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Tales from Another Legion: Avengers #5

          The comic starts at the Avengers Mansion/Tony Stark's Mansion where they inspect damage caused by the Hulk in Fantastic Four issue 26 which they had joined in the fighting with that group.

Giant-Man suggests a construction crew to repair the house. The wasp is happy the damage is not worse. Thor than tells them it is time to disband for a short time. Giant-Man and the wasp take their growth pills just as Iron Man thanks them for help in the fight. The two then race to their lab/home. Lastly, Thor heads off but promises his hammer and himself are always at call for the Avengers.

        The only ones left left now are Iron Man, Rick Jones and Captain America. Iron Man thanks Cap for his fighting and how proud he is Cap joined the group. Cap is pleased with the group and that he is on call for help. As Cap and Rick leave Iron Man is happy Rick found a friend. Soon after Iron Man opens his helmet and as Tony Wonders what the Avengers would think if they knew it was him. A few days later at a Stark weapon factory a crew is working on a artillery computer when a powerful noise happens and destroys it.
       Tony Stark is phoned about it. He asks them to wait for him and as his Iron man chest piece is recharged thinks of how he lives a double live. The scene shifts to Giant-Man and the Wasp in a Ant-Hill doing research when a noise happens that drives the ants away and causes the ant-hill to collapse on the two.     Both are okay though but the Wasp is annoyed her makeup is smudged. Giant-Man tells him they need to figure out the sound.

        At the office of Dr Don Blake his nurse Jane is bring him a meal and he jokes about her loving him. He than talks about the mysterious sound causing trouble all over the country. He than leaves the office and turns into Thor and plans to summon the Avengers over the noise. Elsewhere, Captain America is giving an acrobatic exhibition to the teen bridge and showing how well trained he is.
       Cap asks them to dead to the park to see more stuff. Having jumped down Thor suddenly appears and tells Cap he may be needed soon. As the Teen Bridge meet Thor and are awed over him. The strange sound starts up and with a crack breaks a nearby tree. Cap and Thor are worried and start to head to gather the Avengers. As Cap leaves he gets Rick Jones to come with him.
        At the meeting the team see that the sounds are coming from the Southwest near where the Hulk is based from. The scene shifts to a missile installation in the same area where a hill is growing out of the ground near it. The base commander is General Thunderbolt Ross and he wants it gone. Suddenly, his daughter Betty shows up with Bruce Banner. Ross is annoyed to see him and chews him out. Betty tells him that Banner was "ill" but is better now. Ross returns his attention to the hill and how it is growing.

        Banner thinks back on the accident that turned him into the Hulk and how as the Hulk he has limitless strength. He also thinks how it changed his personality to one that wants to lash out. He thinks a bit more until Ross tells him to stop daydreaming and to look at the hill. Better asks him to do it and Banner does and heads off to it seeing it is made from a substance he has never seen before.
        Under the hill a group using a gigantic gear to push the living rock onto the surface of the Earth. It is a group called the lava Man(first seen in a Journey into Mystery 97) whose king want this to happen. One points out that the surface people are not evil but the witch doctor to "Molto" tells him to stop it. Molto sees the doctor wants war.
        The King does not listen and lets the operation go on. Above Ross has lined the area with missiles as Banner told him it may be radio-active. As Cap points out a helicopter that is no theirs. Ross adds that they will have their hides until he recalls it as belonging to the Avengers. The Avengers see it is the hill they heard about and Iron Man moves into to investigate it.

       Ross to this says it is Radioactive. Iron Man states that is why he is doing it as his suit will protect him. He uses his repulsers to hit and cap states it is not radioactive but alive but Iron Man hits it again to stop it growing more. Below the Lava Men are worried and the witch doctor tells them they have nothing to fear as their power is greater.
       The Lava Men move to attack when Iron Man flies down and uses his transistors to form a dust cloud and blind them for a bit. The Lava Men move to attack him thinking he is alone. Iron Man tells them more are coming. He is called a fool and a Lava Man try to heat him out of his suit. Suddenly, their is blast. After the smoke clears Cap and Thor are there and Thor moves to attack.
       However, first Cap takes Iron Man away as his transistors are not working right. After they leave Thor walks towards some of the Lava Men and suddenly below Thor the lava causes him to fall into it. Molto appears and sees who it is and asks the others to save Thor. Thor not affected flies out of the Lava and moves to find the weapon the Lava Men are using.

