Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nova #11

       The comic starts in Carefree, Arizona. At the office of Dr. Kettlewell. Sam yells. AN OPTICAL MIGRAINE?! Oh my god, I'm dying! The doctor at this says. You're NOT dying, Sam. Sam at this says. What about the LIGHTS I've been seeing? Dying people see lights. How can you be sure they've not "DYING LIGHTS"? The doctor at this says. An "OPTICAL MIGRAINE" May or may not be accompanied by the traditional pain associated with a migraine headache... But it will go away. Your temporary blindness is just that. TEMPORARY. His mom at this says. OH, THANK GOD! The doctor adds. What's CHANGED for you? Have you had any more stress in your life? Sam at this says. Well, my Dad was the school janitor, and the bullies liked to REMIND me of that. But now he's not the janitor anyomore... The doctor at this says. I see. Than adds. Well, that ought to be a help. Sam at this says. HE RAN OUT ON US. The doctor to this says. OKEYDOKEY, Let's say stress is a CONTRIBUTING FACTOR. I see you had a serious CONCUSSION recently. Have you taken any other shots to the head AFTER you were hospitalized? Sam at this says. HMMM.... His mom adds. Well...


       A series of Sam getting hit in the head is shown. Sam than says. Sorry, Doctor Kettlewell, I can't think of anything.
        As they leave the doctor says. That's the spirit! Already, take care, Sam. And if you're going to be a daredevil-- WEAR A HELMET! Sam at this says. All my doctors keep saying that. The doctor adds. A good helmet is a LIFESAVER. A nurse says. excuse me, Mrs. Alexander. I just need a moment of your time. There's a THIRTY DOLLAR CO-PAY for visit. His mom at this says. Uh.. Can you bill me? I forogt my wallet. The person says. Mrs. Alexander! She says. Sorry! So sorry. Go, Sam! Go. Outside Sam says. Did we just ditch out on a bill? His mom says. Absolutely not! I will pay them.. Just... NOT TODAY. Now please get your butt to school, And STAY OF TROUBLE. I don't want to hear any more from Principal Philbin.
        Sam soon comes to school. Moffet talking to Carrie says. Anyway so I'm not taking that kind of lip from anyone, you know? So I put that kid on his butt. Sam coming up says. Excuse me, guys. Hi. Carrie. Carrie at this says. oh, hey-- It's WHATSHISNAME-- That kid from the milk cartoon. She adds. I thought you pulled a "your dad" and disappeared too. Sam at this says. Sorry, I was dealing with some stuff. Moffet then adds. Hey, has anybody seen THE JANITOR?! Sam at this says. Leave me alone, Moffet. Moffet adds. Wassamatter, Sam. Can't you find your old man? He hasn't cleaned up in a while and there's a turd in the boy's room that's starting to GROW LEGS. Sam says. Grr. Carrie adds. Sam, DON'T.

