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From the Vault: Adventure Comics 319

         The comic starts out in space on a planetoid called Throon. Whose people live in an ancient city that is one colossal building. A voice comments that a neutralizing force projector on top of the tower is complete. Another voice adds that it will help to space ship away as they hate outsiders. A spaceship passes by Throon and gets hit by it. It has called all atomic reactions in the rockets making it unless. They also do not have enough power to to send a distress call. However, a patrol ship is able to spot them on its own. When it gets to the ship the crew of the other ship tell's the patrol ship that some force from Throon hit and disabled them. The patrol crew state that a patrol cruiser will be sent to look at it. However, the patrol cruiser meets distaster and the crew are forced to bail out.


       Soon in the science police headquarters the chief is talking to the president of the Earth. He talks about the attacks and how for 30 million miles around the planet that ships cannot go towards the planet. The president is worried as it will stop space traffic and could strangle their way of life and that Throon must be stopped. The chief to this says they last three ships trying and that he is going to ask the Legion of Super-Heroes for help. The chief heads to the club house and says that he has a mission which Earth depends on. He adds that it is extremely dangerous. Superboy to this says that if it so vital that they are not afraid of the risk. He adds that he is sorry that Mon-EL is not here but that they will destroy the projectors somehow. After the chief leaves Sun Boy says that no more than seven could go and to set up a system to do. He suggests using the planetary chance-machine. In back Bouncing boy  sets it up. Chosen first is Brainiac 5. He will be the leader of the mission.
       Brainaic 5 reveals the next six to be Saturn Girl, Bouncing Boy, Superboy, Lighting Lad, Chameleon Boy and Invisible Kid. However, he adds that it is too dangerous for a girl and eliminates Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl reaction to this is that she was selected and wants to go. Soon two men come who have seen Throon to brief them. One is Dr James Bannon who tried to make a study of Throon. The other is Tim Vale who tried to trade on the planet. Soon Brainaic 5 mentions landing on the Jungle side of Throon. Vale  says that the jungles are full of terrible life forms and it would be a suicide mission. Soon as the Legion force heads off high officals are their that state that worlds are depending on them to do this. Soon the ship comes close to Throon. Brainiac states that they have escaped detection. Superboy points out that the planet has a yellow sun and his powers will work and asks to go first. Brainiac to this says that teamwork is what counts and that his powers are the best chance and lets him go.
        Brainiac as Superboy leaves says while Superboy goes in that they will swing around and land on the other side of Throon. Soon Superboy is at the citadel. He thinks and sees that the place is made of lead and that he will have to use his powers. However, suddenly the citadel causes the sun to become Red and he losses his powers. On the ship Saturn Girl points this out and says that they must help him. Brainaic says the mission is more important and they must land on the other side of the planet.


        Soon they land on the planet. Brainiac tells them they avoided detection now to put on the flying-belts and keep low above the jungle. As they fly a vine creature tries to grab Chameleon Boy but misses. Saturn Girl asks about Superboy and wonders if he is dead. On the other side of the planet Superboy is fine but bruised he was luckily flying low. Superboy walks to the citadel and is attacked by a rainbow sphere which causes him terrible pain.
        Soon the Legion comes close to the citadel and Brainaic comments they mustn't be seen. Saturn Girl again asks about Superboy. They soon see Superboy but Brainaic tells them the mission comes first. Brainiac soon calls the Legion to tell them what happened. Sunboy says it seems hopeless with Superboy gone but they wish him luck. Brainaic and the other plan and Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy and Bouncing Boy fly off to be a diversion.
        The three create the diversion and are soon defeated. Brainiac is soon struck by lighting as he comes close. Lighting Lad is behind him but because of his electric power is not affected. Lighting Lad calls the Legion and tells them what happened. They try to stop him but he says he must. He than attacks the place with his powers.


       A door soon opens. Sun Boy watching on a device says it could be a trap. Lighting Lad goes in anway and the door closes on him. The first squad is defeated and the Legion has to send a second.
       On Earth the space port is full of ships that cannot move thanks to Throon and one planet food is needed to prevent famine but ships cannot reach them.
       The  Scene switches to the Legion trying to pick new members to go. Star Boy is picked to be the leader of the second group. Cosmic boy, Ultra Boy, Triplicate Girl and Matter-Eater Lad are also picked to go. As they prepare to go Star Boy tells then to wear insulating suits to protect against the electric charge weapon. Soon a planetographer has come to brief them and to understand the planet.

         He cannot help them. The group leaves Earth after more people wish they luck. They head to a planet full of meteors. Matter-Eater Lad makes the meteor hollow and they suit up and get inside it. Ultra Boy than pushes it from inside towards Throon.
         They soon land on Throon. Ultra Boy than throws the meteor against the citadel which cracks open the citadel. The Legion using their anti-gravity belts flies towards it. However, just as they get close to the other they began to freeze due to a ray. Ultra Boy is also affected as he did not switch to invulnerability fast enough.
          On Earth Element Lad tells Colossal Boy and Phantom Girl of the defeat. Whats left of the Legion get into a time bubble and Mon-EL takes them to Throon. They soon get their. Mon-EL goes to crack open the citadel. As he gets to it he is hit by a gas.

        Suddenly, he is hit by lead and it effects him as his anti-lead antidote was neutralized by the gas. As the other get closer they are hit by the freezing ray. However, Colossal Boy is still around and goes toward the citadel. Using a damaged ship as a shield. Suddenly, a giant robot comes out and starts to fight him.      
        The Legion of Substitute Heroes are watching this and see that Colossal Boy has been defeated. They decade to go to Throon and save the day. They use fire and ice and chlorophyll powers to try and break the citadel. However, the giant robot captures Polar Boy, Fire Lad and Chloraphyll kid and the only person left is Night Girl. She flies to the dark side of the planet where her powers work and digs into the ground until she bursts out in the floor of the dungeons. Inside, she flies around and finds no one. She heads up to the first floor which turns out to be a control room. In the control room she finds two men.


       She wrecks the equipment and all the actions against both legions stop. The two men are the last of their  race. As the Legions leave the two men acknowledge that they were spared and that they will will be alone in peace. In Metroplois the substitute Legion are given a  heroes welcome.


This issue not bad at all. It helps to show that the Legion universe is growing and moving towards what will soon be the United Planets and what the Modern Legion world looks like. It also is nice to see that the Legion can be defeated and is not as powerful as it appears which can lead to neat stories down the road. This issue helps to show that the Substitute Legion is known to full exist and allowed to have a good grand entrance the end. All in all a fine silver age issue for the Legion.  

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