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Legion of Super-Heroes #20

         The comic starts on the sorcerers' world in the 31st century. Ultra Boy(Jo NAH) having just appeared on the world from last issue says. If you had the power to teleport between worlds.. why haven't you used it before, Glorith? Glorith to this says. It only leads HERE, Legionnaire, Where I am forbidden to be. But banned or not, It's a wise child who knows the way home. Suddenly, their is a RRRUMMBLE and Glorith adds. But the unsettled ground-- That is NOT as it should be. Chameleon Boy(Reep Qaggle) in bird form to help carry Glorith says. You got us out of the disaster on RIMBOR. Now let's see if the witch can figure out what is happening there. Glorith to this says. If she cannot keep our own world from being unsettled. I fear the REST may be beyond reach... Ultra Boy to this says. Trust a magician-- ominous and INCOMPREHENSIBLE all at the same time. What does that MEAN, Glorith..? Suddenly, their is a RRRUMMBLE.

      As the place starts to break apart Glorith says. It means that we are not safe here. EITHER. As stuff breaks around him Ultra Boy adds. This is way worse than I thought!
      As he breaks stuff around him he adds. yeah? Than why are we bothering to be here. Anyway? Chameleon Boy adds. Because the witch's magic is our best bet if the Quark relay failures are creating a POWER OUTAGE disaster across the United Planets-- And watching Rimbor's civilization collapse into techno-failure served no purpose. Ultra Boy how has jumped onto his back adds. Glad you think you know the answers, Cham-- I just TINYA was here...
      The scene shifts to on the Promethean Giant where it is SKRITCH it's self. Phantom Girl(Tinya Wazzo) is running and thinking to herself. Jo, I screwed it all up. Dirk's dead, Jacques and Brek vanished... My term as Legion Leader is an unmitigated disaster. And now this monster seems willing to destroy itself to kill me. I have to get OUT of here. Even if it means never coming BACK. As rocks fall on her she thinks/adds. Goodbye. Jo....

       The scene shifts to elsewhere. Polar Boy(Brek Bannin) and Invisible Kid(Jacques Foccart) are now elsewhere and Polar Boy says. Wh-what the hell did you DO, Jacques? Invisible Kid to this says. I-- I don't know... I merely tried to hide us from the Promethean Giant's view, and now... Polar Boy asks. Are we DEAD?! Invisible Kid to this says. I-I do not think so, Mon Ami. I have been here before-- ONCE-- and returned to the land of the living... But not without spending time among those who have PASSED... (behind the figures of Invisible Kid 1, Ferro Lad and Earth-Man are seen) Polar Boy to this says. WHAT?!
      The scene switches to the Black Witch's Castle Glorith seeing Blok who lives with the Black witch runs up and says to him. It's so good to see you, Blok! Behind Ultra Boy says. Wow. and Chameleon Boy adds. Peculiar. Blok hugging and to Glorith says. I AM CONFUSED. THE WITCH DID NOT SUMMON YOU. Glorith to this says. I did it MYSELF-- I HAD to... Blok soaking in the info adds. SHE CANNOT HELP YOU... IT IS ALL SHE CAN DO TO HOLD THIS WORLD TOGETHER... adding he says. IT IS BEING WRENCHED APART FROM WITHIN, AND HER CAPTIVE DEMON MAY BE SET LOOSE IF HERE CONCENTRATION FAILS... Glorith to this says. We felt the Earthquakes outside. Everything seems sage in here. The Black Witch(Mysa NAL) in front to this says. The center of my power holds-- Mordru's prison remains sealed-- But this world is breaking around us. 
       Chameleon Boy to this says. It's not only YOUR world, Mysa. The technology of Rimbor failed completely while we were there... Countless lives are being lost, And there's NO SIGN of help from off world. I fear it's affecting other worlds, Too-- Since no Legionnaires showed up to help us-- Not even United Planets Ships. The Black Witch to this says. You are right to feel fear, Man of Durla... All you love is under assault. And much of it is crumbling. And the deaths are not only those of strangers. Ultra Boy to this says. Tinya-- She has to be safe-- No one can hurt HER! The witch to this says. So we thought....

         She shows things happening in the Universe and adds. But I fear her spirit no longer in our universe! All about us is CHAOS. Worlds in disarray.. Barriers broken never meant to be UNSEALED... A demon is loose, Born not of magic, But Eons-old science gone WILD. And the worst of all monsters has been sent here to chew upon the center of the world and DESTROY it. Seeing the imagines Ultra Boy says. Sun Boy! he was with Tinya! Glorith adds. AWFUL! Chameleon Boy says. VALIDUS-- SO he was sent here! But WHY?
         At the Promethean Giant a voice says. Done. Than as the Aliens bring things adds. Bring me tribute, Yes. It is Tharok and he adds. One of my enemies is DEAD, Two VANISHED from this dimension.. ANd the one I feared has FLED beyond return.
         He adds. None but THAROK could passes the ancient PROMETHEAN GIANT.. And devastate a GALAXY at the same time... The chip that stole my humanity has made me so much MORE.. I am connected to the UNIVERSE WAVES that RIDE the quarks, And while I command them. NO ONE else may use them. And when my work is over. Lesser beings will be GLAD they have died. The living shall serve the FATAL FIVE as we need them.. Or as it AMUSES  us. Now, Across the stars.. To see which of us have destroyed the most Legionnaires...   