        45 seconds later in front of the principles office. He says. Sam Alexander. In my office. Moffet says. yo. I can i go to the nurse? To this the principal says. I've seen you head-butt trees from my office window, Mr. Moffet. you're fine. Sit right there, I'll real with you next. He adds. Inside. Sam. NOW. Inside he adds. I ought to SUSPEND you, But it's a miracle you're even HERE, so I don't think I should send you away. I liked your father, so i'm trying to be patient with you, But you're not making it easy on me. Sam at this says. Can I just get my detention slip and go? The principle at this says. I'm not giving you detention. you're joining the CHESS CLUB. Sam at this says. WHAT?! Not only do i not LIKE chess, I don't even know how to play. The principal at this says. THAT'S WHAT THE CLUB IS FOR. Sam at this says. you can't MAKE ME do an EXTRACURRICULAR activity. The principal at this says. I'm aware of that too, Sam.. SO... If you DON'T join the club than you have DETENTION. Sam at this says. FOR HOW LONG?! At this he says. Until you STOP PUNCHING your follow students and JOIN THE CHESS CLUB. Welcome aboard! Now get to geography class.  Sam scows at him.
        A little while later in class Sam to himself says. Maybe I need glasses? The teacher at the map say. Pay attention everybody. A student says. I have a better map on my phone. The teacher at this says. I'm sure you do. However, what happens if you phone's battery runs down and you need to use a map to get home? We're being spoon-fed important information by our technology. Knowing how to correctly read a map is a skill that could ave you life someday. Sam seeing blue lights says. Wait a sec! Carrie nearby says. Are you sure you're okay? Up front the teacher says. Can anyone tell me what this is on the map? Sam yells. IT'S A MAP! That doctor was right, I'm not dying! The teacher says. Sam, Get out of my classroom until you learn not to disrupt the kids that DO want to learn. Sam to this says. SORRY for being happy to see a MAP. And also that i'm not dying. The teacher only says OUT.
         Soon it is after school at the chess club. The teacher says. Hello, Sam. It is SAM, correct? Sam says. yes Mrs. Schaefer. She adds. join us. We were just discussing PAWNS. Pawns are usually SACRIFICED for the greater good. They give up their lives to create OPENINGS and OPPORTUNITIES. Sam at this says. uh-huh. The teacher at this says. Sam, this isn't JAIL. Although some of the finest chess players I ever knew were prisoners. Not, trying to master all the wonderful gambits and attack strategies is BEYOND most beginning players, so let's concentrate on the BASICS... Where was I? oh, yes-- the PAWN. That's an interesting piece because it moves in one direction, but captures in a very different direction. Now the most important area to control is here in the CENTER. Control the center of the board, and you can offer your pieces "safe conduct"...

        She adds more. Chess is a game of STRATEGY, Where BRAINS count more than BRAWN. One of the weakest pieces is THE KING, But without him you're FINISHED. THE QUEEN is the most powerful piece on the CHESS BOARD. Sam yawning says. more like chess B-O-R-E-D. Do you actually get to PLAY any chess in here? The teacher looks at the time and says. Oh, my. I had wanted us to play, But it got late so quickly. You all run along for the day and beginning tomorrow I'll have a couple of chees boards set up BEFORE SCHOOL if any of you would like to lose to me before class. As Sam leaves she adds. Thanks for coming by, Sam. I hope I see you again soon. Sam at this says. I dunno Principal Philbin said it was either CHESS or DETENTION,  And no offense, but I can't tell the difference.
        15 minutes later Sam comes running up to his mom and she says. I was starting to panic that you forgot you had to BABYSIT TONIGHT. Sam at this says. oh.. yeah. uh, NO WAY would I forget that. His mom adds. I have job interviews at TWO DIFFERENT restaurants. Nuke dinner for you and Kaelynn. I might be late-- Love you! Soon after eating Kaelynn says. This doesn't taste like mom made it. Sam at this says. that's because she didn't-- I did. Kaelynn not believing adds. that's not true. She made it, you just MICROWAVED it. Sam to this only says. You're adopted. Sometime later Sam says. what is this show? it sucks. Kaelynn at this says. Be quiet. more time later Sam says. Hey, look at the time . okay, c'mon, Kaelynn! Time for BATH and then BED! Kaelynn says. But my show is still on!  Sam soon carrying her says. If you get in the Bath now, I'll give you MONEY. At this she says. you don't HAVE any money. Sam at this says. I'm glad we understand each other.
        Soon later dressed as Nova Sam has set up a shooting course and says. I bet spider-man's family never hold him back like this. How am i supposed to watch over EARTH when I'm stuck BABYSITTING? With a zwam he takes out a bottle. He than pew-pew! and makes a small hole in a can. looking up he adds. How did you do it, DAD? How did you give up going places?



        A little while later his Mom comes home and in his room says. Sam, are you awake? She closes the door and says. sigh. goodnight, my big man... Sam is awake. Suddenly their is a blue light from his room and she says. wait, Sam! With him she says. Lord, Watch over my boy.
         Sam flying up says. FINALLY! Nearby UFO watchers see him and say. HOO! LOOKATTHAT! Look at that! on my GAWD! It's a UFO on video! This proves what I've known for weeks-- town of carefree is being visited! Sam in space soon says. okay, if I'm RIGHT and the lights i've been seeing really are A MAP-- What are they a map FOR? Seeing starts he says. AHA! THE LIGHTS ARE MATCHING UP WITH STARS! OKAY, HELMET. TAKE ME--
           THERE! oh, GREAT. I just traded the most boring place on EARTH for the most most boring place in the UNIVERSE. Now What? Seeing something he says. Hey, now... That's a JUNIOR VARSITY NOVA INSIGNIA down there. He lands and says. HELLO? Any hot green-skinned alien girls want to meet an Earth man? Seeing the Nova light he says NOVA AHOY! Do you need help? I think something's wrong with your NOVA HELMET-- It was calling mine.. or something. Seeing a dead Nova he gasps and says. OH,NO...