        The witch doctor asks Thor to come foreword and that it is useless for a Surface Dwellers to resist. Thor is not impressed and states it is empty words and hollow threats. Molto tells him it is not the case and that the Living Stone is the most dangerous thing in the world. Thor says he will use his hammer to destroy it. The king says he most not and that the stone came from some sort of Atomic upheaval underground.
       They state they found a rock that when hit caused a explosion that underground and above took out a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. At the size it is now if hit would blow the world up. The Witch doctor adds that by putting it on top of the surface it would destroy it and the Lava people could move onto the surface. The witch doctor than gets the forces to move to attack the surface. Suddenly, Captain America appears and as they try to attack jumps off melting Lava and attacks.
       Cap tosses hid shield and causes significant trouble with it until it returns to him and that gets covered in crystallized lava. Iron man appears to help as Rick Jones tries to free cap. As Lava Men charge Iron Man gets ready to resist.


      Above the Wasp and Giant-Man are looking at the hill. Giant-Man than finds a spot where if hit the living rock would explode but without a big explosion. They need Thor's hammer and head underground to find him. He is not there as he is on the other side and Iron Man asks for help as he is barely holding off the lava men off. To help Iron Man Giant-Man grabs the Avengers helicopter which is running and use it to send a gust of wind down the tunnel.
       After this Giant-Man says again they need to find Thor. However, Iron Man asks them to wait so that he can free Cap from his rock prison. He blasts it away and cap makes no sound of pain and Iron Man is impressed. The group than heads down the path until they see a figure who turns out to be Thor who is happy to see them and needs their help.
       Above ground Bruce Banner is walking around thinking about the living rock when suddenly, he starts turning into the Hulk and losses control. Soon as the Hulk he nears the hill and wonders where he is when he hears the voices of the Avengers and heads down the tunnel and sees the Avengers talking. However, Cap hears the Hulk and Giant-Man says they need to get rid of him. The Hulk charges them and fights Cap and Iron Man.

        Nearby Thor says they have no time to waste on the Hulk and tosses his hammer towards the Hulk. Nearby the Witch Doctor has appeared and decides to attack Thor by using his radioactive rod against him. Suddenly, in a one in a million chance it does something and causes Thor to turn back into Don Blake. It also causes a cave in separating him from the rest of the Avengers. The witch doctor is shocked to see this and is scared and flees in panic as Blake tries to keep himself awake. On top the Avengers and the Hulk see that the rock has reached maximum size and hatch a plan to use the Hulk to take out the rock.
        The Avengers than use their various powers to position the Hulk and confuse him. As he becomes confused the Wasp flies by him in the weak spot and the Hulk hits the spot. The spot causes the living rock to implode and disappear. Below Blake finds his cane and works to become Thor again.
        Blake taps three times and becomes Thor again. He than tells the Lava people that the surface people are not to fear and for them not to bother again as the surface is powerful and to head home. Above General Ross orders the missiles to stand down and Betty wonders where Bruce Banner is. Where the Living rock was the Avengers wake up and they see the Hulk is gone. The area is now a sheet of glass. Giant-Man say it is a bit of a let down. Cap wonders where the Hulk is and Iron Man Wonders where Thor is.


       Thor has been digging himself out and appears. Cap is happy to see him. Thor is surprised to see the living rock gone and the Avengers explains it is the Hulk ho saved the planet. Nearby Betty sees a body and it is Bruce Banner. Betty helps Bruce to a car and safety for a time? As the Avengers come to there Helicopter a person runs over and hands a message over from the teen bridge of a condition red emergency and the Avengers head off to see what it is as the comic ends.


This comic is quite interesting. It uses a enemy from Thor to great effect. The characters have started to work well together and to work as a team well. Captain America in his second issue was written well again and shows how he became a legend. The choice of showing more Hulk characters was also interesting and fits well into a connected universe that Marvel wished for their comics. Also it is nice to see Banner not as the Hulk but as himself and how he deals with the problems that caused him so much trouble. I also liked the fact that it builds off a issue from another comic and than how they are forced to come back together. In the end a fun issue from a series from the start has been fun and is still good decades after it comes out.  

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