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Legion of Super-Heroes #21

         The comic starts on a Legion Space Cruiser on route to Earth in the 31st century. Brainiac Five and Element Lad are seeing the end of the last issue. Element Lad to it says. Brainy, the quark relays are connecting again-- We've got POWER! We're back in touch with Headquarters in METROPOLIS-- Or what's left of it!

         Harmonia also watching says. MORE causalities on Earth? Horrible! Cosmic Boy adds. HELL... We should have left a STRONGER defense! Element Lad to this says. The Whole United Planets is collapsing, Rokk-- than adds. We can't be EVERYWHERE. Brainiac than also adds. Mathematically impossible... Yet NECESSARY. There MUST be a resolution. Thinking for a bit he than adds. The Quark's working because-- Tharok's Power is FADING? Preoccupied...?  A voice says. Don't overthink it, Yell for help! Brainiac than thinks more and says. OBVIOUSLY. The queestion is from WHO... and from WHERE? Cosmic boy than says. See if you can reach-- Brainiac interrupts and than says. As I said-- OBVIOUSLY... But maybe there's another possibility, too-- Before the quarks fade out again...
         The scene shifts to Earth and Ultra Boy and Chameleon Boy fighting Persuader. Ultra boy to him says. Get of Luornu, PERSUADER! Persuader to this says. The DEAD don't mind, Legionnaire-- As you'll soon understand! Chameleon Boy in snake form curls around Persuader and says. Save your breath, Persuader. To this he says. BAH! and use Chameleon Boy to hit Ultra Boy
          As he works to harm Chameleon Boy Persuader says. Don't speak to me of BREATH. Lizard. Save your own... If you CAN. He than WHAAAM's Chameleon Boy and his head into the ground. Suddenly, with a THWAMMM a rock hits Persuader in the head and his mask falls off.

       Ultra Boy than says. OFF him. You've done ENOUGH harm. Persuader than says as he summons his axe to hand. HARM? Your lives are DESTROYED, Legionnaire. As Ultra Boy tries to use a pillar on him he adds. You are ALL dead- You simply haven't fallen in your graves yet! THAROK is master of the universe now. With a SNIK his axe hits the pillar and Ultra Boy says. "UGH"
        Persuader than says. He KILLED Sun Boy-- The Empress TORE Mon-EL apart- Your mightiest comrades fall before us. Lie down and DIE. Ultra Boy to this says. The Legion doesn't QUIT! Tinya will come up with a plan! Persuader to this says. PHANTOM GIRL? you'll never see HER again, Legionnaire- as he chops a pillar in half. He than adds. She has FLED this Dimension for her own and left you LEADERLESS! Ultra Boy can only say. Tinya? No... and collapses. Persuader than says. Now, are YOU ready to die?
         In Space on the Legion Ship a voice says. No. I will not let him go. It is Shadow Lass standing in front of Mon-EL who adds. He was Torn to pieces by Emerald Empress. But I will NOT let him die. To Mon-EL she says. LIVE, Damn you! Chemical Kid comes up and says. Umm.. Brainiac Five said I should help... Shadow Lass only says. YOU? Chemical Kid to this says. He gave me a list of Chemical reactions to slow down in the medical tank-- Said they'd help keep Mon-EL alive until we got more help.


       Dream Girl nearby says. It's sound biology, Tasmia. Give it a chance. Shadow Lass to this says. I'll give ANYTHING a chance... Than adds. Save him. putting her arms on Dream Girl she adds. Dream Girl. Tell me you see Mon-EL living. Dream Girl to this says. I'm AFRAID to look ahead, Since Thom was Crushed. Everything I see is DARK and Funereal. All we can do is try to LIVE.
       The scene shifts to Beyond our reality... Sounded by the dead Polar Boy says. Dead Men walking! Invisible Kid 2 to this says. Perhaps... As he touches Invisible Kid 1 he adds. Yet I am not sure.. Invisible Kid 1 to this says. Are you sure of ANYTHING...? Invisible Kid 2 to this says. I am sure that I LIVE and that you have passed from our world. Polar Boy to this says. Maybe getting off the Promethean Giant to come here wasn't a good idea. Jacques. Invisible Kid 2 to this says. You were AFRAID there, too, were you not. Polar Boy at this says. Sun Boy DIED and a Stone GIANT tried to crush us! That's not afraid-- That's being SANE. Which I'm not sure this place IS.
       Earth Man(Who died in Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 6 16 in 2011) another died hero than says. If you wish for the rules of REALITY, Return to them, Brek Bannin. see if LIFE protects you.. Ferro Lad(Killed in Adventure Comics 353 in 1967) another died hero says. Your power that brought you here can take you back, Jacques Foccart.. But beware. Death waits on the battlefield, And you may return here.. FOREVER.

