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Nova #6

       The comics starts one to several months after the last issue and likely one month after the events of Avengers vs X-men. Sam now flying home is talking to himself and says. Mom, remember how you always wished I took more interest in church? Well, I did you one better, I struck up a personal relationship with a god. His name is Thor. He asked me to join the Avengers, And I'd love to say no, but It'd kind of be against my religion.. Which is knowing Thor.

       As he lands he says. oh, man... Seeing something he says. I'. Bonded. A voice than says. I don't know what that means, Sam Alexander, But it doesn't sound like something I'd let you say. It is his mom and she adds. And... YES. YOU. ARE.
       Sam surprised at this and worried says. M-mom? I-I thought you'd still be at your painting class. his mom all but yelling says. mom son is missing for two weeks and I'm still going to PAINTING CLASS?! What am I? A Sociopath?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Sam to this says. oh, me? Er.. Good Question... Where have I been? Where have I been? As his helmet starts to do something he says. Oh, No...
       The Helmet shows in a two page spread what happened to him over the time. It ends with Thor asking him. We would count you among our number-- As a member of THE AVENGERS. Flashback Sam to this says. An Avenger-- Wow. Okay. I'll Just have to ask my MOM first.
        As the image ends Sam says. Mom, look, I can-- As his mom grabs a hold of him she says. Sam! Come here! Oh, my baby! Are you okay?! Sam says. I'm fine, Mom. She adds. Oh, Thank GOD! Come inside and let me get you something to eat. Sam can only say. Er.. okay. As he mom opens the door she adds. And It's a hard "NO." There is no way you are joining the Avengers. Not ever. Ever. Sam makes a face. Than annoyed looks at the Helmet and says. Who's side are you on?!
        As Sam eats his mom says. And HOW did you find yourself on the other side of the galaxy with what ever a "Phoenix Force" is? Sam eating with a"chomp" says. It wasn't my idea, Mom. She says to this/ Oh? Whose was it, than? Sam in a large info dump says. The WATCHER'S. He's a giant bald guy on the moon. He doesn't talk much, But I guess he likes me because he shows me Galactic Threats and stuff like that... Of course it usually leads to me getting my butt kicked. He might HATE me, Actually... His mom than asks. What were you doing on the moon in the first place? Sam at first says. Uhh.. than adds. Home... Work? His mom not buying it says. Nice try. You know the city doesn't have the money to repair the skate park you destroyed in your fight with Titus...


       She than adds. Don't you think you should clean up that mess before you go flying off to the moon? Sam standing up says. Mom, I'm a NOVA now. That means I'm a SUPER HERO. And Super Heroes do things like fly to the moon and.. I don't know.., Pretend they don't know about the skate park because they have a SECRET IDENTITY. His mom annoyed says. A secret identity? You're fourteen years old(16 no?) WHat do you know about keeping a secret? You jut told me you've been flying to the moon to talk to a giant bald guy. You didn't think maybe THAT should have been a secret? Sam to this says. You don't count. But the being Nova is officially a secret starting NOW. His sister comes in and says. Sam? SAM! Sam as she comes in and hugs him says. hey, little lady. Shouldn't you be in bed? She says. I've been up watching the stars, waiting for you and Dad to come home. I miss his stories. Sam than says. Well I have some stories. But unfortunately they are SECRETS. But Dad will be home soon, Thor willing... His mom yells. KNOWING THOR IS NOT A RELIGION!
       The scene turns to Carefree High School the next day. Sam on his Skateboard is nearing when a voice says. SAM! It is Carrie and he says so. Carrie than says. Where have you been?! I wanted to ask you about NOVA. He saved me at the shake park and he kind of looked like y-- Sam to this says. Carrie I don't know where to start. You're not going to believe it, I-- I-- I don't know anything about Nova. I haven't been around. I was visiting a relative. Carrie to this says. I'm going to be dead honest with you, Sam. That's not that hard to believe. Karl shows up and says. Hey! Everybody look! Mr/ Clean's prodigy son returns!

