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From the Vault: Adventure Comics: 320

        The comic starts outside of Smallville high. Two boys are making fun of Clark Kent calling him a worm and saying he will spend hours doing homework. However, Clark at home quickly does his homework as unknown to these two he is Superboy.

       Superboy done decides to go to the 30th century as he has not been to a Legion meeting in weeks. Superboy gets to the future and sees something is happening. He asks Mon-EL if he is interrupting something. Mon-EL informs him that Radiation Roy is trying out for the Legion. He explains ho he got his power. However, when Radiation Roy uses his powers he can't turn it off and Superboy is forced to take him away as he is hurting everyone.
       Afterwards, Mon-EL is explaining a new device flying belts that when pressed can help to see if a Legionnaire has been replaced. This is shown by Sun Boy. Next Brainiac 5 shows off a character analysis monitor that can see if a person is good or evil. Suddenly, Mon-EL says that a detection device has detected someone trying to get into the Legion clubhouse. soon they catch him and Mon-EL than states that he has Superpowers and tried to take photographs with his instant film ring. Superboy recognizes him as someone call Dev-EM. Superboy reveals he is a great villain and explains to everyone what Dev-EM did.
       Dev-EM lived on Krypton and committed acts of vandalism with his friends. Including destroying school windows. He also stole material and passed it off as his own and his parents thought him a fine lad. Later they did stuff to terrify a ship and its passengers.


      However, they escape from the poice when they are called. Dev-EM lived next to Superboys family as after this little adventure he spends the evening their with his parents. He goes and sees a baby superboy and his friends call him and he leaves to have fun with his friends. At a zoo they release metal-eater creatures and the zoo keeper is forced to pull a level to use sleeping gas on them.
      Soon they go to the hall of learning and through a use of switch that causes static to the sleeping scholars that uses headgear to make them learn faster. The next day Jor-EL tells the planet that it will soon be destroyed and that he has plans for a rocket ship. Dev-EM decides to steal the plans. As he does it he is caught by Jor-EL as Superboy and Krypto saw him.
       Jor-EL runs him off but because he thinks highly of the boys parents will not report him. He learns of what he plans to do for a baby Superboy and decides to do the same thing for him and his parents. He than turns a bomb-shelter into a lead coated space vehicle. When the planet explodes his spaceships works. To survive Dev-EM and his parents place themselves in suspended animation. Years later the ship comes near Earth and he is awakened. He finds himself to be super-powerful due to the yellow sun.


      Dev-EM discovers Superboy existence on Earth  and traps Superboy. He than sends him into the Phantom Zone. After this he puts on a Superboy costume and does terrible things. First he blows away a Library.  Next he uses a mind control helmet to control monsters to destroy ships. After this he sets the real Superboy free from the Phantom Zone.
      Dev-Em than flies off with his space ship through the time barrier. Superboy was almost forced to leave until the police chief convinced people his actions were from Red Kryptonite. Mon-EL than informs Dev-Em that he is going to be turned over to the Inter-Stellar Counter Intelligence Corps. Dev-EM laughs and tells them he is working for the I.C.C. When they talk to the I.C.C they say it is true and that he is now reformed.
       Dev-EM states that he learned that wrong doers always lose. He is tasked with nabbing a cosmic spy legion leader called Molock the merciless. He manged to get a meeting arranged by agreeing to steal the Legion secrets. After this the head of the I.C.C calls and asks if Superboy will take Dev-Em place. Due to his experience. Superboy says yes and Dev-EM is okay with it.


         Superboy tells Dev-EM he needs to look like him and Brainiac says he can help with that with help from Dev-EM. Soon both come out with a face mask and a Dev-EM costume.
         Soon Superboy looks like Dev-EM. Talking to the Legion he says he wants to give fake Legion security gadgets to Molock. Brainiac and Sun Boy help to do sometihng with a small jeweled model of the clubhouse. Next Element Lad uses his powers to write something and turn it into ultrasite than Lighting Lad charges it. Soon Superboy is on the way on a monorail.
          Soon he arrives at the Lair. It is in the palace of peace and good will. He looks around for a bit until someone takes him to a side room. One their he goes through a door way and it teleports him somewhere

       He is now in the meeting room of the Cosmic Spy League. In front of him is Molock the Merciless. Molock asks what happened in the clubhouse as its lead lining made it impossible to monitor what happened.  Superboy explains he went in and tried to join the Legion but was told to come back. He adds on the way out he stole one of the security gadgets. He adds better shield the eyes. They ignore him and get dazzled by the brilliance it gives off.
        Next he shows off a a ultrasite Pen that sets off a alarm that can be used to lure the Legion into deathtraps. Monlock likes what it dos and says to Superboy a job well done. Molock asks if he wants gold or something and Superboy says gold. Molock takes the lid off and the gold is states to be gold Kryptonite that can permanently take the powers of a Kryption. Molock than get's his men to attack Superboy as he is weakened. The weapons destroy the costume and Superboy is soon and remains unhurt. Molock asks how this is possible due to the Gold Kryptonite. However, it turns out it is in fact Proty II and that as he defeats the guards their are going to taken the I.C.C headquarters.
        Back at the Legion clubhouse Superboy asks how Proty II became involved. Dev-Em states that because of the Gold K and Proty II agree to help him after reading his mind. He then stuck Proty II in his cape's pouch. Proty than acted after reading Molock's mind.


       When Superboy used the clubhouse he switched the boxes and turned into the Gold Kryptonite. Mon-EL than offers Dev-EM Legion membership bu he refuses. He becomes the first person to turn down leadership. The comic ends with Superboy going back to his time.


This issue was quite a bit of fun. It has to show a bit more of live for Superboy when he was child and before he came to Earth. This issue also had the neat idea of  a spy group wanting to cause problems for the Legion and that not all is a peaceful as the future seemed at first in the Legion universe. Also it is a bit funny that Morlock more or less looks like Bouncing Boy. Also I did not mind that fact that this was more a Superboy story but it fits well and All in all a pretty fun and neat issue

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