buggy. No offense intended. He then adds as Ridge does an attack with. You may as well go. I'm not leaving without SKITTER. She's been missing since the CULLING began and has to be around somewhere. Dawnstar at this says. I'm afraid she isn't. She then adds. She must have found her own escape route. TELLUS searched for her mind among the living-- And I scoured this entire compound for any trace of her body. She then over the link says. you can see into my mind and know I speak true! Bunker at this says. ARRRGH! I still feel like I'm abandoning her. At this Dawnstar adds. We must have faith that she and Gates will find a way to reunite with us.
       Meanwhile, in the crucible.. Kid Flash has saved Red Robin from Harvest attack but not from Harvest talking which he dos. Do you truly believe you've OUTSMARTED me, Red Robin? That I couldn't discern you sent the LEGION to sabotage the power core-- hoping to force me to FLEE? As he turns to attack Wonder Girl he says. Just as YOU were SUPPOSED to, Wonder Girl! With your SILENT ARMOR and your LARIAT! Wonder Girl at this says. You think you know EVERYTHING about me...! In response Harvest does an attack and talks more. OF COURSE I DO! I come from a time and place where you have long been consumed by your own power! A POWER that means NOTHING to me!His attack does a SWWIII"S. Wonder  Girl thinks. If I hit this wall, I'm dead.
       As Superboy pull's her out of the way Wonder Girl says. H-he's gotta be LYING right? Superboy at this says. Hard to tell, Wonder Girl. Guy certainly likes to BRAG-- But he has BEATEN us at every point. To this Wonder Girl says. Oh, and thank you. And NO, This doesn't make us even for that first time we met and you tired to kill me. In the air Superboy says. Hold still! I want to try some-thing. Wonder Girl at this says. Did you miss the part where I already tried this rope? Superboy at this says. No, I didn't-- Nut we're going to try this TOGETHER! As something happens Wonder Girl says. You- you're using the Lariat to DIRECT your TELEKINESIS... RIGHT DOWN THAT LUNATIC'S THROAT! As it is blocked with a QUA_THOOM by Harvest he says. THERE is that "can do" spirit I was hoping fo a union between the two of you!

         In the power core Tyroc let's off a attack with a EEEEEEEEE. Inside Dawnstar says. Th0 this doesn't belong in this ERA. Tyroc adds. HARVEST is far more than he appears. He's defintely channeling 31st CENTURY tech. Timber Wolf holding Wildfire asks him. How you doing, Wildfire? Wildfire says. M-much better. Tyroc then adds. Any word from GATES. His teleportation portals will be needed to escape the BLAST AREA when we overload this baby. Chameleon Girl at this says. No matter how devastating the explosion, HARVEST may still survive. At this Tyroc says. He ISN'T our priority, Yera. Chameleon Girl at this and annoyed says. Speak for yourself.. As Timber Wolf tosses something into the reactor mass he says. Stop BICKERING-- AND LET'S DO THIS THING! Wildfire let's out an attack and so does Tyroc.
       At the scene shifts to the final escape pod Fairchild says. I can't believe it-- we somehow managed to get everyone out of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.! Ridge at this says. That's the EASY part, Red. Someone's still gotta tech this lot how to SURVIVE in the real world. Fairchild at this says. We'll find a way-- And we'll all do it TOGETHER. Terra at this says. You including the former RAVAGER? Fairchild at this says. We wouldn't have made it this far without RIDGE, Terra. Terra adds. Doesn't mean we'll ever fully TRUST him, Dr. Fairchild. Another voice adds. Same goes  for ANYONE who willingly worked for N.O.W.H.E.R.E... Else where in the N.O.W.H.E.R.E complex Rose looking at a computer screen says. Got to hand it to CAITLIN-- She programmed every ESCAPE POD with a different route. Warblade then says. You got any idea which one is HERS, Rose? Rose at this says. A mother hen like her? She's in the LAST POD to leave the station, Warblade at this then says. I'll gather a RETRIEVAL SQUARD and make her PAY!
       In the crucible Wonder Girl and Superboy go falling back from a FZAK attack. Standing over them Harvest says. You arrogant fools actually think you accomplished something WORTHWHILE-- When you stopped the CULLING. Aside from denying me a new crop of RAVAGERS-- You only succeeded in JEOPARDIZING this world and countless others. Wonder Girl at this says. you're not really a reliable source, H! Superboy adds. We're supposed to take YOUR word for that? As purple bricks start hitting Harvest from all angles and multiple TWAK's Harvest says. Bunker's bricks-- from multiple directions?!
      As Kid Flash holding bunker appears from his run he says. It's called TEAM-WORK. Seems we're finally getting the hang of it. Harvest at this says. INDEED. JUST IN TIME FOR YOUR COLLECTIVE DEMISE. He then let's out a KZARRKK. Solstice coming upon Red Robin says. Do you think the Legion was successful? Red Robin at this says. I don't think it matters.. Because no matter what else happens-- HARVEST FALLS TONIGHT! Solstice adds. I was wrong to question your actions earlier, Red Robin. I will follow you to hell and back.
      As explosions of RRRBBAKKK goes of Harvest says. The Legion is right on schedule. He then adds. Now, If only CAITLIN FAIRCHILD has played her part- And I do not doubt her- My former charges will be SPREAD across the globe-- creating FEAR, CHAOS and CONFUSION in their wake-- And fanning the public's desire for an organization like N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Superboy at this says. y-you CONNED us--! Red Robin adds. NO! I refuse to believe this is all part of your MASTER PLAN. You're just playing SPIN DOCTOR. As Harvest fly up causing an qtwooom and causing the Titans to fall back Harvest says. Your beliefs are of no CONCERN to me, Red Robin.