         Back on Earth Persuader is ready to attack as Ultra Boy says. Tinya. With his own remark of. Weak fool! With a KRACKOOM he is suddenly hit by lighting. It is from Lighting Lass and she says. Get your armored ass AWAY from him, Persuader. With a KRACKOOM she attacks again and says. And don't count fallen Legionnaires too soon, CREEP.
          Persuader to this says. TOO SOON? Too LATE, for you. and deflects the Lighting bolt. Lighting Lass looks over to Shrinking Violet and says. VI? ARE you-- Shrinking Violet to this says. I'm okay, Ayla-- GO! Persuader then says. If Tharok has brought you here for me to excute, your time has come. my axe can cut through ANYTHING! ANYTHING and attacks.
          As energy hits them Persuader laughs with a HA HA HA! As energy hits the ship Brainaic says. Gravitational energy imbalance! I'm not losing this cruiser! Scavenging parts for another would be too much! Element Lad to this says. YOU protect it, than, Brainy--

        As he jumps off the Ship he adds. --I'm giving this monster  some-thing TOUGH to cut. As he hits the group he says. Over HERE, Persuader! Suddenly, a voice behind him says. Wait, Jan. It is Ultra Boy and he adds. The Whole city's collapsing. Element Lad to this can only really say. It's not possible.
        As blue energy appears a voice says. Yet it is HAPPENING Legionnaire. It's as I wish. I restored your quark relays to lure you back here for DEATH. The FATAL FIVE will HUNT down the remaining Legionnaires. Element Lad can only say. THAROK! Tharok than adds. After that, we shall consider terms for the worlds to live under OUR Reign. Above the Emerald Empress has appeared and says. Reign. Eye like that. Tharok than finishes by saying. Then it begins...
        Persuader attacks adds. ...NOW! Than to Brainaic says. Do you calculate your DEATH Brainiac? Tharok's mind is far beyond yours! Brainiac to this says. His thoughts are corrupt. And yours are simply FOOLISH. As he turns oh his shield to block a WHOOM attack from him.

          Nearby to the Empress Element Lad says. I don't know how you broke out of the inertron cage I placed you in, Emerald Empress, But-- Suddenly as she disappears he says. What?! She appears behind him and says. With Tharok's control of DIGISPACE, You cannot hold me, Legionnaire-- And now you can't do anything at ALL! With a ZZAp he is hit.
          As she stands over his body a military ship appears and says. Stop, you're-- She interrupts them and says. This is your Earth miltary? You offend me, too ALL of you. She destroys it and than says. Commoners.
          Brainiac in his Shield says. We stopped VALIDUS-- We can stop YOU! Tharok to this says. Vaildus is MINDLESS destruction, Legionnaire. Dangerous, But LIMITED. I, on the other hand. Am UNLIMITED. Unlimited power with unlimited reach. Even without the rest of the Fatal Five. And while you have stopped one. The rest of us are unscathed.. Unlike your fellows. Brainaic to this says. Neither the Persuader's axe nor the Emerald eye could EVER break my force sheild. Tharok to this says. That was BEFORE they met me. He than clicks its off.


          He than adds. I can control that, too. They are hit with  a KATHOOM. The Empress than says. Now there's NO ONE to stop us! Suddenly, Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad appear and Saturn Girl says. Except US. The comic ends with Lighting Lad saying. And the only way you'll hurt ANYONE again is over our DEAD BODIES.


This issue was not bad. Some good action takes place in it. The Legion is also shown to still have the will to fight on. The place of the dead was also quite good and interesting idea. It is also nice to see that so far every member of the past has shown up in one form or another. All in all leading towards hopefully a good ending for the series.

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