Sunday, December 29, 2013

Marvel in the 1960's: Amazing Fantasy # 15

         The Comic starts with some High Schoolers making fun of Peter Parker. Standing off to the side. They call him a bookworm and midtown high's only professional wallflower.

       In the morning his uncle get's him up. While his peers recule him his uncle Ben thinks he is a pretty special lad. And so get's him. His Aunt May also deeply loves him. At high-school the science department was found of him and believed if he kept up the hard work he would get a scholarship when he graduated. After he tries to ask a girl out she says he is not her type when someone like Flash Thompson is around. At this time Flash pushes him out of the way. Not put off he asks them if any would like to join him in going to the science hall. They all say no and brush him off. They then drive off calling him a bookworm. Peter walks to the exhibit saying that someday they will be sorry for laughing at him.
       Soon inside he watches an experiment on controlling Radioactive Rays. Unnoticed is a tiny spider that goes between the rays and is supercharged. The spider in its last moments of life finds Peter and bites him. After it bites him he starts to feel funny. The scientists think it is peter not having a strong stomach. Outside he feels even more strange. He than is nearly hit by a car but jumps out of the way on a nearby wall and sticks to it.


        He than starts to climb up the wall. He sees that he can do it as easily as he can walk. A kid notices him but his mom thinks it is from horror movies. At the top in a few seconds he crushes a steel pipe as if it was nothing. Seeing this Peter thinks the spider has done something to him. He than walks down a cable just like a spider. He than thinks about what he can do with this. Sometime later, he walks by a ring and sees that he can get 100 dollars if he stays in a ring for 3 minutes. He goes home and makes a disguise and leaves his glasses at home.
         Soon he is back at the rink and asks to go into a fight against the crusher. The crusher comes at Peter but he jumps out of the way. Peter than grabs him and takes him up the ring edge a bit and the crusher says that he wins. The crowd is impressed and a business man says that he is the person he is looking for.

       The Business Man than comes up and says he can make Peter a fortune. Later at home Peter makes a spiderman suit. During this his Aunt and Uncle bring him some crackers and milk. He than makes webs and weblaunches that fire with finger pressure. He than puts on his suit and tests his web shooters. Due to liquid cement at the end he can hold onto it. He can also wear his costume under his street clothes. He than on the ceiling says watch out world. Here comes Spiderman.
        Soon After Peter as Spiderman starts to do tricks on tv. He shocks the crowd more so when he uses his web shooters. his "agent" than tells him to cut and save more for later so that the crowd wants it.


         After this he is swarmed by people but he tells them to talk to his agent. Outside of the stage door he hears a guard yelling to stop that thief. He makes it to the express elevator and to safety. The guard berates and is angry at Peter for not stopping it. Peter brushes him off. Several hours later at home his Aunt and Uncle give him the microscope he always wanted. He says their the greatest family a fella ever had. He thanks though the rest of the world can hang save them.
          In the days following Spiderman becomes the sensation of the nation. One evening as peter comes home from an appearance he sees a police car in front of his home. His uncle has be shot and murdered by a buglar who has now been trapped in the Acme warehouse in the waterfront. The officer adds his Aunt is next door. Peter runs off and puts on his Spiderman uniform and goes off to confront the guy.


        Peter uses his webs to swing over to the warehouse. Inisde the man is waiting for the dark so he can slop away. Peter appears and causes him to freak out and try and run away.

           Peter than says to the man. Their is no place on Earth he can hide from him. He than webs his arms and knocks him out. After this he sees the face of the man and it is the man he let get away. Outside the captain is planning to do a raid. An officer says look. Spiderman has caught him and put their to be captured. The comic ends with Peter realizing this is all he fault and Ben would be alive if he had stopped the guy.


The spiderman part of this comic is the first part in an analogy series. Amazing Fantasy was where some ideas and creations were done for Marvel. Much like with Ant-Man this was done to test and see who is popular and could have a full series. In this case Amazing Fantasy would end and Spiderman would get his own comic as he was a smash hit. To the Spiderman part of the story is pretty good and very well known. The science is goofy but radiation was still a very new thing. Peter is done not too bad and so is his family. Peter here is shown to be a very smart person and feels like he could be a very real person. As for its connection to the Marvel universe it is not here in this issue but It will be explored when Spiderman issue 1 is examined.  

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