           Meanwhile, In the Power core and in the shield of Tellus Dawnstar says. Tellus, Can your telekinetic shield really protect us from-- Tellus at this says. The truth will only... distress you.. Dawnstar. Tyroc then asks. Where is GATES when we need him? Suddenly Gates appears and says. Just building SUSPENSE, kiddies-- And have I got a SURPRISE for you! One of the members says. I knew you wouldn't let us down, Little bug! As they appear somewhere Gates says. Look what I found! JUST SITTING IN A LABORATORY. At seeing what it is Dawnstar says. A TIME BUBBLE?! It explains HOW HARVEST acquired such advanced tech, But it opens new questions. Chameleon Girl then says. That's why I must return to the crucible and-- Tyroc grabs her and says. NO! you're coming with us-- and then we can use this time machine to return HOME! and so they use it.
        As Red Robin flys towards Harvest says. This compound has already begun to crumble, Red Robin. You and the others will DIE here-- NOW- All because you were too stubborn to accept the first offer I extended. You would have made a formidable ally, Red Robin. Red Robin at this says. I swore to take you DOWN-- AND I WILL! As Harvest grabs Red Robin he says. I WON this battle-- Long before you uncovered the first hint of my existence or decided to gather your so-called TEEN TITANS to challenge me. It is something of a tragedy-- two humans battling for the fate of the metahuman population of tomorrow. Red Robin at this says. Y-your human? than why..?
       A voice says. A mystery for another day! Harvest at this says. perhaps. Red Robin failing says. Wonder Girl? I have to stop him! Wonder Girl catching him says. Not today. This isn't GOTAM CITY where every criminal ends up in ARKHAM ASYLUM. We saved a bunch of kids and drove off the bad guy. It's time to save ourselves. All Red Robin can says is. But-- Solstice then says. We are with you to the end, Red Robin. HARVEST has already lost this complex and all it's resources. Kid Flash adds. If that isn't WINNING-- smells close enough for me. Red Robin looking up at Harvest leaving says. Okay. OKAY! Let's get out of here before the place goes BOOM. Wonder Girl adds. What's the plan? Please tell me you have one.
      Bunker then says. !Como?! The Earth? Red Robin adds. It's enveloping us? But how? Kid Flash then asks. should I get out of gere?! Don't want to leave without-- Solstice then says. Stay, Bart. Trust. Wonder Girl then asks. Did you do that- With your T.K. POWERS? Superboy at this says. It may be their only chance-- But you and I have to pool our resources. As they fly Superboy says. Even then it is likely we ALL die before we hit the surface! At this Wonder Girl says. Not like I planned to live forever, Anyway. Superboy then adds. Since the POWER CORE is above us, We've got to burrow our way DOWN-- until we're far enough from the BLAST AREA to angle upward. Wonder Girl reply's with Oh, sure-- THAT'LL  work. Above and mere moments later, the N.OW.H.E.R.E. complex goes up with a large kwaka-bwoom and it is then consumed by FLAMES and FURY according to the narrator.

      According to the narrator what seems like an eternity passes... A voice soon says. unnn. It is Kid Flash in a beach and he says. No. Way. No way we lived though that! Guys? Suddenly a monster appears and says. RRRRAH! at him and he can only says. GUYS?!.. Thus ends the culling.


This issue is the weakest of the culling event. Harvest reveals everything and it is just plan flat. Harvest is flat and is so poorly written that he never truly can be villain. Also this event feels like it has done nothing to help the new rebooted DC universe to gain something. Compared to another Legion/Teen Titans crossover that introduced the threeboot group of the legion it is not nearly as good. over all a cross over event to not buy in trade format

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