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Nova # 10

        The comic starts with a flashback and Sam thinking. Okay, so this happens.... DOCTOR DOOM'S gotten his hans on Thor's hammer, which has a name that I can pronounce but whatever. And he's just FEEDING it to the Avengers. And the X-Men. All the heroes, actually. And what are they going to do about it? It's a magical hammer and there's nothing on Earth that can stop it. NOTHING ON EARTH. I hope you were paying attention to that part. Because little do they knew that I've been up to see the watcher. And he's sent me to see the SILVER SURFER with a note that says I'm a pretty cool guy and he can trust me with his stuff.

       And I come in Hot. Yelling something like. SURF'S UP! With a SMASH the hammer goes flying. Sam adds. And that's it for doom, just like that.
        Thor than says. you've returned my hammer MAH-MAH... MAH-JOHNNER.. Whatever it's called. I can never replay you. Sam to this says. Don't mention it actually, I think I owe you an apology. Thor says oh? Sam adds. I shouldn't have knocked doom's mash off. He's a real BUT-HIS-FACE! Thor. HA HAHA HA! Thor adds. Good one, youngling. They all them laugh. The Punisher then says. Thank you, Sam, I haven't laughted since the incident. Hulk then says. Hulk slap knee. Wolverine than adds. I too enjoy your comedy. Bub. The thing also their too says. It's guffawin' time! Spiderwomen than adds. I love Nova! Rouge to that adds to that with who doesn't? Sam than says. Excuse me, Guys. the narration thinks. And just when I've proven myself a hero and saved the day, Just when I have them eating out of the palm of my hand. I do this. Hey mommy, It's your widdle baby boy, Sam. Can I stay out a WIDDLE wonger with my FWIENDS?
        In the real world Sam says. So is that what we're talking about here? Robbie than says. I think Eva has made a lot of concessions here, Sam, A phone call if you're going to be late isn't too much to ask. His mom at this says. Thank you, Robert. Robbie adds. It's not a problem. When you hang around younger heroes you broker a lot of these deals. Robbie than reading a contract says. Okay, Let's see what we have here, I, Samuel Alexander, will make every effort to adhere to these guidelines. And in return I will be allowed to fight crime as a reserve member of the New Warriors when they should call upon me. Sam at this says. Wait, we didn't talk at all about me being on the NEW WARRIORS! EW! Robbie at this says. No, It's cool, Sam. We already cleared that with your mom. His mom adds. These boys seem, nice. How much trouble could you get into? Sam at this yells. MOM!

      At this his mom says. What? Sam that goes on a speech. I was PERSONALLY asked by THOR, A GOD, to join the AVENGERS, THE most famous super-team in the world. And what did you say? You said "no." But these two losers drive up in a broken down pick-up and ask me to join a team I've never heard of and you says. "tes"!? Robbie at this says. Well, it looks like I brought a bunch of helpful bullet points to a personal attack fight... Sam at this says. I NEVER ASKED YOU TO COME HERE! This is between ME and MY MOM. Both of you. LEAVE. NOW. Robbie to this says. Oh, well, About that. Eva said we could... um... His mom to this says. They don't have any money, Sam. Or a place to stay. Sam at this says. MOM WHAT DID YOU DO?
       The scene turns to later. Sam saying. Ruble... Grumber... Flargle.. Blargle.. He has been pushed out of his bed. Suddenly their is a knock four times. This causes Robbie asleep to say. Non, miss alexander... I'm not seeing anyone. Sam goes to the window and a voice says. SAM! ARE YOU UP?
       It is Carrie and she says. Hi. Sam can only say. oh, Jeez. He opens the window and says. Carrie? What's up? Carrie says. I thought we should talk. You know.. About.... Everything...  Sam to this says. I really wouldn't have any idea what you're talking about, Carrie... And to be straight with you this isn't a great time. I've got guests and... Robbie sleep talking says. Shouldn't we put Sam to bed first... Sam at this says... uhh.. I'll be right out.

