Sunday, June 2, 2013

From the Vault: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 76

         The comic starts at the apartment of Jimmy Olsen on a cold and wintry night in Metropolis. Jimmy is opening a bottle wine/champagne and sees that it is snowing hard outside. He is waiting for Lucy Lane sister of Lois Lane and hopes that she will soon up tonight. Thinking about the cost he put out to do this meal and please Lucy a knock is heard at the door of his apartment.

          It is Lucy and after opening the door thinks he needs to impress her by acting all smooth man of the world like. Out loud he comments on her looking good tonight. She comments on how silly his robe is and that someone with no taste must of given him it. Soon they start drinking Champagne and she spits it out and says that it is sour. They soon have dinner which turns out to be pheasant. Lucy says the meal is so-so and that the humming bird the sultan of Ramnipur served her was better. After dinner Lucy asks what they are going to do and since Jimmy is broke from the meal he suggests watching the time monitor that the Legion of Super-Heroes give him. Lucy looking outside sees something and says something is happening on the terrace.
         They open the window and see that a Legion time bubble has appeared. Lucy is a bit shocked at its appearance. Jimmy sees that Legionaries Ultra Boy and Sun Boy are inside it. Ultra Boy asks Jimmy to come with them to the 30th century as it is important. Jimmy tells Lucy to stay in his apartment due to the worsening weather and she can amuse herself by watching the time monitor. However, Lucy does ask to come along but Ultra Boy says only Jimmy can come as he is a honorary member of the Legion. Soon in the future Jimmy is dropped off for a five hour visit and Ultra Boy and Sun Boy head off to a special emergency. Behind he a voice says glad to see you again Jimmy. He turns around and says that Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl and Light Lass are their. Inside Jimmy wonders where everyone else is and Saturn Girl states that most of the Legion is away on assignments.
         According to clause 9 and its sub-clause 12 in the Legion constitution Jimmy as a honorary member of the Legion must twice a year do three feats to keep their membership. Triplicate Girl adds that it has to be done by tomorrow. Light Lass then pulls out his costume and serum to turn him into Elastic Lad. Saturn Girl after he is ready states that he must help the three of them on separate missions. First is Triplicate Girl and delivering a special idol to a museum. After a bit of traveling Jimmy asks why it is worth so much. Triplicate Girl says it is made from one of the rarest metals in the Universe. Suddenly a voice says hand it or or die. Triplicate Girl becomes three and the thief tosses three destructo-bombs at her. She catches them and defuses them. The man starts to flee and Jimmy starts to use his powers.

       He makes a maze and the man soon gets tried trying to escape it. Triplicate Girl after this hugs him and asks him if she can kiss him and that he is just her type even being from 1964. Later on a monorail tour with Light Lass the two are together and talking. Light Lass mentions monorail sabotages cases. Suddenly, she sees trouble ahead and that a big section of the rail is missing. The car will not stop in time and so she asks him to uses his powers. He goes out the window to fix the situation.
       Jimmy becomes a living rail and the car passes by him. Light Lass adds she used her powers to made everything light. Soon a staff member comes up and says the rail will be replaced right away. Soon Light Lass says she adores Jimmy and kisses him. Jimmy is happy about this and thinks he is enjoying the legion live so much more. Later Jimmy is at the Metropolis Spaceport with Saturn Girl. After asking what their mission is. Saturn Girl says that the ship is bring space creatures from various worlds to a Earth zoo and that their are assigned to keep things under control. Suddenly, the cage hits the group too fast and breaks open and Jimmy begins to help out.
       Jimmy sees that the creatures are running amok and people may get injured. Saturn Girl uses her powers to get two of the three creatures under control. However, a sword-nose creature nose is giving off electrical interference that make it so her thought control can't control it. Jimmy turns his to nose to match the creature and uses it to calm the creature down. After it is calmed down Saturn Girl says it is brilliant of him. Two Zookeepers come up and take control of the creature.


        After this Saturn Girl like the other two girls goes mad over him. Soon at the clubhouse the girls start fighting over him. Each use their powers to try and make them loss their grip on jimmy. After a bit Jimmy says that he is going back to his time as he does not want the Legion to break apart because of him. Soon Sun Boy and Ultra Boy arrive to pick him up. The girls wave goodbye. After the bubble leaves they all start laughing. It is because they staged it all and that in fact it was a gigantic hoax.

      Triplicate Girl says that the croak was a hired actor and those bombs were harmless. Light Lass adds the missing rail w as pre-arranged by her. Saturn Girl adds that the creatures were allowed to escape. They did it due to how Lucy was treating jimmy. Jimmy gets back to his time and finds Lucy asleep. She did not see what happened on the monitor due to sleep and she does not believe what happened to him. She calls him a nut and asks him to call her a taxi. In the future the girls see this and are disappointed their work was for nothing. The comic ends with Saturn Girl wondering if they will fall for him for real the next time they see him.


This issue was pretty fun and also funny. Due to it being from the Superman's Pal series it was meant to be. This issue shows that jimmy can have some fun and that his character has funny events to it. On a sidenote it is interesting to see that all three ladies used in this would later be in a serious relationship and or married. Saturn Girl to Lighting Lad, Triplicate Girl to Bouncing Boy and Light Lass/Lighting Lass together in a same-sex relationship with Shrinking Violet.(This is not spoilers due to appearing issues covered from the current run)  All in all not a bad comic from the silver age that is still fun.

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