       He than says. Just tell me you killed whatever did this to you. Gamora and Rocket weren't exaggerating. I really am the FINAL CORPSMAN. Suddenly, a spider appears. Sam at this says. HOLY- WHAT THE?! He adds to the big spider. Leave me alone, and we won't have any trouble. He than yells. NEGOTIATIONS HAVE FAILED! He fires a blast off with a FWABOOM. Sam as webs hit him says. NO! GET OFF!
        As more surround him Sam says. Just leave me go HOME! As one tries to east him he says. YAH! Than adds. GET OFFA ME! I don't wanna die here. I"M NOT GONNA DIE HERE! He rips web out of the mouth of a spider with a RRPPGH! Than starts beating it up with brute force saying. AND YOU'RE NOT EATING ANOTHER NOVA! 'CAUSE IF YOU MESS WITH ONE US...
        YOU MESS WITH ALL OF US! Even though.. I am the LAST one. He than kills the spider. Sam than says. I'm NEVER coming back to space again. turing he adds. I got him for you, SKULLY. Consider yourself AVENGED. I don't know who you are, or where to deliver your body. Helmet, any ideas? you don't deserve to die like this. Grabbing the helmet he says. WHOA! As it activates and says. THIS IS K'THOL'S PERSONAL LOG.


        I evacuated all the crash survivors save ONE.. And I've RETURNED to search again. I've been ATTACKED multiple venomous bites from small, spider-like creatures. Sam to this says. Wow, you stated behind to find ONE guy? The recording adds. My heart is FAILING. I know I am too far out for help, so i'm attempting to quarantine this moon and- No! Suddenly a even bigger spider appears amd Kills him causing him to yell. GAK! As red eyes appear behind Sam he says. Wait, where's that bigger spider?
         As he jumps out of the way of the spider he yells. NOPE! He flies up a bit and says. This one is for my fallen brother K'thol. DARTH NOVA, You may fire on SPIDER-ALDERAAN when ready. he sends out a huge blast of Nova Energy with a BADADOOOM.
          The scene shifts to Later. Earth's Moon. Three Kilometers from Tranquility Base.. Sam says. SPACE SUCKS. Show me the MAP again. As he sees tons Sam says. Are you telling me that ALL these lights... Are DEAD NOVAS? ANy Novas that can hear me-- REPORT in... to, uh, NOVA COMMAND? After nothing Sam says. Eh, it was worth a shot... Okay, LIGHTS OUT. I'm gonna go kill a SANDWICH. Elsewhere, a voice says. Did I ever tell you the story of how I KILLED Nova?


        The scene turns to a ship deep in the Melovian Galaxy. A voice says. Yes CADIVINAN. A THOUSAND TIMES already. Cadivan says. Well, it's a good one. A women says. And I watched the LIGHT go out of his EYES and his HELMET at the same time. Cadivan says. See? you remember every word. Cadivan than yells as the Nova Helmet with them powers up. WAIT! The LIGHTS on the helmet are FLICKERING- WHAT IN GROB'S HELL DOES THAT MEAN? The women at this says. Cad, we've talked about all the YELLING. Cadivan than adds as the comic finishes. If this means there are MORE NOVAS... Then that means there are MORE TROPHIES!


This issue was pretty good. It picks up showing that Sam's school and home life is not the best. The idea that all Novas are connected is pretty neat and Sam is stating a quest to learn about Nova's and their role in the galaxy(well at least to me) The artwork is not bad people looked like people and the spiders were not bad. All in all looks like some great adventures coming up.

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