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Legion of Super-Heroes #22

          The comic starts at the remains of the Legion H.Q on Earth in the 31st century. Tharok to a new arrived Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad says. Everything you CARED about is in RUINS around you, Legionnaires. Your deaths will FINISH my conquest! Saturn Girl to this says. Better men than you have CHOKED on that Boast, THAROK!

         Tharok to this says. I am NO LONGER a man. Destroy them, PERSUADER. Persuader to this says. As you command as he attacks Lighting Lad who dodges says. Did they tell you of my ATOMIC AXE, Legionnaire-- How it can carve through ANYTHING? Electrons.. Energy, Rock... ESPECIALLY flesh. SOmething happens and he says.. And.. Blood...
          He than says. unhhh.... Lighting Lad to him says. Having trouble, Big Guy? Losing your CONCENTRATION? It is Saturn Girl causing it and after he says. unhhhh.. again she says. Not a difficult mind to overwhelm Garth. She is hit by a green ray and says. I--AYEII! The Emerald Empress floating nearby at this says. Enough from you  Girl and grabs her by the hair. Lighting Lad than yells. IMRA!
          Tharok than says. The Emerald Empress will take care of that distraction. Finish YOUR task, Persuader. I hope she kills your BITCH slowly. Lighting Lad using his power on Persuader says. If she hurts IMRA. Persuader to this says. you'll do WHAT, Little Man, Throw more pretty fireworks for me to chop? Lighting Lad uses krackkle(his power) and Persuader says. Or shout your meaningless defiance?

         He adds. Or cry in your coffin? ANOTHER Legionnaire falls! Suddenly, Lighting Lass yells. NO! and hits Persuader with a KRAC KOOM. Lighting Lad than says. Nice shot, sis. And hits him with a attack causing Persuader to say. UNHH!
         As he falls to the ground defeated Lighting Lass says. Giving it all i have left. Lighting Lad adds. Now to find Imra! Tharok nearby says. It was a mistake to face them here in the rubble of their building. There must still be hidden defenses. Come to me, Persuader! Lighting Lass to this says. Your dog's lost his BITE, Tharok. Tharok who seems to be shocked yells. EMPRESS! Lighting Lad as he hits Persuader again says. Now, YOU... Tharok than says. COME TO ME! The Empress holding Saturn Girl says. But eye am not finished with--!
          Tharok to this says. We leave Now! You can kill THAT one somewhere safer. Don't let her MIND focus, Though! As a portal is opened Lighting Lad is fast enough to get through before it closes and yells. I'M WITH YOU, IMRA!

       The scene turns to near the Promethean Giants in distant space. Sensor Girl somewhere nearby says. This is where it began, and where it must end? A voice says. Are you sure? In a ship coming up on the giant Sensor Girl adds. The smell of spilled blood and burned flesh called across the worlds, my love... And glad as I am that you found me when I thought your soul was lost forever, we must risk all again. The voice says. And play our part.
        The scene shifts to below as the energy portal lands. Tharok than says. They'll find no hidden weapons here to use against us. Empress. KILL THEM as you will. Nearby Lighting Lad says. unh. than. Y-you- The Empress hits him and says. Silence!
        She than adds. Tharok has graciously granted eye the privilege of your murder. Be honored that eye shall see to it... PERSONALLY. Saturn Girl is than slapped. The Empress than adds again. Your power corrupts the WEAK of mind, Legionnaire. It matters not to EYE.

