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Tales from Another Legion: Avengers #6

         The comic starts with Captain America demonstrating his shield and its ability to return to him. the group is shocked at this and each make a comment about it.

        Cap reveals that it is thanks to Iron Man and a subminiature transistor. Iron man than wants to look it over to make sure all is right and Giant-Man opens the shield for him. Cap than gets a bit sad when he mentions Bucky. Thor tells him not to dell upon the past. The wasp also hoping to cheer him up says they should mention the fan mail. Thor mentions letters from friends happy to hear he is alive and part of the Avengers. Cap is happy but still thinks of Bucky. Rick Jones also tries to cheer him up and cap says he will find the one who caused Bucky's death.
         The scene turns to the South America Jungle Area and a plane flying somewhere in it. The plane and pilot land in and waiting for them is Baron Zemo who is getting supplies. He looks at things until he comes to a newspaper article about Captain American in which he throws a fit and stomps on the paper.
          Zemo that states that Cap caused him to be here and for the hood he is wearing to be permanently onto his face. In a flashback Zemo states he was Hilter's greatest scientist but was forced to wear a hood for protection. One day cap bursts in and they fight. Cap hits a tube of Adhesive X and falls on Zemo binding hood to face. He had thought later that he had killed Cap and Bucky with the flying bomb.(see issue 4 of Avengers) He than get's the pilot to do something for him.


        The scene shifts back to New York and the Teen Brigade. A member says their is a double red alert. Another that they the Avengers are about to land. Looking outside they see that one of the alerts is the Black Knight(seen in a Giant Man issue) flying over the city spraying a adhesive spray. After awhile the Black Knight hopes it's enough to bring the Avengers out like Zemo wants. Soon he heads off to see two others. nearby the Melter has appeared and is attacking.
         This Villain that Iron Man has faced uses his powers to melt weapons and than uses more of the adhesive x. The third is Radioactive Man who can repeal Thor's hammer and faced Thor too. The reason the three are here is to fight the Avengers and distract them from protecting Captain America. Suddenly, the Avengers appear ready to fight them.
          Radioactive Man hits Thor with his powers and it causes Thor to change his strategy. Radioactive Man tries to hit Thor with the spray but hits Cap and Giant-Man instead. Cap get's stuck but recognizes the material uses on him. Iron Man comes in to help pull him out when Suddenly, Iron man is forced to jump out of the way due to a attack from the Melter. He than surprises the Melter and throws him off balance.


       This causes the Melter to do damage around the Avengers but not to them. The Wasp than works to distract the Melter and keep him busy. Iron Man than get's a truck and get's Cap and Giant-Man and their patch of land hooked up to it to track them somewhere and as they drive it causes them to meet the Black Knight.
        Nearby, Thor hears this and turns his on Radioactive Man. He than spins his hammer and flies into the air to help them. Coming on the Black Knight Iron man to Thor tells him to be careful of the lance. The Black Knight fires bolas's at Thor who before they hit rips the lance out of his hands and tosses it elsewhere.
         Thor protecting the truck with the Wasp suggests that they head to the Mansion. Nearby the three Villains are talking and the Black Knight criticizes Zemo's plan. Soon Zemo's shows up in a heli-hover craft. The three villains comment on them escaping to find a solution to Adhesive X. Zemo thinks maybe they can solve it and than he can steal it from the Avengers for himself.


        However, out loud Zemo says that they must draw them from their hiding place. At the Mansion meanwhile, the Avengers have tried everything to remove Adhesive X. The Wasp gets a ideas and calls the police and says that the torch defeated a man named Paste-Pat Pete who knows pastes and Adhesives. The man comes into receive the call is told that if he helps the Avengers his sentence he has will be reduced. He helps and the Wasp says that Pete has a super-dissolver at his warehouse. Iron Man than heads off to get it uses the fastness of his suit.
        Sometime later Iron Man returns carrying a large metal drum. Soon, Inside Iron Man uses the dissolver and frees Cap and Giant-Man. Cap than wants to head out right away. However, Giant-Man cations more thinking. Thor wonders why they attacked. They decide to switch(Caps idea) it up and fight each others enemies. Cap thinks he knows who the leader is. He than calls the Brigade to get the message out. Elsewhere Zemo works to attack the city with more Adhesive X.
         The three villains to Zemo than boost that they are the master of evil and can accomplish anything. Suddenly, but unaware to them the Teen  Brigade appear and take out the men refilling the drums with material. They than work to replace everything with the super-dissolver. A bit later the "Master of Evil" grab the cylinders unaware and take off to cause trouble to the city and the Avengers.


