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From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 331

      The comic starts with Vorm in charge and a man called Golden Boy asking to join. His power has the power to turn anything to gold. He is rejected as it would make gold a worthless metal. Next is a person calling himself Polocat who horns produces a terrible smell. Next is Animal Lad. He can turn humans into beasts or tame wild creatures. Vorm wonders if he will work

      He uses his belt on Animal Lad on him. He has a blue aura which means he cannot be turned to a life of crime. He is rejected. Next is the tusker who can grow his tusks really large. However, he get's them stuck in a tree and cannot get free. He is rejected and tells them all to leave as he is disgusted. Suddenly, a strange craft appears and begins to land. Soon Lighting Lord, Saturn Queen and Cosmic King appear from it. They mention they were once members of the Legion of Super-villains.
       They than state they have reformed and journeyed into the post to join the Legion and not be known as criminals. Vorm uses his belt to see their aura is purple and that they are lying which makes him glad. He than thinks their the kind of members he wants and asks them to show their abilities. Cosmic King asks Vorm to fire a 20th century gun at him. Vorm does and Cosmic King turns the bullets into sponge pellets due to his power of transmutation. Vorm than asks how he got his powers. He was an alchemist on Venus who fell into a ray during a dizzy spell.
        He than finds out he became a living transmutation ray who can shoot beams out of his eyes and turns something into another. However, Venus considers transmutation evil and he is outlawed. He than adds that he joined the Legion of Super-Villains but realized that crime does not pay. Next Lighting Lord asks Vorm to get something out of the clubhouse to demonstrate his powers on. The item turns out to be a statue of Proty One that belongs to the now exiled Chameleon Boy with his powers Lighting Lord blows it up it. At this Vorm says their is a strong resemblance between him and Lighting Lad. That is due to him be his older brother and the three family members landing on the planet Korbal. While refueling Lighting monsters surrounded them.    


          The three are than hit by the bolts. The blots cancel each other out and create a force field which grants them their powers. After this Lighting Lad did good deeds while lighting Lord did evil one. Eventually his brother and sister both joined the Legion and he later severs a prison sentence which helped to make him reform. Last to show off her powers is Saturn Queen. She appears to make the sun fall to Earth. She has the power to create hallucinations and when she left Saturn give into wanting to do crime but is now reformed. After this Vorm says they will make great Legion members but think on how great crooked ones they will be.
          Vorm than gives them Legion flight rings and asks them to be square shooters like him. He than sends them off to patrol and fight evil. While on patrol the Legion of substitute heroes comes to the three and tells them they know their still super-villains. They asks them to come to the Science Police for questions. Stone Boy than tries to punch Cosmic King but is not able to as Cosmic King turns his hand into flesh and his jaw into stone.
          Next Chlorophyll Kid tires to stop Lighting Lord by growing plants. Than Polar Boy and Fire Lad join into help stop him. Lighting Lord uses his powers to stop all three. Night Girl than tosses down a shadow bomb and moves to fight. Saturn Queen uses a hallucination on Night Girl and defeats her by turning herself bright fooling Night Girl into thinking she has lost her powers. At this Vorm shows up and tells the Substitute Legion to beat it or he will call the Science Police for them interfering in Legion business. Polar Boy at this says not to trust the three.


       Vorm laughs that off saying he can reform them. Fire Lad points out that as their adults they cannot join the Legion. Vorm at this says he has amended the Legion Constitution and to leave and stay out of super-hero affairs. After this the substitutes in their clubhouse mope. Soon at the legion clubhouse Vorm tells the three to drop the act. He than adds he is even more crooked than they are. He explains during the day they will do good deeds and at night do evil. They will secretly rob the whole universe. But appear clean as the legion. At this the three burst out laughing.
       Soon this plan goes into full force. During the day when a river is flooding Cosmic King turns the water into steam preventing the flooding from happening.
        That night at a lab he turns a invention into anti-gravity mental and than gets it to come to him without having to steal it. The next day a massive Lighting Storm happening and it starts to damage Metropolis Lighting Lord comes to the scene and uses his power to beat back the storm and stop it. That night he uses bolts to knock out the guards at the super-science museum and steals all the gadgets inside it. Next Saturn Queen uses her powers to stop a crazed man by turning him into a meek person.


        That night of this She uses her powers to lure a rare Jewel-bird of Gemovia out of the zoo. Later Vorm travels to the pirate planetod. The leader wishes to give him a crown that marks him as second in command. Vorm is over-whelmed but forces the helmet onto the leader which turns him into a mindless person. He than is asked to take over by the men but refuses it for now to head back to Earth and the Legion. He returns and finds the Legionaries at a island with tombs for the Legion and Superboy.  
        Saturn Queen teamed a mater-eater beast which attacked a island. The ex-legion members went their and were all destroyed save for superboy. As the story ends Superboy comes. Superboy moves to attack Vorm but as he move to stop him he sees that his belt is gone.
         Cosmic King than tells him him to get into their time machine and escape. he does but finds the controls are stuck and carries him trillions of years into the future. A message came on saying what Vorm saw were hallucinations and than none of that happened and that Cosmic king transmuted the power-belt into dust. As the tape ends Vorm calls them double crossing rats. Soon the craft stops and Vorm sees he is on a destroyed world. At the clubhouse the three watch stratified. Suddenly, they hear the voice of Superboy.

         Superboy states they been watching them and see they have taken the Legion over. They than challenge them to a three on three match on asteroid YW-89. Lighting Lord accepts the challenge and says they will win and destroy them. At the place they are meet by Superboy, Mon-EL and Element Lad. Lighting Lord tries to hit them with Lighting bolts but is defeated by Element Lad turning his arm into a Lighting rod. Next Cosmic king grabs a device that with hurtle Mon-El's atoms into 5 different dimensions.
         However, it does not work as Mon-EL is immune to it and it only tickles him. Saturn Queen than tries to make Superboy see his is destroying Earth and enjoying it. She than gets him to feel bad for it and fly to a green kryponite meteor. Superboy laughs it off and says his mind is too strong. Suddenly, the asteroid starts to shake and a fissure opens up. The three heroes state by attacking them they doomed the three evil ones. Superboy after being asked by Saturn Queen to tell get's Element Lad to say how.


       Element Lad states he used his powers to set up a reaction that would blow up the asteroid if the three villains used their superpowers. Superboy than says they will be leaving as Mon-EL and himself can survive in space and Element Lad is turning into a chemical form that can. The three than beg to survive and Superboy says they can surrender to a space police craft that he arraigned to come. Soon after the Legion is back to normal with the villains sent back to their own time.  The comic ends with a event celebrating the Legion being itself again


This issue was not that bad. It picked up after the last issue and does a good job of showing the after effects of the Legion troubles. The three villains have been seen before in the comics and would appear again from time to time. The science again is funny in places but it adds a charm to the story and the legion members seen do act more like themselves that last issue.

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