        At the sorcerers' world to Validus he says. HARDER, Validus! Only YOU have the raw strength to carve a path through a world, Beast-- USE IT! Using a energy blast Validus does and Tharok adds. DESTROY-- That's it. The center is near-- And with it. The DOOM of the most DANGEROUS Legionnaire. Splashing into Lava Validus moves into a new area and he adds. There-- The GEM at the heart of the sorcerers' world! Destroy it! Destroy the Black Witch!
       Flying off again Tharok adds. Now to observe if the others have come as far in THEIR missions.. As Vaildus nears to attack Suddenly, a portal opens and the Black Witch says. BACK, MONSTER! Leave the heart of my world UNBROKEN!
       With a RRRAGHHH! He punches them away. Chameleon Boy grabs Ultra Boy and says. Got you, Ultra Boy! Ultra Boy to this says. I was going invulnerable, Cham-- Chameleon Boy to this says. STRENGTH, Jo-- THAT'S what we need. ALL of it. With a THOOM Ultra Boy hits Vaildus.

        Vaildus tosses Ultra Boy into Chameleon Boy and both nearly hit the lava. Blok watches and than charges him and both nearly fall into Lava.
         The scene shifts to where Weber's world once orbited and the Legion Ship where a voice says. I've seen the Legion battle an immortal DEMON, But never destruction like THIS... Harmonia to Brainaic 5(Queal Dox) asks. What kind of creature IS that emerald witch? Brainiac to this says. Among the most MURDEROUS we have ever encountered, OBVIOUSLY. Element Lad(Jan Arrah) than asks. Who else do you think Tharok's pulled together in this so-called "Fatal Five," Brainy? Brainiac to this says. Almost certainly the PERSUADER, Given the Axe's disappearance from custody... And similarly VALIDUS, Although it's possible he simply VANISHED as inexplicably as he originally APPEARED. But with Mon-EL crippled, The whole United Planets in Chaos, And out communications cut so we can't call in reinforcements. I think the Fatal Five is living up to their NAME.. Whoever the fifth nightmare may be.
        Back at the Black Witch's world she says to Blok. Hold him, my love-- Blok pushing back says. AS LONG AS... I... CAN... Glorith to the witch than says. Are you sure we can do this? The Witch to this says. Even I, who bound Mordu, couldn't cast this spell ALONE, Glorith-- But with your power over time, I believe WE can.. and we must! Glorith says. But what will-- The witch says. hush. and that adds. What will, WILL...

        As Blog is engulfed in Lava he says. ARRGH!.. Sorry. putting a shield up the witch says. No FURTHER, monster. As Vaildus hits it their is a boom. The witch than says to Glorith. Whatever dark and created this beast, it is beyond my power. Glorith-- touch me with your power!
        She adds. You are HEIR to the power of TIME, And I to the magic of the ELEMENTAL TEACHERs-- Together, we TAKE this world beyond this hell-torn universe, and this monsters reach! NOW! The planet suddenly disappears and she adds from somewhere. Where once there was a world, you alone shall rage, monster.. And centuries from now, perhaps you will be found again... or perhaps not...
        Else where what seems to Earth with a pop Ultra Boy and Chameleon Boy appear. Ultra Boy says. Wh-what happened? This doesn't SMELL like the witch's world. Chameleon Boy says. No. Digging through rubble he adds. Recognize THIS, Jo? We're back on EARTH, somehow... and it doesn't look look like the Legion's doing well HERE, Either. Ultra Boy than asks. Where's Glorith-- Didn't she bring us back? Chameleon Boy to this says. I don't think do.. Fells more like Mysa's doing, but STRONGER somehow.. Catch your BREATH, Than we'll try to piece this puzzle together. Suddenly, a voice says. Hello, BOYS!

         It is Persuader standing on a hurt Duplicate Damsel who says. It's YOUR turn now. Ultra Boy says. Oh, no. The comic ends with Chameleon Boy yelling. PERSUADER!


This comic was quite good. From a story stand point it helps to show the scale of the chaos going on in United Planets. It also helps to show how dangerous this group is and how the Legion is fighting for its life. Sadly, outside of this issue this series with issue 23 will be cancelled. This means that after a run of three years that Paul Levitz Legion run will be ending. This also means that after 40 years of having a legion title put on month after month that their will not be. It is a end of a era and I hope that they bring back the Legion in some form soon please.

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