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From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 330

        The comic starts on a pirate planetoid. They are watching a ship being attacked by some of their men. It is a pleasure cruiser and they want the rich people items. Suddenly, Superboy attacks and melts the cannons of the pirate ship. Ultra Boy than spins the ship and Mon-EL carries the pleasure ship to safety. The leader of the pirates hates this and says he has a evil plan. He wants two younger volunteers. Two volunteers Pargg and Vorm agree and he gives them belts which have different buttons to do various powers. They test it out and Pargg turns fourth dimensional and Vorm a pair of extra arms.


       The two than fight each other to die to go infiltrate the Legion of Super-heroes. The fight ends with Vorm killing Pargg with a blast of energy.
       The leader than congrats Vorm on winning and tells him what to do. Worm his way into the Legion ranks. A week later the science shifts to Earth and Star Boy at his apartment bored as he has not had a Legion assignment in sometime and decides to go on a trip. on the roof Star Boy thanks the attendant for bringing his ship up so quickly. The attendant is Vorm who than acts out a plan. Star Boy batteries has died. Vorm says it won't be a problem and uses his powers to recharge the batteries. Star Boy gets out of his ship and asks how Vorm did this. Vorm explains he is from Darzyl and one night at a energum power-plant something happened to him.
       He gets bombarded by Ultra-Dynamic energy blasts. He learns he has powers and gives energy back to an important globe. After this he is given the name and called Dyamo Boy. He than explains that he came to apply for the Legion but learned of the low applicant approve rate. Star Boy at this says he should apply. Vorm does. At a applicant event various people try to apply including Vorm. All but Vorm are rejected.


         Not long after Vorm enters the Legion and can began the process to wreck the Legion. Soon Colossal Boy is returning from a successful mission. Their was a gang that sold a device called the duplozar. He beats them by using super powers to crush their ships and they soon surrender.
          Colossal Boy ends his report. After this Vorm starts his plan to discredit Colossal Boy. Cosmic Boy soon calls Colossal Boy terrific and asks for the duplozor. Colossal Boy goes to find it but cannot. Cosmic Boy wonders if he cooked up the story to cover a failure and has him do a hyper-polygraph test. If a blue disk goes down he failures and it cannot be wrong. Cosmic Boy asks if he put the duplozor in his ship. Colossal Boy says yes. However, the blue disk goes down and Cosmic Boy says something will happen.
            Because of this due to a provision in their Constitution Colossal Boy is expelled and told he can never come back. Colossal Boy says no one will believe him. Vorm thinks he does. He has framed him and is happy he is gone. Next Mon-EL is trying to save a planet from Force Villians. He has to use a ultima-weapon that leaves him vulnerable to lead poisoning again. He does not use it and the planet is destroyed. He comes back and says he did not have the device. Cosmic Boy says he is a liar as he has it in his belt. Mon-EL is forced to be expelled from the Legion. Vorm has also caused this and thinks the worst is yet to come.  

        Not long in the clubhouse Cosmic Boy says it was the saddest duty of his life to expel Colossal Boy and Mon-EL. Vorm tells him not to feel badly as he had to do it. Suddenly, they get a call from planet W-27Y a place for dangerous creatures.
        Some of the beasts have been released from their cages. The group heads off to the planet. Vorm stays behind to remain on duty. On route the group in their ship almost crashes into several ships. However, they soon get to the planet and they began to move into save the day.
         Lighting Lad fights a Lighting Beasts and pushes it back. Cosmic Boy fights of a Metal-Eater beasts by using his powers to push it back into its cage.

       Chameleon Boy uses his power to turn into a venusian sneep which scares a matter-dissover monster back into its cage. Soon several other monsters are put back and the Legion is soon done.
        The Legion gets back to Earth and a Space Police craft comes. It seems during the trip with those ships they missed three signals warning them not to do it. The officer wants to talk to their leader. Vorm comes up and says Saturn Girl is not here but he will deal with them. Cosmic Boy says he did not see the warnings. Vorm does not believe and uses clause 134-F making himself temporary leader. He than expels all of them from the Legion. As they leave he thinks how wonderful the plan is going.
        Soon Superboy, Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 return and learn what happened. Saturn Girl is sad. Colossal Boy comes in and says he is innocent. Vorm at this goes outside to get fresh air. Moments later all their powers go haywire and each get the others powers. Vorm comes in and calls them fools.

       He tells them one of them played with the superpower switch ray. Superboy says that's not so. Vorm tells them their a disgrace and expels them. With  clause P-206 he makes himself permanent leader. As he leaves he thinks its time to make a intergalactic announcement. He does that and says he is the last remaining member of the Legion as all the others have been expelled due to disgrace.

        Shortly, the former members are meet with pity by people. Vorm than contracts the pirate boss and tells him what he did. For Colossal Boy he used his machine to make the item on the ship and the blue disk disappear. He than made the device on Mon-EL's belt disappear. Than with the ships he made the signal globes invisible. Last, he used his belt to make the legionnaires switch their powers. Next he sends a message calling for new members to apply. The comic ends with Vorm thinking that now he is in charge he will turn the Legion into the Legion of Super-Villains.  


This issue is okay for the most part. However, For most of this Cosmic Boy feels like he is acting out of character. He does not question the events like someone would. Also Mon-EL would have done everything possible to save that planet so their is that as well. The issue is also one of the first two parter in Legion history. This is important as it shows the comics willing to not stick with single issues only. For me this comic feels like it is agam moving towards the 1970's and the end of the "silver age." While it is about 5 years out it does feel a bit different.

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