      At the garage Carrie looking at the hole in the wall says. So. what happened here? Sam to this says. Oh, you know.... Carrie says. Yeah, I think I do actually. She than adds. I SAW you at the skate park, Sam dressed up like Nova. Twice. That night you destroyed it saving us from that Big Cat thing and yesterday when you destroyed it again. After you fixed it. Which I have to admit I didn't see coming. Sam to this says. Look, Carrie, Let's say for a moment that I was this nova character... I would have something that's called a SECRET IDENTITY. Something that heroes use to protect the people they care about. And I wouldn't be able to share that secret with ANYONE.. Not unless I knew i could trust them. during this he gets the helmet out.
       As a book tossed hits he says. Ow. Carrie at this says. YOU ARE SUCH A JERK, SAM! I saw you cleaning bathrooms with your did in SEVENTH GRADE! I knew by the way you looked at me that you were embarrassed and I didn't say a world for THREE YEARS. The only reason moffet found at was because you talked about it in the halls when he was RIGHT BEHIND YOU... COMPLETELY ignoring the obvious signs I was giving you to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! And now you can't trust ME to keep a secret?! Sam at this says. No, I'm trying to-- She runs off saying. TAKE YOUR SECRET IDENTITY AND CHOKE ON IT! Sam at this says. B-but I was going to show you the helmet and maybe give you a ride on my back. like your twilight movie. Suddenly, a voice says. Sam? It is his mom and she says. Something you want to tell me? We agreed you'd talk to me before you went out as Nova!
       Sam at this says. No--Mon, I was in bed, But carrie came over, And i was trying to show her- His mom at this says. You're TELLING people you're Nova, now?! Didn't we talk about this? can't you one thing you say you're going to do? Sam at this says. mom, stop it! I- His mom says. Since when do you get to tell me to "STOP IT?! I-- As he starts to put on the helmet she says. What are you-- Don't you DARE. With a WHOOSH he trasforms and she shouts. SAM ALEXANDER!


       He flies off saying. Bye. He mom can only say. Sam? Sam flying past the moon says. ARRRGH! WHY WON'T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME?! Why won't--- He sees the moon and says. Hmmmm. and with a WHOOSH flies off.
       Sam talking to the watcher says. -I mean, The helmet makes me a galactic hero, Am I right? Would you show me GALACTIC threats if I wasn't a GALACTIC HERO? The watcher is silent and Sam says. EXACTLY. But am I allowed to hang out with other heroes at my level? Like the Avengers? NO. i'm supposed to hang out with losers like the New Warriors. Am I the who's out of line here? Silence again.
       Sam to the watcher says. Come on, Man. Give me something. Suddenly, the watches does something and a clip of the past is shown. A nova fights a guy with wings saying. Stand back, Rita!

         The Nova says. Let me handle this. Let's see if Star Thief can handle a Nova. Sam to this says. What's this? That's the old Nova, right? And is that the original New Warriors? Don't recognize half of them. Nova fighting says. I'm taking down Annihilus! Sam says. What are you telling me? That the old nova was a total bad ass? Great. Don't get sick of hearing that... Who are those guys behind him? The nova says again. I'll handle the phalanx! You get out of here! Sam than says. I recognize the the green women, But i've never even heard of the others. Maybe Rick wouldn't have had to work so hard if he didn't hang out with losses.
        As the Avengers arrive a bearded Thor says. Surrender the gauntlet, Thanos! Sam to this says. Wait, these look like the Avengers... Why are you showing me this? Where's Nova? Far back the Nova says. Just let me know when you guys want me to come in Cap? Thor? Sam to this says. Well that's dumb! Why even have a Nova on your team if you don't NEED him?!
         Sam than says. Oh. The watcher turns the past off. Sam adds. Okay, okay. No need to be smug about it. The watcher says. Nothing. Sam than says. Guess I'll go than.. The watcher looks on.