       The first to spray his container is the Black Knight who after awhile see that people are being freed and wonder how. Suddenly, Thor's hammer nearly hits him and he is surprised as he is fighting the wrong enemy. Thor below is happy to see the plan is working and starts to fight the Black Knight.
        The Black Knight than uses his lance to attack. Thor facing multiple attacks uses his Hammer to deflect everything. As the Knight is forced to re-load Thor attacks him. However, the Black Knight has another weapon and uses a stun-ray on Thor. This causes Thor to lose his balance and fall. However, to a shocked Black Knight Thor has recovered and is ready to attack again.
         Showing his patience is at a end he attacks. The scene switches to Radioactive Man and him sprying and "freeing" people. Suddenly, Giant-Man appears to fight Radioactive Man. he than takes a capsule and shrinks down. Radioactive Man is shocked by this. Giant-Man than reappears and get Radioactive man angry who attacks him. However, Giant-Man shrinks and the attacks hits something being held by Iron Man.

        The device a idea designed to protect scientists from radiation. It surrounds Radioactive Man and Iron Man than uses a Lead coated balloon to sent him into the air for the authorities to deal with. However, the Melter appears and starts to send a lamp post towards Iron Man. The attempt is to surround Iron Man in it. Iron Man acts quickly and uses his jet powered boots to jump out of the way.
         Iron Man us unable to go any to any get height as the Melter keeps melting building. Iron Man flies down in front of a fire hydrant  and as the Melter attacks jumps out of the way. He than hets stuck by the blast of water and is defeated. Giant-Man in small size works to control himself and decides to go look into Cap.
         Nearby the Teen Brigade is caught by Zemo and is hit by his hypno-ray. Zemo is than happy that the world will soon be his. However, as he is holding a cylinder a shield hits him and Captain America appears. Cap than charges Zemo and the two began to fight.

        They fight over several panels and Cap tosses him and than uses his shield on Zemo. Cap as Zemo insults democracy. This causes Cap to start beating on him very hard.
         Suddenly, Zemo pilot appears having gotten free and pulls a gun and fires at Cap. Thanks to his years of experience Cap nearly jumps out of the way and is only mearly grazed by the bullet. Zemo and his pilot that work to get on board his ship. The Wasp and Giant-Man soon come on the scene. The Wasp grabs a nail and sticks it to the barrel of the gun pointed at Cap causing it to miss. Giant-Man than becomes big and tries to capture the pilot. However, the pilot doges out of the way and goes on the run.
        Giant-Man fellows him over rooftops and after following him a bit jumps down and captures the pilot. He than hands him over to the police. He is than worried as the Black Knight appears. However, it is Thor with a captured Black Knight. Giant-Man than sees that Zemo's Heli-hover-craft is taking off and that they have a hollow victory.


         Thor and Giant-Man come up on the take off site. Giant-Man is worried about this. However, Cap says not to worry as he took care of it. Neatby Iron Man takes the Teen Brigade out of being hypnotized. Cap than says that they switched a X cylinder that Zemo took and that it has tear Gas in it. At that moment it goes off on the ship. The comic ends with Rick Jones asking Thor if he gets to keep the Winged Horse of the Black Knight and Thor saying no. The group that wonders if they will have to face Zemo and the "Master of Evil" again at some point.


This issue was pretty good. It had a solid build up to the action that takes place in. The creation of Baron Zemo as a villain who caused problems was also great. Also it was neat to see that Cap who came up with the idea to switch villains shows why he would be come leader at a latter point. Also the idea of using three villains was a great idea and showed how they could cause problems for the Avengers and New York City. I think this issue also shows that both the writers and the team its self are finally getting into pace and being the series that would become so big.

p.s thank to everyone who read my 100 comic review. I hope you enjoyed and i work foreword to when I hit 150 and 200 and than more    

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