        Saturn Girl to this says. The eye lives WITHIN you, Doesn't it, Emerald Empress?  It's not just you in there. The empress to this says. Eye am BEYOND your power. BEG for a fast death. Saturn Girl to this says. Beg? I've faced DARKSIED. You don't scare me. The Empress says. Than die slowly. Saturn Girl than says. Whatever the Ekron eye REALLY is. Your BRAIN still lives within you, Empress. Pacing your breath, Your heartbeats... The empress says. You CANNOT--! Saturn Girl than says. I SEE you, Empress. The Empress screams AYRRIII--- After she collapses Saturn Girl says. FALL.
       Tharok nearby than says. That is not possible! Saturn Girl says. Maybe you don't understand the human mind. Tharok. or my power to shut down even the unconscious ability to use it to keep breathing. To this Tharok says. Bah! Than adds. When I was HUMAN, perhaps that might have affected me. But now that i am ENERGY connected to the quarks flowing across the universe, You are irrelevant. I have banished the witch who could have destoryed me-- The rest of you are merely postponing your deaths. Invisible Kid and Polar Boy appear suddenly. Invisible Kid than says. Perhaps, Monsieur-- or perhaps some of us have SEEN death, and still choose to oppose your Fatal Five. Polar Boy adds. Whew- you DID get us back!
       Tharok getting annoyed says. Mock me. Fool-- But the last of the Fatal Five shall CRUSH you. For it the other have failed me. STILL I control the fallen god UPON WHOM we stand! Awaken to my command, Promethean! You, the fifth and truly MIGHTIEST of the Fatal Five. AWKAEN, AND DESTROY THEM!


       As something happens he adds. Where are your GREAT HEROES who could more worlds? Fallen before the EMPRESS and Persuader! As stuff falls on them and Invisible Boy tries to protect Saturn Girl says. ARGH! Polar Boy is tossed. As Tharok comes after polar boy says. Maybe I never should have left Tharr! Tharok to this says. Don't stop, Promethean-- CRUSH HIM!
       On her ship Sensor Girl says. NO! Than adds. Awaken TRULY, Giant, and let me connect your long-sleeping senses with reality beyond your curse! You have been used a fallen god, used by a presumptuous mortal-- (Nearby a alive Karate Kid is watching) She finish's with. And I shall set you FREE! Below Tharok yells. NO!
        He yells. NO! again. Sensor girl says. The giant is unbound. Than adds. He will do Tharok's bidding no more. Karate Kid at this says. Then let's get down there, and let me get my hands on him! Sensor Girl to this says. By the time we land, I fear it will be over, my love-- ONE way or THE OTHER. Below Tharok says. Something is DISRUPTING my control over the Promethean-- But I don't need him to destroy YOU! Your Legion has fallen before me-- And so shall YOU!


      Shouting DIE! He ZZZAPP Polar Boy. Polar Boy yells. ARRRGHH! Behind him Saturn Girl yells. ZERO, BREK! ABSOLUTE ZERO! Polar Boy at first says. huhh-- NO! If I'm dying. I'm NOT going alone!
       Tharok to this says. WASTE your power. Least of the Legionnaires! I have no living flesh to freeze! Polar Boy at this says. CHILL, THAROK! Tharok tries to speak but is frozen. After this Polar Boy says. Absolute zero... Not ME-- It's the temperature at which there's no energy for ELECTRONS to move... Not even the ones that make up YOU!
        The scene turns to the site of Legion Headquarters. Brainiac Five is looking at his portable computers and says. Unreliable. Some technology is returning, But Tharok seems to have altered our ability to use the quark relays even after his death. They keep vacillating, mimicking a pattern from his implanted chip. Duplicate Damsel looking at one of her dead bodies says. Does that really matter NOW, Brainy? Let'ts heal who we CAN, and bury our dead... Bouncing Boy nearby to her says. I can't imagine how you FEEL losing a DUPLICATE. Luornu. Duplicate Damsel to this says. Like a chunk of my soul has been ripped out, Love. But as long as you and I survived...


     Surrounded by some members of the Legion she adds. NOW we have to see if the LEGION can... Suddenly, Brainiac says. It's... He starts crying and the comic ends with him saying. It's all my fault.


This issue was pretty good. The Action scene were paced out enough to help learn story and how the villains came to a end. bring in Lighting Lad and Saturn Girl was a neat thing to do and connects old Legion to new. Also it is interesting to see that Karate Kid is back from the dead. It makes me wonder what is reality and what is fact now. Also the way that Saturn Girl defeated the Empress was quite neat. With the final issue coming out in August 21 of 2013 it wil lshow what will happen and also where Justice League 3000 will fit

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