         Back on Earth Vance to Sam's mom in the morning says. You're sure you don't want us to help you look for Sam, Mrs. Alexander? His mom to this says. No. He'll be back after he cools down. You guys really don't have to leave.... Robbie to this says. No. I think we've done enough damage here. I threw our sheets in the wash this morning. His mom at this says. You didn't have to do that! Robbie to this says. It was the right thing to-- He sees SAM! Sam holding the contract says. I'll sign it. Robbie says. Wait, does that mean-- Sam to this says. Yes, if you ever come up against a villain that's invulnerable to BOUNCING, you can give me a call. Robbie at this says. Awesome! You can sign on my back! As Sam signs on his back he adds. This is  going to be a great fit. We've made a lot of prime super heroes out of immature, impulsive Brats. Suddenly, he adds. ah.. you're pushing a little hard there....
         His mom as the two leave says. So, what made you change your mind? Sam at this says. That bald guy on the moon put me in my place. I'm not supposed to be an Avenger. I'm supposed to help the heroes who got picked on in high school. Like me. His mom at this says. You're a good boy, Sam. As they hug he says. Ah, mom... You're still grounded for flying away from me last night, But you are. Sam at this says. What?! Since when can you GROUND a Nova? To this she says. looks like you forgot to read a few bullet points on your contract. Sam surprised says. Wait! You added a bunch of stuff! His mom adds. And you listened to a creepy guy on the moon instead of listening to your mother!


      Sam to this says. Kind of. he doesn't really talk. His mom says. Well, I hope he's happy. Sam to this says. Actually, Mom... I don't know if he get's happy. On the Moon the Watcher smiles. This part of the comic ends.
        The comic starts up again in Carefee. with someone walking towards Sams house. Their is a knock on the door. His mom busy doing labor says to the phone. On, crap. Not again. Let me ring you back. It's the Principal. Sam's mom says. Principal Philbin. Let me guess, Sam's not at school. no, he's not. His mom says. Come on in. The principal than says. We're ALMOST to the point when Sam would have a very difficult time advancing, Eva. He's probably going to need to attend Summer School to AVOID repeating this year. His mom at this says. Not to brag. But my daughter made it to kindergarten this morning, so technically I'm batting FIVE HUNDRED. The Principal at this says. Don't think me rude, Eva, but-- Do you even KNOW where Sam is right now? Her come back to this is. You know kids...

        She adds. Always flying off somewhere. The principle adds. I remember what it was like to be 15. you think you're INDESTRUCTIBLE. Sam somewhere is fighting space whales attacking a ship. To one he is fighting he says. What outer space sea world did you guys escape from? I love you too. Free Willy. HEY! NO BITING!
         As she severs tea his mom adds. Sam's a good boy. The principle says. I agree. He's INTELLIGENT. San's just ABSENT. Most of the truants I find are sitting right at home... playing SPACE INVADERS. His mom says. I don't think kids today even know what that is. Sam in space fighting says. FIFTY POINTS! COMBO-HIT! The principle adds. Right. My point is: He's not wasting his time with that stuff. He's INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS. Sam checked out a a library book that hasn't been cracked in 25 YEARS. To a creature he is fighting Sam blast it with a zak and says. You too, SHAMU! Gotta go! The principle talking again adds. It has no PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS for a 15-year-old kid. Doing something Sam says. Talk to me.
         The principle talking says. It was about MORSE CODE. On the ship a Alien says. Captain, What in FREGARD'S NAME is he doing? Is this some kind of ATTACK? The captain at this says. No. It's a CODE. Computer, translate. The universal translator says. Tent Your Asthma. The Alien to this says. He's distracting us with his GIBBERISH while the others RIP US APART! The Captain says. Calm yourself. I think I know what he wants us to do. The Alien says. I'd rather be ripped apart by those MONSTERS than be saved by a HUMAN. The captain at this says. I keep telling you-- I am half human, Zednar! The Alien at this says. You're one of the GOOD ONES.  The captain than says. Computer, began VENTING OUR PLASMA. Let's just hope our new friend can produce a MIRACLE! Now, let's deal with the ones that have already boarded.
         As Sam works he says. I hope you took out the full insurance on that hoopty. Firing a blast he adds. You're gonna NEED IT! A ship detaches and leaves. Sam says. And don't come back! Heaidng to a airlock he says. Ah, here comes the FUN PART. Meeting the PRINCESS and getting a MEDAL.

