Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nova # 5

          The comic starts at Sam Alexander's house in Carefree Arizona and time is up. Sam talking says. I'm warning you, TITUS. Don't take ANOTHER step. Titus to this standing at full height says. What would you do, SPROUT? TALK me to death? Your FATHER liked to talk as well. Not anymore. You will turn over THE ULTIMATE NULLIFIER-- From the corner of his eyes Sam sees his skateboard and starts to hit it with his foot as Titus says. And I will consider NOT destroying you and-- With a TOK the skateboard causes the Helmet to fly from Titus hand and he says. No. Sam to this says. YES! grabs the helmet and puts it on saying. MY turn.


         Sending a large blast.(Shocking Titus) Sam yells. NOBODY TOUCHES THE HELMET!
         After this Sam says. ULP. Did I... I mean, there's not even any FURBALLLS left... Heading to the garbage he says. I get a sick feeling I blasted him out of town. Means he'll be back. In the trash he says. Need a new plan... Which makes it sound like I HAD a plan in the first place. Turning he sees his mom in the window and says. Uh-oh.  She cries as he takes off.
          The scene shifts to the nearby skatepark. A person says. Bored. A young women nearby says. Asking or telling? The man says. I'M Bored. ME. Than adds. AND we're out of beer. To this the women says. Tragic. The man to another skater says. Dude. Doesn't your mom have like eggs in your fridge? The person to this says. Yah. I guess. The man than says. Let's get 'EM. We can egg bomb ALEXANDER'S house. The girl says. Why can't you leave Sam alone, KARL? Doesn't his life suck enough without you making it worse? Karl to this says. What do you care? You like his girlfriend or something now, CARRIE? Carrie to this says. N.o. But just because NOTHING ever happens in this town doesn't mean.-- Suddenly with a WHOOM something crashes nearby. Another of the group says. Whoa, Like, What IS that?


       It is Titus who is burning who says. GRRRRR. Above Sam has appeared and says. CITIZENS! Than adds. STEP AWAY FROM THE ALIEN BEING. TIGER. THING... Anyway... THERE IS DANGER. Carrie can only say. Holy no way...
        Sam as Titus fires his gun at him says. Little different. TITUS, When I'm ready for you. Titus to this says. You will not disrespect me. As Sam blocks shots at the skaters group Karl says. What IS this? Who are you? Are we on T.V? Sam to this says. Didn't you kids hear me?! As Sam fires on Titus again he says. Run away-- GO! Titus than says. You ARE like your father in one other way...
        You actually care for these HUMANS. He targets Carrie. Sam blocks the shots and says. THAT IS SO NOT GOING TO FLY WITH ME-- BUT YOU ARE! And flies off into space with Titus. Carrie than says. That was... AMAZING. Karl adds. NOBODY'S gonna believe us. His friend pointing says. Dude. Did you WET yourself?

        The scene shifts to the Chitauri Armada. Near Jupiter moments later. Titus a bit surprised says. You SPACE-JUMPED us back here?! My army will obliterate You! Sam to this says. Believe it or not. I've GOT a plan. Titus to this says. I WILL TEAR THAT HELMET FROM YOUR HEAD. Sam to this says. And than you won't be able to BREATHE. We're in OUTER SPACE, Doofus. Titus to this says. You know so little about the universe, to think that Human biology applies to ALL life-forms.  Sam to this says. Okay, so I got a "C" in Biology. But it doesn't take a math genius to know--
        As he holds the weapon. --I WIN. Titus to this says. THE ULTIMATE NULLIFER. You have no inkling-- Sam to this annoyed says. SHUT IT.  All anybody's done since this NIGHTMARE began is tell me that I don't know what I'm doing. The last thing I ever wanted was to be like my dad. And now-- For the first time-- I realize how LUCKY I'd be if I was half the man he was. He than adds. Here's how this goes down. You get back into your WHALEMOBILES and take all your little CHITTARDS and find ANOTHER universe to bother. OR I BLOW YOU UP. And I'm keepin' this ULTIMATE NULLIFIER thing in case you sneak back here. Titus to this says. UNDERSTOOD.
        And grabbing the device says. And unacceptable! Sam to this says. WHAT'RE YOU DOING?! YOUR CRAZY! As it Klik's on Titus says. Taking what is mine, BOY! As it turns on Sam says. WHAT DID YOU DO?! Titus equally Surprised says. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Sam than yells. OFF, OFF! OFF! Things are encased in a purple cloud.