       Carrie to this says. I think it's "Prodigal"... Karl is not paying attention and says. You might need to skip first period, Buddy. Since you and your dad took off the Bathrooms have gotten RIPE! He than adds. Where you been anyway/ Sam to this says. Maybe I was off saying your ass along everyone else, MOFFET! So maybe you could. Suddenly, with a shove he pushes him away and says. BACK OFF! It shocks people a bit. Karl(now moffet or last name) then says. You want a piece of me, BILBO? It's all I'm asking for from Santa.
        As he dodges a punch he says. HA! sorry, I'm not the same-- As he tries he says. -Whoa, WHOA! Than with a thud hits his head.
        Karl than laughs says. What- What was THAT?! You think you can fly or something?! Sam to himself says. I can fly. Carrie next to says. WHAT? Sam says quickly. NOTHING! Walking away Karl says. oh... oh. Man! That is too much. I'm just gonna leave it at that/ PERFECT. As a shadow appears Sam says. yuh-oh-- Carrie next to him but not seeing says. Sam, are you all right? I'm worried-- It is the Principle and he says. Mister Alexander. My office. Now.
         In the office Principal Philbin says. When a student of mine disappears for two week I take it VERY seriously. Your father stopped coming into work and your mother has been dodging my calls. So now that I have you undivided attention I'll ask you... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Sam to this says. Oh.. Er.. Look, I'd love to say, But let me think how to phrase this. Philbin to this says. Rarely said when someone's about to tell the TRUTH. Sam to this says. My dad took off on us! Philbin can only say. Oh. Sam going on says/ Yeah- he just.. TOOK OFF... And I went to look for him.. And I know it wasn't responsible, but... But I just didn't know what to do.


          Philbin stands up and says. I.. I'm sorry. I didn't know. That sounds. like a hard situation. Putting his hand on Sam adds. It is, and now I'm really scared about all the makeup work I have. If there was a way for that to go away.. Philbin to this says. Running away from your responsibilities doesn't make them go away, Sam. Your father had a responsibility to this school. to you, and your mother. But things got hard and now he's gone. Don't you think he has his excuses as well, Sam? You don't want to be like HIM, do you? Sam says at first. I... I.. than annoyed adds. First, hands off! Second, I think maybe my Dad wasn't a loser because he couldn't hold down a job cleaning toilets. I think maybe he was a loser because he tried to in the first place! And no! I don't want to be like him! He leaves and the principle is stunned.
         The scene turns to later that evening with his mom and sister coming home. His mom says. SAM! WE'RE HOME! Did you have time to clean the kitchen? He has and his mom says a shocked wow. His sister than says. Momma, It's so sparkly! On the table is a letter from Sam saying he went to bed. His sister asks what it says with. What's it say, Momma? His mom to it says. I'm pretty sure it says your brother is in A LOT of trouble.

       In the garage Sam is holding is helmet when she says. Sam Alexander. Sam seeing her says. Oh, Mom-- I just wanted to clean up a bit, The helmet, I mean. That's what I was cleaning. His mom says. Sit Down, Sam. Sam to this says. Mom, I can't just stay here when I have all this power, When I could be HELPING PEOPLE-- His mom only says. SIT! She than adds. Sorry, I'm not going to scream at you, Sam. I mean. I'm going to tell you a story about me and your father. When we were your age his family thought I was the troublemaker, Believe it or not. His mother hated the idea of us being together so much, she told him to choose between ME and HER. They fought about it for moths... You should have HEARD them fight... But in the end, He had to choose. I mean, You know how stubborn GRANDMA ALEXANDER can be...
        Sam to this says. Who's Grandma Alexander? His mom to this says. Exactly. She adds. Sam, I know who wins when an Alexander has to choose between his mother and his heard. That's why i'm not going to stand her and forbid you from going out as Nova Tonight. Sam says. Y-you're not? She adds. No. Because I have a hunch I raised a boy who think's things through before he flies off into the night to "Fight Crime" or whatever. I have a hunch I raised a boy who'll clean up his messes-- And I'm willing to bet that when my boy really, REALLY, Thinks about it. He'll realize that maybe every once in a while mom still knows what's best for him. And maybe he should be a good boy and head on off to bed. Does that make sense, Sam? Sam to this says. Yeah, Mom. I guess it does.

       His mom than says. I've got to go check on your sitst. You going to be in here much longer? Sam says No. To this she says. Well, Don't be too long-- Sam than says. Mom? Love you. To this she says. I love you back Sam. After she leaves to his helmet. Hey helmet! Did she just say she'd never stop me from being Nova? I hope you were recording that.
         Soon Transformed flying he says. HA HAAAA! THIS IS GREAT! Below his mom says. Son of a--
         Flying with a Boom than a SHHHHOOOOOM over water he arrives somewhere and says. All right... The comic ends with him at New York saying. Who need's a hero?


This issue is not bad. However, Their is one big mistake in it. The age it has moved Sam from 16 to 14 years and that seems a big problem. Outside of this the group making this was not bad. This issue also conformed the important's of family in this series. Also it will be interesting to see how New York treats him due to the super villain and hero population in it.  

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