       Entering Sam says. OH. hey, GUYS. The Alien says. Aren't you a little SHORT to be a NOVA? Sam to this says. Aren't you a little STRANDED to be a JERK? The captain at this says. Don't mind the bug, we're GRATEFUL for the HELP. You're the only one that answered our DISTRESS CALL. Sam asks as the two work on opening a door. Where's the rest of your crew? The captain says. HIBERNATING. A few got past these security doors-- Are you up to helping us hunt them down? Sam at this says. Um. Actually, I promised my mother--er--MOTHERSHIP that I would patrol a school in my sector that's.. uhh... reported some PROBLEMS. SOOO... I kinda hafta GO. The captain than says. of course, If you are needed elsewhere, you must go. Sam says. well... Actually, I don't have to leave RIGHT this second. The captain says. Thank you. Elsewhere, the principle says. I'm glad we both agree Sam has his PRIORITIES ALL WRONG.
       His mom at the door to the principal says. I'll talk to Sam, and make sure he gets set straight. The principal adds. Something else. Your husband's BENEFITS will lapse next month. The board fired him FOR CAUSE when he.. stopped coming into work. His mom at this says. That's just great. you should go now. At this he adds. Sorry but that's the BEST I could do. There are some PROGRAMS that could help. That you might qualify for. She says. Thanks. Lastly, he ads. Oh, and Eva-- TELL SAM HE MUST SEE ME BEFORE HE RETURNS. Sam flying home towards Earth says. WOO-HOO! As he narrowly misses a satellite he adds. What did THAT come from? Go crash into Sandra Bullock!
       Flying down and creating a wave of heat Sam says. Oh, man, it's morning already. School has started. I have to get a watch that works in outer space. Suddenly, lights appear and Sam yells. OH, CRUD! WHAT ARE THESE LIGHTS?! WHOA! Helmet off! Is this-- What the hell is going on? Below the principal is in his car listening to a song. putting on Sun glasses he says. FLAME ON! Above Sam flies back human touch like. As their is a SHRAKROBOOM the principle to the song adds. I'M GONE!

       Sam having taken off his helmet says. UHN. WHAT"S WRONG WITH ME? Oh, no. NO! I'M BLIND!

        The final part of the comic is a sneak peek at Nova # 1000. Sam an adult is flying towards a party holding a pinata. As he land his son says. Happy 1000th adventure dad. Sam to this says. Thanks, Jesse. Ready to take a swing? A costumed man says. Arm him. Son. It's HIS turn. He is given a stick. To a Thanos pinata Jesse says. HEY, THANOS! MEET THE KID! with a THWACK! It breaks open. Sam says. You don't want to miss out on this, Son. His son says. you're RIGHT. In front a kid says. I'M TAPPED IN THE CANDY-VERSE! Suddenly, Sam says Gak! As he is hit with a KIONK! Sam is hit on the head saying. My son... My enemy? Jesse grabs the Nova helmet. He says. OH! Than transforms. YEAH! He takes off saying. WAHOO! here comes the NEW NEW Nova! Sam than says. MOM! His mom as the comic end says. Oh, sam. Let him have HIS TURN.


This was a pretty good issue. It was a nice tribute to the nova comics over the years. Sam and co's becoming better written. I enjoyed the watcher helping him out by showing him to have patience. For the second part the interaction between his mom and the principle was well done. That part is done by the new writer for the series and looks like he will be good. The next part was a fun tribute to what will come. The Marvel heroes at the part was amusing and fun to see that Sam had become respected. Naming his son after his dad was fun. The concept of family and the era of a New Nova flows though this issue and makes it a blast. one thing I have not included but is in the issue are all the covers of the nova Comics over the years.    

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