Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nova # 4

          The comic starts in Deep Space near Jupiter four seconds after the end of the last issue. Sam appears to be dead. A voice in a ship nearing him says. Do what you want with the body- But I want the helmet intact. A alien says as it nears the body. It looks dead. It looks like a WHELP, Why is there any reason to fear this one? Suddenly, Sam says. Suckers.

        As he blows up the space scooter the alien was on he says. I guess MOM was wrong. All those years playing video games DID pay off. Flying around he adds. OH, YEAH!
         Talking over the comlink he says. ROCKET? GAMORA? You getting any of this? Look, I know you said to ONLY act as a SCOUT. But, I actually DID listen to all those stories that my Dad told me about the NOVAS. Plus I HAVE watched a LOT of movies with spaceships and Aliens and stuff! Flying towards a ship he adds. So, I take out the MOTHERSHIP and the rest of these badasses aren't so badassery. All I have to do is find the generator or the power core or the thingy thing that runs this beast- And problem solved-- NOVA STYLE. GOING IN!
         Suddenly, with a Boom he is hit and sent flying back. Then is hit three times with a THOOOM. As a big hand reaches towards him a voice says. How much alike you and your father are.

        The tiger beast holding him says. Diving headfirst into a situation that you can barely understand. How sweet your DEATH will be as I tear that helmet from your empty head. Sam to this says. "GAH" I KNOW YOU! YOU'RE TITUS!
        Firing his Nova blast he adds. You were one of the BLACK NOVAS! SUPERNOVAS! Whatever! You were like my dad's best friend! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! Titus slamming him to the group says. He spoke of me, did he? Of our years together as NOVA SOLDIERS. How we risked our lives- our SOULS-- For the greater good of the universe? Did he tell you of his BETRAYAL to us all? SAm to this yells. THAT'S A LIE! Titus to this says. Your father was a COWARD.
        It shifts to the past and Titus says. It was years ago. A covert op in the Rigellian Empire. You could not know the truth and still wear his helmet. Sam to this says. I know this one. Out by the milky way and not the candy bar. In the past a voice says. THEY'RE GAINING on us! Inside the ship Titus to Jesse says. JESSE. You cannot leave in the middle of this. There has to be another choice. Jeese to this says. NONE of you family. My WIFE'S about to have our first kid and this is as close to Earth as i'm gonna be. I'm taking the skimmer to the jump port-- And YOU'RE NOT STOPPING ME. He adds. No one knows we're out here. So there's no help coming. If I were you, I'd ABANDON ship and-- Suddenly, Titus shouts TRAITOR! And as the door is kicked down says. You will pay for your betrayal. JESSE ALEXANDER. Either in THIS life... or the next...! Sam to this says. NO! you twisted what REALLY happened. My Dad went for help! Titus to this says. Is that the lie you have Embraced? How a live coward is better off than a dead hero? Or is that yo u now know that all that has happened was because he left us to witness your insignificant birth?

       Titus adds. We through they were rigellians coming for the recorder. But they were far worse. With weapons we had never encountered. They knew nothing of our mission. Raiders who wanted the ship.(during the flash back we see he loses a eye) The Chitauri. Harbingers of death. In the past he says. Wait...
       I propose a bargain.. For my life. I have something that is worth far mare than this ship. A Rigellian RECORDER. That... COFFIN it is held in... If ANYONE OTHER THAN MYSELF opens it, It will DETONATE. Destroying this ship. And EVERYONE on board. With my help.. Let us learn the SECRETS it holds.
       Back in the present he adds. And such secrets we did learn. It took us YEARS to decipher the encrypted recorder files. And years MORE to assemble THE PRIZE. AN ULTIMATE NULLIFIER. We can destroy an empire or create a new one. The future is MINE to shape and craft. Sam to this says. LIAR! Do THEY know? Your Chitauri pals?! How you sold out the NOVAS and you'll sell them out?!


        Titus to this says. Why would anyone aboard this fleet listen to you? I HAVE LIVED WITH CHITARUI. Risen in their ranks. They REBUILT my body. Gave me a weapon that will crush through your "NOVA FORCE"-- JUST AS I DID WHEN YOUR PATHETIC FATHER CHALLENGED ME LESS THAN A WEEK AGO. ONLY THIS TIME I WILL KEEP HIS HELMET. Sam yells NO! and blasts power from his body.
       Looking at a hole in the floor Titus says. Gone. Find Him! NOW! I will have that HELMET before this night is done. Sam flies behind him and says. Don't think so. Grabbing the device he says. You won't be keeping THIS ULTI-WHATSIS-THING either. Flying out he adds. Yeah. THAT happened.
       Flying off to his com he says. ROCKET! GAMORA! ANYBODY! Aliens following him says. The BOY dies or WE do-- AFTER HIM! Speeding off Sam says. You guys promised to bring me HELP! I could use a little "Guardians of the Sam ALexan--" Suddenly, he warps away.

      On the ship Titus aks. Report! Where is he?! WHERE IS NOVA?! Some Aliens says. Sir, He... Vanished. And he has the weapon. Titus to this can only Roarr!
       Back at the Moon Sam finishes. -Der. Than adds. I DID IT! than again. I did it. Sam than asks himself. What the hell have I done? Flying back to Earth he says. Hey. ROCKET? GAMORA? If you can hear me-- And I really hope you can-- We have to meet at the house like NOW.
      A time shift to later that night happens and Sam says. DAD..? He is talking to the helmet and says. I could.. i need.. to talk to you right now. TITUS aid that he.. BUT I KNOW YOU'RE ALIVE, OKAY? I did this thing-- And I think you'll be proud of me-- But... Here;s a shocker to no one. I didn't really think it through. Any ideas where to hide a weapon that can blow up the Earth? After it says nothing he says. Right. Fine. I need a palace to hide it until Rocket or Gamora get's here. THEY'LL know what to do. Looking for places to hide it he says. Under the bed../ Nah.. Somebody'll find it. Under here...? With my luck the car'll fall on it and break it. Putting it in a place he says. perfect. Last place ANYBODY would look-- including me. Now all I have to do is remember that TUESDAY is trash pick-up day...


         Sam coming inside his house says. Who know saving the universe was so exhausting? No wonder dad...  uh(he rubs his eyes) A voice suddenly, says. Sam..? It is his mom and she asks. You fall asleep out in the garage again? Your dad used to tell me stories like that.. A LOT. Sam to this says. Something like that, MOM. Yeah... Look, I'm not-- Seeing a blue light out the window he says. I'll be right back! running to the garage he says. What took you so long?! I never through I'd be HAPPY to see a green lady assassin and a talking-- Raccoon...

       However, it is in fact Titus holding his helmet who says. Give me what I have come for, Boy. Or I will have THIS ENTIRE TOWN burned to the group. The comic ends with him adding. AND EVERYONE YOU EVER CARED FOR WITH IT.


This issue was pretty good. I would give it about a 3 to a 3.5 out of 5 for it. Titus telling a possible truth was quite interesting and makes it what could the the real truth also interesting to find out. The story itself was not bad and the current writer and artist are leaving after the next issue. As for the artwork the series does not look bad. The humans are and aliens are drawn well for the most part and the new Nova uniform is not bad looking. This issue was sets up the possible and likely truth that Sam dad is dead and that he will not be coming back expect likely in flash backs.


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