Friday, August 2, 2013

Site News and Updates

Hello All,
                Dreamofthekai here. I thought I would do a little post of site news and updates for the site and some ideas I have of moving foreword with it. First of all thanks to everyone for reading over the nearly 2 years and 100 posts and reviews. Second starting in September I'm going to retiring for a bit the Avengers comics to do a look at Marvel in the 1960's. This series starting with Fantastic Four number 1 will examine the comics and how the Marvel Universe came to be a result of this. It will look all the major character comics some starting at issue one and others in other comics before moving to their own comic usually with issue 100. Third, September look at the Legion of Super-Heroes current run is the last issue and the comic will not longer be published. In its place in November(though it comes out in October)  I will be covering its replacement comic of Justice League 3000. All in all thanks to everyone who choose to read this and if you have questions or comments free feel to post and I will try to reply the best I can  

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