       As things get sucked into a black hole or in this case a purple hole Sam says. Please... Somebody.. Help... Me...
       Sam than tires to reach out to Titus and says. I'm trying to SAVE you! Titus to this says. I WILL DESTROY YOU! Sam as Titus goes yells. TITUS! He than klaks the device off. As a hand reaches to touch his back he says. Guess neither of us got what we wanted.
       He turns his back and Rocket Raccoon says. Just in time. Sam surprised says. ROCKET?! GAMORA?! WHAT?! He than adds. Where the hell have you been?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I JUST DID?! Rocket to this says. From the looks of it, You saved the Universe. NOVA. Gamora adds. THE ULTIMATE NULLIFIER. WE will take it from here for Safe-Keeping. Sam looks at it and than says. Uh.. NO. Lesson Number one. Don't trust ANYBODY. That includes you TWO. see ya. After he flies off Rocket says. Hrrm. He's more like his dad than we realized. Garmora than adds. We should be so lucky.. Rocket than wonders. I wonder what he'll do with it...?

       The scene shifts to the Moon and Sam talking to the Watcher. Sam says. I don't know why... But I think this belongs with you. Maybe because if ANYBODY is gonna see somebody coming to get this thing, it's YOU. Or.. Maybe it's because you were the first one who believed in me. lastly, he adds. I hope it's okay if I come back and visit with you sometime, MISTER WATCHER. The Watch sees him heads off.(Maybe with a little smile)
       The scene shifts to the past with Sam's mom in labour and saying. WHERE IS HE?! HE PROMISED HE'D BE HERE! A doctor than says. Push, EVA. I can see the head crowning. Suddenly, She says. Jesse..A blue light has appeared and a voice says. Sorry I'm late. It is Jesse and he says. The traffic was terrible. Having taken off the helmet he says. Sometimes getting from one end of this tiny town to the other is like crossing the universe. This is 16 years ago and he says. Welcome to the world. SAM ALEXANDER. Sam to this flashback says. How come you never told me that story?
       Sam's Mom to this says. It was YOUR FATHER'S STORY to tell you. But... I thought it was time.. Don't you? Sam to this and holding the helmet says. You knew all along. WOW.. He than adds. What about KAELYNN? His mom to this says. When you think your LITTLE SISTER is ready to know. You'll do the right thing. Sam can only says, Me...? Why Me? His mom only says. Who else. Sam to this says. I don't care what TITUS said. He LIED about a lot of things. But most of all-- Dad is ALIVE. Maybe he's lost or hurt-- or WHATEVER. Wherever he is... I'm going find him. I mean, There are only like a BILLION planets and stars out there in this universe-- How hard can it be?

      The comic ends with Sam holding his Helmet and looking into the stars and saying. Dad...

However, in a Epilogue somewhere in the universe, yesterday. On a planet a Alien says. You there! Get back work! It is to Jesse his dad doing the Same thing as Sam and he says. Sam..


This comic was not bad. Sam is growing into his role of a Nova and is getting better. This issue also helps to show how Family will likely be a important to this series of Nova. It was also interesting to see how Titus "Died" and was he speaking the truth. I also thought it was a nice touch to give the Ulmiate Nullifer to the Watcher to protect it and the Universe. Lastly, the epilogue with his Dad was nice and shows maybe what could happen in this series at one point.


Well this is my 100 posts on my blog/site. I would like to thing anyone who reads this part and thank you all for coming to my site and giving me the courage to keep this up. When I started this nearly two years ago I never thought I would reach here and am happy to have.

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